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Obama’s “Drone Warfare RuleBook” Plus The Rush For Drone Permits (TMZ Too!)

“Cyber Monday” really went literal this year, as our cyber-pals in the sky – the DRONES – are all the rage this week. Two quick hits on Drone warfare: the first in a militarized sense and the second in regards to our privacy.

Obama’s “Drone Warfare Rulebook” – Obama’s administration, Drone-bros to the core and huge supporters of illegal assassinations performed by the aerial snipers, is working on a “Drone Warfare Rulebook,” according to the New York Times. They will conveniently lay out exactly when it’s OK to perform an illegal assassination via drone attack without the trappings of “little”
things like a trial in court, and when it’s not. Naturally this is hilarious in its very nature, as any assassination without trial is of course unlawful and in violation of basic liberty. But when Der Fuhrer Obama claims that assassinations are OK during the 3rd trimester of his cousin’s forthcoming child (or whatever made up conditions they invent), who are we, the citizens of the United States, to say otherwise? We’re just the little people.

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"Drone-bros to the core "

Love that line.


could have private uses, but we sure as heck don't need the government in the middle profiting off of licensing drone operation.


The Police State has officially gone TRENDY

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