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Positive Police

Sometimes I get disheartened by the posts and comments against law enforcement. I understand it but I wanted to share with you a picture and story being passed around the law enforcement community.

Jennifer Foster of Florence, AZ was visiting Times Square with her husband Nov. 14 when they saw a shoeless man asking for change. She writes, “Right when I was about to approach, one of your officers came up behind him. The officer said, ‘I have these size 12 boots for you, they are all-weather. Let’s put them on and take care of you.’

The officer squatted down on the ground and proceeded to put socks and the new boots on this man. The officer expected NOTHING in return and did not know I was watching*. I have been in law enforcement for 17 years. I was never so impressed in my life. I did not get the officer’s name. It is important, I think, for all of us to remember the real reason we are in this line of work. The reminder this officer gave to our profession in his presentation of human kindness has not been lost on myself or any of the Arizona law enforcement officials with whom this story has been shared.”

Our thanks to the Fosters for their attention and appreciation, and especially to this officer, who remains anonymous.

I’ve posted this before in a comment but I thought it was fitting.

People tend to assume law enforcement, corrections and military people do their job because they love power, which is not always true. I got into the field because I love my community and I love helping people. There are bad apples in every field of employment and of course they get the most attention, overshadowing others that make a self-sacrifice every day. You never know what someone will do with the power given an officer but from my experience in the area I live and work, those who abuse that power do not last in the field for long. The days of the good ole boy system are fading quickly to the point of being offensive. I specialize in the principles of restorative justice in actuality keeping felonies off of young people’s records by showing them reinvestment and worth of community involvement.

I also keep people out of prison and felonies off of their records because of substance abuse. I get awards for my revolutionary ideas that actually work, when it’s really just common sense and inspired by, well ironically… liberty. One thing you have to understand is regardless of the agency they are elected officials. Sheriff or city (controlled by elected officials) The precedent of a law enforcement agency is set from the top and rolls down hill. I guess I just have to say don’t hate us all because we don’t hate you.

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Glad you are an honest cop....

so you say. Unfortunately, I have seen too much of the rogue element and I have had a personal experience that has left me with the attitude that cops in general are wholly corrupt and out of control.

So, now I assume a cop is a bad apple until proven otherwise.

Sorry, but that's the way it is.

Can you say "Photo Op"?

Photo Op

maybe i'm just too far gone

but it isn't as if a few bad apples entered your line of work and tainted your good name as officers. it happens for different reasons entirely. and with entire forces.

case in point:

you entire institution is inherently and irreversibly corrupt. it's because you have a monopoly on the use of force. you steal the money through taxes and then enjoy legal protection from market forces. you don't have to compete for quality and tax payers left footing the bill and dealing with you people every day.

and frankly, it's getting pretty god damned scary when we get a peak at the arsenal at your hands and see what you're capable of doing and getting away with. and this is during peaceful times. what happens tomorrow when things aren't quite so peaceful?

sorry, no sympathy here. kudos to the dude for doing something nice and appearing to be a nice guy but it does not change the relationship between those who give the orders, those who wear the badge and "citizens" who have to sit back and hope there's enough officers out there that care about liberty for when things start going to hell.


Maybe and maybe not

Noone is to far gone unless your hatered has overshadowed your judgement. Your comment is the epidemy of my reasoning for the post. I guess I did not express myself well enough. What I find so disheartening is how people on this forum, who can show such amazing tolerance and open mindedness and embrace individuality are willing to so negatively label and entire group of people based on their employment. After reading your comment and many of the others...if you truely believe that all law enforcement is corrupt, have a license to kill or would even want to, are targeting you, plotting against you or have a desire to harm you... well my heart hurts for you. I would highly suggest you contact your local law enforcement about a citizen's ride along, so you actually know what a law enforcement officer faces during their "8 to 5", who they are and so you'll understand they are people with families, homes, communities, fears, hopes....everything you have.

