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Whats happing with the pledge the house took to list constitutional authority on each bill

I don't hear anything about it.

Or Rand Paul's promise for introduce term limits and to take a pay cut, Haven't heard anything on that either

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Every bill introduced in the House

has a Constitutional Authority Statement.

Do a search at thomas.loc.gov for any House bill and you will see a link to a Constitutional Authority Statement.

David Vitter introduced term limit legislation in the Senate and Rand cosponsored it.


#1 - it's pointless. They'll just do whatever they want anyway

despite whatever pretended power they claim it fits under.

I don't know why people can't see that.

#2 - they've been doing this ALREADY. Go read the Congressional Record when a bill is introduced. They clearly state the Constitutional provision the bill falls under.

If they are doing it already, and they are currently passing bills that don't really have any true authority under the Constitution, then that proves my #1.

It is a stupid, pointless requirement that they just LIE about anyway.

OR, the bill really does fall under that power, which means the bill is MUCH MORE LIMITED than the USEFUL IDIOTS claim it is.

Do a DP search on "Tyranny of the Useful Idiots" - or search my older postings.

My money's on...

..."you'll never hear another thing about it."

Biggity biggity


What would the Founders do?