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Hello From North of the Border

Hello to all of the current members here at the Daily Paul; Allow me to introduce myself, My name is James Nellis and I've been following this site since the start of Ron Paul's presidential campaign in 2012. Here's the twist I'm not American, I'm Canadian and proud of it. Allow me to say a few things about myself and why I am finally joining the Daily Paul. I'm a few years out of high school and am finally trying to get into university (our way of saying college) I'm a football guy who loves watching both the CFL and NFL - GO COWBOYS! And I've always been very interested in politics; thanks to my parents constant arguing at a young age over differences in our Conservative party and Liberal Party of Canada. I always sided with my dad who's pro-conservative but would acknowledge that my mom had some good liberal ideas. Anyways while I grew up and attended high school I would never do my work; I was lazy and uninspired. I also only thought about where the next party was at, my money situation and how I would get laid that night. That all changed when I discovered Ron Paul.

I can't remember the exact date and time but I remember how I discovered Dr. Paul; I was at a friends place when he showed me a you-tube video of one of the presidential debates back in 2008. All I could see in this video is this little old man spitting truth out his mouth like it was no tomorrow. What really sold me was when Rudy Giuliani asked Dr. Paul to take back his statement on 911; the good doctor response took balls denying that he would take back his words. So after discovering this courageous man I quickly started to watch as many videos as I could on You-Tube on Dr. Paul and what I watched was mind blowing. I would spend hours watching this man speak, days, weeks and finally enough to the point where I was a die hard Ron Paul fan. I would preach Dr. Paul's message to my friends and family but never really got any attention; they called me a quack but I kept on preaching. After months of preaching and not really getting anywhere I decided to hang it up and wait for the next election cycle hoping Dr. Paul would run again, I eventually got my wish.

When the good Doctor announced his run for POTUS in 2011-2012 I was very much excited, I would look at the campaign website everyday and try to find out the latest news on the campaign trail. I loved watching the debates especially when Rick Perry made his "Oops" comment, that was hilarious. It wasn't until after the Iowa caucus that I discovered this great website. I would check the DP almost every chance I got to see the news be it good or bad; I remember the lows of not winning here or there, the failed super Tuesday and above all the controversial Rand Paul Endorsement. But whose to say I don't remember the highs? Remember winning all those state officials seats, remember rocking the establishment at conventions, and above all remember all the people who awoke to Ron Paul's message of individual liberties, of humble foreign policy's, and above all his message of the FEDERAL RESERVE! I sure as hell woke up.

While watching the campaign trail I always wanted to help contribute to the effort. I knew I could not donate since it was a crime and I couldn't get enough resources to travel through the states to help Ron on his campaign. My main reason I didn't help was the fact of how brutal your country has become; I don't mean to offend some of you but most of you already know America is well on its way to becoming the next Nazi Germany. I say this because I to was swept up in all the conspiracy theories that surround the UN, NATO, The Federal Reserve, 911 and most important that dreaded family who I wish to see all hang in front of me. I felt maybe I should join the Daily Paul and help encourage you guys through your battles, but again I was scared to be apart of this site. I was scared of your government adding me on to the so called "terrorist watch list" which I'm afraid that all members here are most likely on.

Now that the campaign is over I have decided to grow a pair of balls or so to speak, so I can raise my voice against government tyranny. Up here in Canada were a lot freer then you guys by means of smaller police state, and free health care(Free Health Care is Awesome but it does carry's its negatives, I hope to debate with you guys on that issue in later entries) but technically my country is not free. My country is still ruled through the English Monarchy as we have a fake democracy that is appointed through England's governor general. All of my country's laws must be approved by the Queen before they can be signed in. All of my country's money is based on debt which is bought from the National Bank of Canada and paid back in unprecedented interest. I am a young man who wishes to be free, free from government control, free from tyranny, but above all the most desired freedom i wish to have is the freedom from the ROTHSCHILD Bankers monopoly of world central banks by use of debt based money. I have a bad feeling about using those bastards names in my writing but I believe the truth must be set free. I hope one day all of the families of people who are involved in this global domination scam through the UN and International banks all hang.

To end my first post I would like you people to know that I to will carry the torch of liberty in my country, I too will fight government tyranny and I too will do whatever I can to awaken the ignorant public who has been brainwashed with liberal fear propaganda. For I am a patriot, not an American patriot but a Canadian patriot; and I invite all other Canadian DP'ers to stand up and take the challenge with me. I will be writing letters to the editors, I will explore a career in journalism, I will achieve a career in politics. I dream to one day become a Conservative MLA in my district. I dream to ultimately become the Prime Minister of Canada where I can one day hopefully end all the tyranny that is bestowed on my country by our hidden enemies that fly the Union Jack.

P.S my tap button doesn't work so my indents may seem odd haha. Anyways I look forward to talking with all of you and would like your feedback on all of my future posts. I'll end this entry with a quote from my Hero, Old Hickory Mr. Andrew Jackson

"You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the eternal god, I will rout you out"

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my parents & sister live in Winnipeg

I live in Toronto for the last 6 years.
Lived mostly in the Vancouver area before that.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15