here's my concern

about the "there are good cops, too" argument. and maybe it's simply not being reported on, but the good cops aren't raising their outrage at the bad behavior of their co-workers. i see no real purges of the people that abuse the "powers" they think they have. for the most part, it's all cover-up and protect. unless there is no absolute way to get around punishment for the bad behavior, it will be defended and the officers usually get nothing more than a slap on the wrist. it is wholly unfair for the public to have to pay the wages of police that continually stomp on natural rights. and where are the actual punishments? there should be jail time for a person that breaks the law--unless they're a cop? over and over again this is the case.

there is no denying the humanity of any body. this is not the issue. if there are good cops out there, as you claim (maybe you see yourself as one?), why is there no real action taken against the ones that break the law? be honest, is it a union thing? is it difficult and costly to get them fired? 'cause that just might change my mind...

edit: i take it back, it won't change my mind. it would only solidify my opinion of how unfair it all is. i welcome any defense you may have for police officers and the actions they make.

I've reported someone....

So no your are not correct. I have personally worked with many officers who were fired and prosecuted. There is actually one with a pending charge in our county currently. The basis of your opinion is that these things are not reported or you just do not have knowledge of it.... so lets look at this as a hypothetical and tie it into what you have learned with your experience with the media.....for just a second think of it this way corrupt officers ARE routed out but you don't know it because its not reported or its on page 6 of your local newspaper and not on major media outlets because there is a kardashian taking up space. What sells more scandal or standard procedure? The last officer I personally know, worked with and witnessed was fired for lying on his police reports/planting evidence, he was taken care of quickly and enjoying his time with the people he use to arrest. It wasn't really reported, not because the info. wasnt available or common knowledge. And again as for you not knowing it happens.....get involved... as a citizen YOU CAN!!! Just the same with politics. So again regardless of the agency they are elected officials. Sheriff or city (controlled by elected officials) The precedent of a law enforcement agency is set from the top and rolls down hill. I'm busy doing my part. So if you want things to change in your area I guess you have work to do.

Just thought I would add these.

For the cynical here are links to a couple of cases of prosecuted officers. One is the pending case I mentioned earlier. Google them there is some local media on them. They did fantastic investigations on these cases. Use this link https://www.courts.mo.gov/casenet/cases/searchCases.do?searc... and then enter the case number.
10AO-CR00645-01 This case was initally reported by a fellow officer and this one a civilian told a friend who was a police officer something was going on so he reported it 08AO-CR02209-01

thank you

i'm glad to know that firings are taking place. not enough of them, in my opinion. but, perhaps you're right. i'll see what's available in my area and see how i can help with a cop watch of sorts. :)


"the good cops aren't raising their outrage at the bad behavior of their co-workers... why is there no real action taken against the ones that break the law?"

Fantasia makes very good points. I agree with some of them.

I am, however, a realist. Your post nails it.

Unions, cost, friends in the force, afraid of or intimidated by superiors, and the list goes on...there is absolutely NO excuse.


And NO, I will NOT change MY mind.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Isn't it amazing the chain

Isn't it amazing the chain reaction of events that occur from one man setting a good example? Bless all those who do so. This is what its all about. Since learning of Ron so many years ago now, I am always consciously thinking about setting a good example. It rubs off, and makes one feel a high unlike any other.

Yes there are decent cops... but we still have way too many.

There are too many Barney Fifes and too few Andys.

Besides, we shouldn't have police at all... Elected Sheriffs and their deputies should take care of all required "police work".



Are people too... There are good ones and often bad.

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

And I actually wonder why I

And I actually wonder why I have a hard time introducing fellow officers to informative websites like this. It's like running a gauntlet through trollville to get to good information. Ugh

Thanks for sharing..

Although there are no cops in my family.. most of my family has served this country in one way or another.

I grew up pretty rough and never liked cops. Because my bestfriend and I got caught out past curfew with some pot we became targets to a few asshole cops when we were kids. If they saw us out, we would be stopped and searched or just pestered with.

