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Is M.T.V.'s ex-celebrity Miss Tila Tequila an infowarrior?

This is my first post.

i checked to see if the dailypaul wrote anything about this former M.T.V. pop culture celebrity, and i didn't find any reference to her, maybe i wasn't looking really well, but if this is the first then please let me be the first to post an article about Miss Tila Teqila.

I've personally had synchronicity experiences with the illuminati and David Icke, so when Tila Tequila speaks about reptilian illuminati lizards i listen with bemusement.

And i think she's right about Alex Jones, for me i'm too paraylzed with fear when i just only listen to Alex Jones, so Tila Tequila is a voice i'll have to listen to while i try to learn more and be a better person. And maybe i can be.

So if you would like to encourage Tila Tequila to read about austrian economics and reference the things about the new world order that is proven, you are my hero, try to make her a better voice.

Here is Tila Tequila's temporary blog.

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The real time censorship I

The real time censorship I saw on PIW and PP forum the story

Having a face-to-face with the devil can make one incoherent

for a while - I had to meet with a devil this morning to tell the D.A. I wasn't interested in a plea deal, I'm going to a jury trial. Still bugged up a little about that one but I'll be ok.

The first time, though, it really hits you hard.

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.


she seems a little over the top:

'George W. Bush died in 1987 and was carried on through secret laboratories (Area 51 etc.) as a zombie henceforth. He is not the only one. They walk among us and look like we do; but they are geared to sorrow and not to happiness. Their souls are like wild animals. Their survival is driven by fierce cruelty untamed. They are fugitives from paradise.'

Ill pass on this one.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

The general consensus is that

The general consensus is that Alex Jones wanted her on the show, but they saw that she was unstable so they decided to cancel her. That's what Mark Dice says at least.

It takes her a millenia to say a sentence. It's impossible to watch her videos for lack of patience. But i do believe she knows about the satanism in hollywood.