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I never pay attention to the ads. Just the articles. A lot of the ads are just dumb so I quit looking at them. Maybe you shouldn't worry so much about that. I worry more about the people here that can't spell worth a flip (considering correct spelling is in the guidelines for DP), and about the people that just want to argue and call other people names and seem to live to attack each other. (Reminds me of grade school), and I worry about the ones that come here and try to undermine the essence of this site. So, maybe you should focus on the important stuff and let the small stuff go. Nobody that is a true Ron Paul supporter is going to lose themselves to some stupid ads.


Be Like Water

If you love something, let it go, if it comes back to you, it loves you.. if it does not, it never did.

My first tea party was in 05 tossing crates in the Noyo River, Dec 16th, shoutiung, "Down woth King George!" brought to me by The Sins of Liberty and Redman Society, two old fraternal organizations, that liked Ron Paul, and they supported Ron Paul at events, and then they went MSM, and like everything, even GJ's nomination, we are handed what the ptb want us to make of it.. and so,, when we see what it has become, and it's not what we remember.. we reject it with a vengence. Except some of us.. those who know, "this too shall pass". Change is enevitable, and things will "pass this way again".

So do we take what is left from the tea party and continue, or do we continue to fight with a vengeance against what is, instead of fighting for what can be?

Money is only a medium.. if the advertizement keeps the DP up and running is that better than no DP?

He is suporting them.

He is supporting them by agreeing to give them an avenue to advertise and essentially recruit for and advance their ideas. I believe the owner is sticking to the principle of profit as he has to keep the site up and running with advertising revenue. He is welcome to do so, but it does show a crack in his ethics if he basically allows the problem to advertise here.

I belong to other sites that ask it's members to report advertisers to them that go against the theme of the website so that they can selectively block that script or whatever they do to prevent the ad from showing up again. And these are large member sites that too use advertising revenue to support the running of their site.

Now on the flip side, a lot of ads cost their company money each time they get clicked and therefore you should make it your daily habit to click on each ad to take money away from these sorts of organizations.

To each there own, I use adblock so I don't see them any ways!


Why not just use adblock if you don't like the ads? Works great for those annoying popups that take you out of your active window, too.

I 'get' the point you're making, but the site owner apparently doesn't discriminate against who can advertise on his site. I'd call that sticking to principles, not breaking them. It's all in how one chooses to look at it, I suppose.

A signature used to be here!

..is ranting knee-jerk emotionalism more important than...

...spelling(it's "principle", not principal), and spacing out our words, sentences, thoughts, or arguments...

I wish not to be so crass, but, I feel I have to take advantage of this opportunity; given that this forum's general decorum has taken a dive since Romney's boys got him the nomination...it has been a combination of celebratory vitriol by armchair quarterbacks of the campaign(as well as stealth neo-con's), coupled with an expression of immaturity by those unwise in the art of persuasion because they prefer expediency since the culture has molded them to think they can have everything they want "right now" or "tomorrow" - even the elite's know better!

Don't take it personally...we just need to calm down and quit calling "everyone" an opportunistic SOB - especially Michael Nystrom!

Thank you for the spell check

Im not calling Michael out on anything..I was wondering why we would support a group that is PRO Federal Reserve,Pro Israel,Pro WAR??
Iam by no means a Stealth Neo Con,didnt like George Bush,didnt vote for him,nor am I a supporter of Israel..I just dont understand why we would support a group that we dont see eye to eye with??I would say thats how you get those co opters your talking about in your reply..thanks for taking your time to read and reply to my post..

Michael is not supporting them...

...they're paying for space; so they're supporting "us" ;)

like the other guy said: soon you won't even NOTICE ads - we know what we're looking for when we are drawn to a certain site...and it ain't ads - it's SUBSTANCE!

fight on, my fellow patriot!





Why do people look at ads?

I can't believe that after all this time people still whine about the ads on this page. It's income, and as I understand it, it's more income if you don't filter who can advert on your page. Are you so weak willed that you can't ignore them? If so, click away, it costs them money. Plus you have the option to subscribe and skip the ads.

Being a retail shop owner was the start of my awakening and I have been immune to advertising ever since(sorry small businessfolks but I'll seek you out when I need something). I was disgusted to see how the media advertised for my big name competitors and called it news. Just watch how much of your nightly news is corporate PR, especially in the last week.

I call bs on your play

First off,Im not whinning about anything..I was surprised to see an advertisemet for a group on here that DOGGED on Paul during the election..And as far as you being a retail store owner,and not seeing the importance of advertising..I would say your business is not doing so well??Under your logic,it wouldnt matter if we were to advertise for the Communist party on this site??It does matter,and it does say alot,about who we are and what we support!!!Sorry but i disagree with you..

I take it,you never had anything to do with the TeaParty..Otherwise you would share my surprise!!!

I use NoScript, but there

I use NoScript, but there should be a little more integrity from the site's owners. Other sites where I am a member ask you to let them know if a certain political party or other opposing group advertises on their site and they will block the script or whatever from that certain org. I know being open minded and tolerant are the new thing, but still come on, the Tea Party PAtriots, come on Mike!


If your a Neocon fatcat or democrat control freak communist...

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!