Once I grew up my feelings didn't change much. Most experiences had been negative regardless what was going on.

All that changed once I opened a business. To my surprise, I got alot of support from the police department. Then I ran into a big group of them at a bar and got completely hammered (they insisted). They refused to let me pay for a drink and all of them had a tab of over $100.

As my girlfriend and I were leaving I was petrified these guys were setting me up for a DUI. One officer was doing donuts in the parking lot and another drove over the grass to the road.. I was literally shaking with fear. I waited for about 20 minutes and felt sober enough to get the few miles I had to go.

After that though.. Its been all gravy. I honestly haven't had a bad experience with a cop since. I believe it was my experience as a child that lead me to always dealing with a 'bad cop'. Becoming friends with these guys opened my eyes to something I had never seen.

Even though a few of them were kinda shady.. they were still good people. None of them wanted, and I mean NONE of them believed pot should be illegal(im in Ohio).That has been an issue with me since my first experience dealing with being caught with it as a teenager.

All in all, from my life experiences, people who serve are usually the best people around. There will be a jerk in every bunch but I believe what you wrote. Most are the good guys.

I just wish they would all become Oathkeepers!!!

Thanks again for the post. :)

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul


It's an interesting predicament. Would a police officer be immoral if he is enforcing an immoral law? We hear the same question for soldiers killing people: Are they not morally responsible because they are just "following orders"?

I say they are. Change starts with the people. If officers refuse to enforce immoral laws (let's say victimless crimes, which are nothing but a blatant breach of individual liberty) then the laws no longer hold water. Same thing with soldiers in a war: If they refuse to fight, the fighting will cease (at least from our end).

So in today's world, is it possible to be a "moral" police officer, if you believe the laws you are enforcing are immoral? Food for thought.

As of January 1st 2011 1446

As of January 1st 2011 1446 Soldiers died in Afghanistan
from 2001 to January 1st 2011 1637 Police Officers died on duty in the US


First, let me state I am a police officer with an agency in Arizona. Second, I am disgusted by many of the comments on this board. Top10, I was near a fellow officer when he blew his brains out. I can still picture that and its horror. Do not mock the profession and its risk of suicides because it is not on one of your lists. Wow. With all the crap I put up with EVERY SINGLE DAY the only thing I want to know is my work is actually appreciated. I appreciate food servers, retail clerks, truck drivers, nurses, and all the other professions that have to put up with people on a daily basis. Yet none of them catch flack when they do something stupid. Most of which affects someone else.

I will never deny there are bad officers. Shoot I work with a couple (although they are just lazy). But to say we are all crooks is shameful!!

The fact of the matter is I have NEVER WRITTEN A LAW. And we are in LAW ENFORCEMENT. Do you really want police that pick and choose which laws to enforce?

I have stood shoulder to shoulder with Ron Paul supporters in asking for sensible drug laws, repeal of the patriot act, repeal of NDAA, end of the wars overseas, and an abolishment of numerous federal departments(including the DEA). I support liberty and routinely attend training (along with my co-workers and normally on my days off) to make sure I never violate anyone's rights.

And I never give another officer free pass to violate anyone's rights. I have turned officers in for misconduct! We are not above the law and I am proud of that!

It has been over 5 years since I have had any meaningful time with my family. I work weekends, holidays, birthdays, nights and special events. Over 5 years. And my schedule never changes.

And yes people have tried to kill me on duty. I have been assaulted countless times. I am exposed to every disease known to man on a weekly basis.

All of this I have voluntarily agreed to put up with. And I am not complaining because I could quit at any time. But what I will complain about are those on here who have a bone to pick with officers when the real problem, as usual, are those making the ridiculous laws and policy I am required to follow.

We are all in a fight to reduce the amount of power any government has over its citizens. I am on board with that. Enough with the attacks on police. Many on here have no idea what its like to be one.

