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Why Parents with Disabilities Are Losing Custody of their Kids

Why Parents with Disabilities Are Losing Custody of their Kids

By Bonnie Rochman | Nov. 27, 2012

Two years ago, Erika Johnson gave birth to her first child. When she had trouble breast-feeding, a nurse soothed her by saying that many mothers find nursing hard at first. Then the nurse called social services.

Johnson and her husband are both blind, which concerned the nurse and caused a social worker to put their baby Mikaela in foster care for 57 days. “It was sickening that they assumed because we’re blind we can’t take care of her,” says Johnson, who lives in Independence, Mo. “I was angry, upset, sad, frustrated. It was my first child.”

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title is a bit misleading isn't it?

2 blind people ALONE cannot raise a child. There MUST be a third party involved at various points. I like the segway too, she was having trouble breast feeding so there blindness is now in question. How about-I ran over a cat,because it was tuesday. Just utter nonsense..Oh yeah and the title could not be more misleading. Breaking News:: Why cats on tuesdays will never be safe again!! by: some idiot..

and hey

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOi5aRUbl6o im disable too and no i don't got kids but i know how it feels to be disable...

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for more awareness of government kidnappers.

The blind can definitely be hip parents

...and have just as much right as anyone to raise their children the way they see fit -no pun intended.

We know of a blind couple who had a home birth with their very first child and already knew they would be following a path of home education. Now that is what you call awake. How fortunate for their child to hzve parents who aren't dull and asleep!

They were keenly aware of the discrimination people with handicaps suffer. Ignorance is awful.

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Thanks for posting.

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