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What happened to Moxnews?

As many DP'ers are no doubt already aware Moxnews, aka CSPANJunkie, is the essential YouTube channel. The owner has been the fastest and most complete uploader of liberty and other content for many years. Every so often YouTube shuts down one of his channels but he's always set up new ones. In the past he kept people up to date by his personal website www.moxnews.com. For some reason all of his YouTube channels have gone quiet and there's no update on his website. Anybody know anything about this?

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Pretty sure the pranked reporter video

From today was brought to us by moxnews



Maybe he is taking a well earned break?

Wish I knew.

His Youtube channel MOXNEWSdOtCOM shows last activity Nov 18. Youtube channel MOXNEWSCcom shows last activity Nov 5. I hope all is well with him. I sure miss his posts.