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Robert Wenzel's Open Letter To Libertarians: "Don't Be Fooled By Rand Paul"

Interested in everyone's thoughts on this.

Dear Libertarians,

"There is a big difference between Ron Paul and Rand Paul that appears to be missed by many. Ron Paul was not hungry to be president of the United States. If he would have been hungry, he would have booted his grandson in-law and that entire gang out early on in the primaries when it was clear they were positioning themselves not to advance Ron Paul and liberty, but to advance their own careers. Ron Paul just wasn't that hungry to do that and be president. He was satisfied getting the libertarian message out.

Rand Paul is different. It appears that he wants to be president. Wanting to be president changes a man, wherever they start off from.

This was Rand at the start of his political career, on the Federal Reserve and Bilderberg.

After Rand settled in, this is what Rand did when questioned about Bilderberg.

Rand also enthusiastically endorsed elitist loser Mitt Romney. Remember this?

If you want to become president, you have one thing in mind, you need to get to 50.1% If you hold libertarian views and run on those views you are not going to be president. I dare anyone to run on completely libertarian principles and believe they are going to win. Go ahead. Tell voters you are in favor of legalizing heroin and LSD. Tell them that the U.S. government should default on its debt and relieve taxpayers of the burden. Tell them you want to end welfare and food stamps. Tell them you want to end the DEA, TSA, FDA, DOE, FAA, SEC, CFTC and the rest of the government alphabet soup agencies."

Tell them you want to end medicare. Tell them you don't want to fight Muslims, or anyone else, anymore. Go ahead, see how far you are going to get. As I have stated before, there is nothing wrong with running, as long as you stick to principles and lose. It can be a method of spreading libertarian views. Winning, given the current voter climate, is when you become suspect.

Rand Paul is about winning.

Every time I point out Rand moves that are away from liberty, I get emails and comments telling me I am too harsh on Rand. I received many again today because of this post (Scroll down to the comments).

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What I really hate about politics

is there is never a true choice of candidates. IMO if I could choose someone for POTUS, it would be Ron Paul. I did not have that option as some people here did, but alas if I had not voted well everyone who did would be choosing a President for me. So I had NO CHOICE at the polls the only best option was Gary Johnson.

Elections are flawed, Its never about who you want for President, its about the other guy who you dont want. This is how we pick our Leaders?!?!?!?

Robert Wenzel why don't you stop bitching and Run for President?

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

So what...

Rand , even if he wanted to could never be his dad. I think some in the liberty community are suffering from Ron Paul withdrawal. Look at rand pauls voting record, its not perfect but very liberty friendly compare to all other senators. In the next four yrs, Ron will continue to spread the message of liberty allowing his son to ride that support .

Look at Frank Sinatra

Now look at his son. Night & Day.

I wouldn't call it a "ride" as in coat tails

I agree that even if he wanted, he could never be his dad.. he watched his dad, who his did business with, and heard the troubles and witnessed the celebtations on his dad's life, obviously learning because becoming a senator is not small feat, especially when the GOP sufferes a mantel of shame. TPTB, incumbants and their embedded staffers/lobbiests, corporate commections, MIC.. and Rand is in MSM where RP was ignored.. entirely different political scene now than when Ron Paul was beginning.

I didn't agree with RP 100% when I met him, and still supported him. It took me an election cycle to wrap my conscience around joining the GOP.. and now that I'm in the GOP.. I understand why Rand has to make compromises.. you see, it's not just one issue, but many that concern the revolution within the GOP, and this takes decades,, not days, not one candidate or one election.. so until more of us join the GOP, Rand is out there on a plank.. and the Neocons don't like him,, and the compromises are something he can not get around, just like a loyalty oath.. you got to stay in to win. Very hard to do, and why so many don't get in to begin with.


Idol worship led many astray. Only principle changed anything for the better like RON PAUL did!


I totally agree man! im sorry im not voting for someone who doesn't follow the constitution. I knew he was bad news, when he voted for Iran sanctions. I mean he should know better! and all ppl keep doing is making excuses for him, it makes me sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!

juan maldonado

I'm sorry...

...I think the voting is just one big set up no matter what. It's all fake. There's more B.S. going on than we even know. Sickening, just sickening.

There is a big difference

between Ron Paul and Rand Paul that appears to be missed by this guy. They are two different individuals. Don't let mental illness influence your expectations, Rand is not a clone of his dad. It's probably just misguided emotions influencing the harsh judgement of our ally, Rand Paul. I have hope that many of you Rand haters will escape this mass delusion. Would it make any sense to be mad at red because it isn't blue?

I'm not a huge fan of Rand

I'm not a huge fan of Rand but I'm less if a fan of Wenzel. This guy picks fights and distorts truth to get web traffic.

Ventura 2012

Rand is smart!

If he comes out saying he's for legalisation of drugs, ending medicare and the other things u mention, it allows the opposition to marginalize him like they did Ron Paul. I believe he supports all of the above! When running for POTUS you don't show all of your cards before the game starts! He must not give the neo-cons and AIPAC ammunition to derail him at this time because even though we in the liberty movement, want him to state exactly where he stands on those positions, it would be political suicide for him to begin extolling those values so early in the game. Be patient and give him support because he knows what he is doing.


Pay no attention to his record and what he says and does!!! He's REALLY Our Friend, voting to kill Iranians as part of his grand strategy to take over the GOP!!!

RAND?..I don't think your to harsh,your alot softer than me

Call me old school,or what ever but i still believe BLOOD is thicker than water and,RAND will never get my vote,if there is ever anymore elections(which i don't believe there will be)and he will never get another penny from me.He will never amount to the GUM on his Fathers shoes,....in my book.


