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The Lincoln Movie: A Libertarian Review

"The Lincoln movie was everything I expected it to be and more. Lousy historical scholarship, a sense of positive bubbling emotion for one of our country’s worst presidents, and a praiseworthy cast. Tommy Lee Jones was outstanding as a supporting actor and, in my opinion, stole the show. Sally Fields too did well in portraying the wife of President Lincoln, a role that demanded her to be a frustrated and constantly ill woman, full of contradicting and bi polar emotions. Of course Daniel Day-Lewis was a spectacular choice for the seemingly depressed, yet always thoughtful President who faced a unique crisis in American history. One might have been left, at the end of the two and a half hour movie, feeling rather frustrated with the South and their ever-so-racist ways. But glad with all the hard work that Lincoln did in his second term on behalf of the slavery issue."

"Unfortunately however, history tells a different tale about the Lincoln we have learned to cherish in our propaganda ridden secular schools. Lincoln, according to Thomas Dilorenzo, was a master politician. Murray Rothbard described a politician as a liar, conniver, and manipulator."


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The portrayal of Lincoln as anything other than the ....

statist that he was could be predicted, after all, much of Hollywood is a product of the public schools. Granted, it is left statism that many support there, but it is statism nonetheless,in spite of their inability to recognize it.

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Well that sucks

I was hoping they would do this movie right, did they happen to even mention the greenbacks? or was it one just big load of poop?

I don't participate in Hollywood worship

BUT, Daniel Day Lewis is a BRILLIANT actor. It's a shame he took part in a movie based on misinformation, he turns down probably 90% of movie parts that are offered to him on a silver platter. I am compelled to see to see it simply because he stars in it If i can stomach the false-history.

I recommend the movie "There Will Be Blood" to everybody.

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