For liberty!
Arizona Police Officer

For Liberty!

If you

have read any of my comments on here, (there are a few!) that is exactly what I'm trying to say! I am not a police officer myself, but I do want to thank you for all that you do. I am very sorry for the loss of your fellow officer, and all that you endure. It really is a thankless job, but there are some of us out here that appreciate you!

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

Thank you.

JackieK I want to personally thank you for your comments. Thankfully there are still plenty of people like yourself who are appreciative of police officers. Your comments truly mean something to me and I thank you for them.

God bless Jackie.

For Liberty!

You are more than welcome!

And thank you, again for the hard job you do. God bless you too:)

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

deacon's picture

support liberty?

how can you state that?
you state we do not write laws,but just enforce them!!!
if you are truly a lover of liberty,then how is it the const
says laws made that go against the const are null and void,moot,
are in fact not laws?....that statement you made goes against our highest laws,and violates the people
ever handed or seen another cop hand out a ticket for no seatbelt?
this was written by the ins companies to save money
this was twisted and used by the states to generate more money
ever handed out a ticket for improper plates? or no ins?
where does it say we have to have a plate or ins?
there isn't one,this was also created by the states to steal money
laws cannot be created that that turn a right into a privilege
but this is a violation done every day of the week,and to the people
you all swore to protect
no one can be compelled to follow non laws (codes,ordinances,statutes) but each and every day people are hauled into court for minor infractions of the color of law
if no victim,then no crime has been committed,but the state has
twisted this into them being the victim in each and every case
how can this not be a violation of rights,and a loss of liberty?

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

Deacon we are in agreement. I

Deacon we are in agreement. I do not disagree with your statements. And there is no way I can publicly state on here all the ways I have sided with the people in disregarding stupid laws. But one example is domestic violence. Our laws/policy state if a crime has occurred we MUST arrest whether the other person wants us to or not. I can assure you the interest of the family( as stated by them) is always far more important to me than some policy.

You mentioned seat belt laws. Those are ridiculous and should be repealed. I talked an officer on my squad out of writing a ticket for that 2 out of 2 times 3 days ago alone. Everyone on my squad knows I think that law is ridiculous and I do not write anyone for that.

Also I do not enforce codes( not my job) and after learning about and listening to Ron Paul in 2010 have stopped writing meaningless parking tickets (ordinances) that only take money from people.

My point in the previous article was reflecting the mood in other posts that appeared to be anti police in general. So no law enforcement of robbery, burglary, theft, rape, murder, child abuse, etc. This I disagree with. I am open to the discussion of private police forces or volunteer officers and believe that should be left up to individual states, cities, towns, and counties to decide. But for my city we have far less than 1% are volunteer. There are just not enough people who would do this for free to be any kind of presence. And believe me there is never an end to calls for service.

I agree people should take more responsibility in protecting themselves and securing their property. I think it is foolish to rely on the police for protection. We are generally an "after the fact" entity. Despite the fact I have stopped numerous crimes in progress over my career. Ranging from shoplifting and burglaries up to sexual conduct with a minor.

I am open to the conversation and discussion of what role police should play in society and how we can improve. I personally believe we do have a role to play in defending liberty and yes I am defending liberty everyday. But being called crooked, corrupt, criminals, thugs, and power hungry gets real old.

I wish there was an opt-out for anyone who does not want police service that allows people to not pay for it. I would love nothing more than to reduce the amount of people I serve and more importantly give people the freedom to choose.

But lawmakers are responsible for these pointless laws and they reflect what people want. Which according to the national election is more government.

I went to local meetings and asked my councilman not to raise taxes even though my job was on the line. I did that because it was right. My own family opposed me but I did it. I could go on and on but I feel it is pointless to.

Lets work together. That is all I am asking for. I want the atrocious name calling to stop. I protest the war but not the troops. I hope to get the same respect.

Thank you.

