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EU dairy farmers spray Brussels parliament with milk

EU dairy farmers spray Brussels parliament with milk

Dairy farmers use hoses to spray the European Parliament building with milk in protest against low milk prices.



11:41AM GMT 27 Nov 2012

European dairy farmers douse the European Parliament building in Brussels with milk during a protest against low milk prices.

The angry protesters also set light to tyres in hope of pushing EU policy makers to adopt better milk production regulations in Europe.

The farmers, from France, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, arrived by tractor in the European capital to coincide their action with key agricultural meetings taking place this week at the EU institutions.

EU agricultural ministers will be deciding on the reform of the Common Market Organisation on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

The action is supported by the European Milk Board, who has called upon demonstrators to spend the night in front of the European Parliament. They say they will not leave until their demand for a flexible supply market for the European milk industry is heard.

"Our message today is that we need new market regulations to ensure prices that cover costs of production. Milk prices are far too low. Farmers can't make a living and are closing their businesses," European Milk Board President Romuald Schaber said.

Source : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/eu/9705438/...

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The EU is working! Who needs

The EU is working!
Who needs a UK referendum anyhow? Look at all the prosperity the Eurocrats have devised with their sharp minds for the rest of the country.

Southern Agrarian