Rand Paul is great. I would

Rand Paul is great. I would love to see him as president in 2016. I like both Ron and Rand equally. Principles are the same just approach is different.

Ron Paul is a great man. Apostle of liberty.

His biological son Rand is a stinking low-life piece of pure shit.

Wenzel is a disgrace. If

Wenzel is a disgrace. If anti-liberty agents of the Federal Reserve did not exist, then Wenzel would have to be invented.

A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Thomas Jefferson. A vote for Rand Paul is a vote for James Madison.

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he disrespected his father...

by endorsing romnie

to my knowledge Dr. RON Paul has not been seen publicly with his son since and has NOT endorsed his son's stance

Dr. RON Paul was VERY disappointed in his son and it shows!

so, am I...

NO SUPPORT for turncoat rand from me and i don't give a damn what you think about it

i am not alone!
and, just so you remember, how did that whole "fractured base" thing work out for romnie?
answer - just like we, the people, said it would

rand pooped in his own cheerios

time to go with the judge, tom woods, etc.
there are other, more competant candidates available
rand paul may not even retain his own senate seat!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

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Do you really believe

you get to decide if Ron is disappointed in his son? This is a father son relationship of which you know nothing of. Maybe he did not agree with his son, but do not pretend you know or understand their relationship because you do not.

I wouldn't vote for Rand either, but everyone needs to back off Ron's son and get over their ridiculous notions that they know or understand anything about the relationship between this father son duo.


Ron and Rand have been together. Remember the event in Floriday before the Convention? They shared the same stage.

So take the conspirica out of your ears and pay attention

You can't have it all.

You can't have it all. Sometimes you need an Andrew Jackson to get the job done. We don't have a choice, we need to get someone halfway decent in there, our survival is at stake.

Ventura 2012

He makes valid points about

He makes valid points about how the lure of winning can tempt men to fold-up. He's also correct in pointing out the "purity" of Rand's attacks on the system from years ago to the adaption of new (to Rand) phrases like "saving social security" and "closing loopholes." But I can't tell that any of Rand's views have changed. His language and approach have changed in an effort to gain respect, more so from his constituents and conservative media than his colleagues I believe because he hasn't pulled punches on repubs breaking oaths and smashing liberties nor dems that want to regulate everything.

When he explains his detailed plans, they almost always are either copies of Ron's plans or pure steps in that direction. Example: closed loopholes - he gave an excellent economic explanation the other day of why closed loopholes is bad and he wont support them if it doesnt result in overall lower taxes. He'll use loopholes as leverage IF it's couple with lower rates because loopholes is what other people want to see changed, not bc he thinks they're important.

Saving SS: his plan is to let the young opt out, raise retirement age, cut other spending in order to meet immediate promises to those dependent on it - same as his dad's plan basically.

TSA: has submitted a bill to abolish the TSA. But he's also submitted the "traveler's bill of rights "But thing bc he recognizes his first bill doesnt stand a chance but he wants to do something positive that includes him in the national debate.

Now it makes me very uneasy when he gets to talkin all partisan, politician like but so far I still like the guy and hope he makes positive difference. But nobody put your trust in man nonetheless.

"You must be frank with the world; frankness is the child of honesty and courage...Never do anything wrong to make a friend or keep one...Above all do not appear to others what you are not" - Robert E. Lee, CSA

Good point. What we need is

Good point.

What we need is for people to BE the change. When you turn your focus toward winning you stop being the change.

He hasnt lost me yet.

I was extremely disappointed in Rand when he endorsed Romney. I have since forgiven him. There are several things Rand has said & done that I disagree with. However, as of now, I think the positive outweighs the negative to the extent that I can still support his candidacy for President.

Rand Paul supports auditing the Fed & the Pentagon, he understands that only Congress can declare war, he has fought against domestic drone surveillance, and he is single-handedly holding up the 2013 NDAA.

I think it's good to have a healthy skepticism of any politician. For some liberty lovers, Rand has already gone too far toward the neocons. For me, I think I will wait & see what he does in the next few years. If the article proves true & Rand moves even further & abandons the principles I hold most dear, then I will withdraw my support. For now, Rand's sometimes half-measures I see as a net positive for the liberty movement and as such garner my tenative support.


for a healthy exchange of opinions.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

political success = hope for liberty

So a libertarian can't have pragmatic solutions to real-world problems?

The reality is that many Ron Paul supporters become disillusioned and give up because we have limited success. Life is short and the overwhelming odds against us cause people to stop being involved.

Rand is effective and provides remarkable hope for the idea of liberty. The only way to get the population to be more favorable to libertarianism is to make it more mainstream. And Rand is doing that.

If you don't like him, just don't support him. No need to attack him for wanting to win. Focus on who you do like.

Rand Paul lost all credibility

with me when he undercut RP and endorsed Romney. Period. And as a delegate to the Texas State Convention, I didn't appreciate hearing the endorsement while in my hotel room late at night trying to keep up with the news.

I am Ron Paul.

I'm So Sick of All You Rand-Bashers

Find me a better candidate for 2016 or shut up. Is he perfect? No. Neither was Ron. He's by far the best we've got. Put up or shut up!

A better candidate?

Judge Napolitano, Tom Woods, Justin Amash, and Jessie Ventura. When I think of more I'll post them later.

Maybe the Judge and Amash

but IIRC Tom Woods isn't the least bit interested in the job, and Ventura is an egotistical loudmouth who buys into every conspiracy theory known to man (and even peddles them on mainstream TV, go figure).

What about Karen Kwiatkowski?

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such a nice answer...

you know its really good when your only reply is "crickets"

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.


Nevada's Sen. Lee and Rand Paul have the best voting record in the US Senate. I'll single them out for criticism when the other 98 Senators have better voting records. Until then, I'll focus my energy on replacing the other 98 Senators.