For Liberty!

deacon's picture

thank you very much

you have broadened my horizon,and i enjoy that
actually live for it
i do not lump everyone into categories or groups
but i do state what i believe is fact,and if i am wrong
and learn,i am better for it(i have grown)
you might have noticed by my posts i call things as i see them
as i only try dealing with the truth(all else is a distraction,
and takes too long to get rid of)
when the supreme court ruled the police weren't to protect and serve the people,( i asked,then what do they protect and serve then?)
this never made sense to me
when america went to corporate law,it was the end of justice
for americans
what happens here is this,we see the police state growing,and it is a concern for many,this is not the way we are supposed to be living
we have a little farm town here with around 6000 people,the force
recently received m-16's,bullet proof vests and assorted goodies
to go along with their weapons(there hasn't been a crime in that town
for years(so why the military hardware?)
i do have an appreciation for the ones who do right,when it is easier not to
my questions to you were just that,its how i figure out who are who
don't we all like knowing who we are dealing with? :)
what might help here is posting what the good ones are doing
this would give a broader perspective of what really is
when one deals with the negative all the time,the positive is a breath of fresh air(but it is like being lied to all your life,then someone tells you the truth)
our state has no laws concerning gun registration,when some of us pointed this fact out,they changed the words from reg.to a safety inspection,then from there to another term,but it still meant the same thing.i pointed this out to our sheriff dpt,the state police
our legislatures and our AG
this went absolutely no where,with me getting told things like
its how we do it,we have to follow orders
the AG went so far as to ignore my phone calls and my hand written letter,this legislation was voted on,and put this data base we
weren't supposed to have,in the hands of the fed gov(all of it was against the law!)
when things of this nature happen it does take center stage when the elected break their own laws,but do apply them to us is crap
i have the ability to point out problems as i see them but i have not been given the ability to fix them
it was nice chatting with you,keep up the great work,you made me happy reading by reading your post

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

Everyone knows not all cops are bad

But enough of them are, and its hurting their image. They are out of control and the good cops need to start putting their foot down and exposing these crooks.

What makes you think this

What makes you think this isn't happening. I can understand what your saying to a point because you and others don't see the cases that are filed but when a bad officer is caught and prosecuted who do you think does that? Granted sometimes they are caught by vigilant citizens but not always. Good cops are always putting their foot down, it's not always made major news but you can't blame the officers for that. Sometimes you have to be responsible for educating yourself on a matter.

umm what planet are you on. it cant be earth.

you righteous officers must be doing a shat job then cause the violence by cops is getting more frequent and worse as time goes by. We never see any whistle blowers go public. Not saying there aren't any but there is clearly not enough. Maybe you need to wake up and educate yourself with reality. Sometimes you have to be responsible and stop trying to make excuses for system that is corrupt and broken. Oh If you want to win people over you can start by not being a d bag

Wow, what brought that attack

Wow, what brought that attack on? My post was not intended as an attack but whatever you just helped prove my point.

It's their Job

Protect and serve, thats the job. This story only goes to show that cops are human to. The anti-police videos speak for themselves. Police, as a whole, are out of control. Don't kid yourself.

dave anderson

It is only supposed to be

It is only supposed to be "serve." We are supposed to protect ourselves, hence why we have a 2nd Amendment. Cops should only have guns because we all should have guns, not because it's becoming more and more the belief that they have some special license to be armed and to kill.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.

Who cares? This is not the

Who cares? This is not the job of police. Police are supposed to come haul off a criminal to jail after they've been arrested by citizens. They are not here to provide anything welfare to society, like safety. It is 100% the responsibility of the citizen to uphold public safety (secondary reason for the 2nd Amendment after it allows us to kill public servants). I have no respect for law enforcement, because they just go around making trouble, and they aren't even supposed to get paid. If all they literally had to do was haul off already-arrested criminals, they could actually hold down a normal job and be a volunteer (firemen do it). The act this guy did was an act of kindness of a human being, not of a cop.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.