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9/11 Conspiracy Solved: Names, Connections Details Exposed

What an actual investigation into the events of 9-11 would look like. This is one of the most compelling videos I have seen, even addressing an issue that I have brought up repeatedly: Destroying evidence from a crime scene is a crime, and we all watched that crime scene get dismantled before the investigation.


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On veterans.

I was 17 when I joined. I was lacking structure due to traumatic childhood and I craved to be part of something bigger than my shitty existence at the time. I was betrayed just as much as the rest of the world. We're all just as guilty for not asking the right questions so there's no sense in passing judgement. I didn't join to kill Muslims for free education. I joined the USMC because commercials told me I could be a hero. Please consider the possibility that your opinion on veterans might be affected by emotions like hate or maybe even fear.

PS: My disability is from actual hearing damage caused by jet engines and possibly from crazy men screaming in my ears.

"I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove."

Sorry if you got offended. Surely,

I did not mean people who joined the army by mistake, out of strong convictions, out of sheer financial need or because being fooled.

I also sympathize with those who was suffered mentally and physically.

My point was that a considerable number had joined knowing exactly what army is and what benefits to rip. Also, with 25%+ veterans claiming stress syndrome disability reminds me how 85% of trade union train ticket controllers got disability for bad knees.

You are clearly out of your element...

stick to children's books...

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

I've seen the FOIA FBI

I've seen the FOIA FBI documents about all the Israeli nationals caught that week. In NY, MA, and NJ.

They were all in those white vans that were tied to that shell cleaning company. They had incriminating evidence of prior knowledge of the attacks and were suddenly released back to Israel a few weeks later.

I was absolutely livid reading those reports that I literally became sick to my stomach.

The Revolution Continues..

I posted this below...

I just thought about this after watching the video. What if the Mossad agents were let go precisely because they had the film proving the official story is a lie, and they're blackmailing the real culprits named in the video into all this blind support for Isreali political objectives? I'm just throwing this out for discussion, so don't hate! I'm not trolling!

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


Absolutely a possibility! I'm

Absolutely a possibility! I'm not claiming to know any 100% fact about 9/11, but Mossad was most definitely at the very least; involved.

'By way of deception, thou shall do war.'

The Revolution Continues..

What about

200 members from bin Laden family whom USA had put on a special plane to move out of US to Saudi Arabia when all planes were grounded?

There is only one thuth - many questions were left unanswered because they would unfavorably implicate CIA and government clerks. The rest is mental masturbation. Without facts it is mental masturbation. And facts wont be available under any investigation. If you are a muslim or an immigrant from UK or Eastern Europe, I understand your anxiety, but for non-muslims to accept that Israel controls CIA is just mentally weak.

For you to think that the

For you to think that the Mossad had nothing to do with it, you are just being willfully ignorant.

The Revolution Continues..

I haven't been doing my homework

I haven't seen this many new facts on 9/11 in a long time.

I don't understand how someone could possibly believe the NIST report after all the evidence that has come out in the last 10 years.

Thank you, OP. I hope we get some arrests in the future.

Veterans for Ron Paul

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Everyone always leaves out Mossad

Israeli agents were caught with police going around with explosives in their van, filming the attack in a celebratory manner. Yet that always gets left out of these 9/11 videos. A lot of people think that this is an urban legend but it's a verifiable fact. They've never really been able to explain what they were doing or why they were so happy that the buildings were attacked. One of them reportedly said to a coworker "now you Americans know what Israel goes through". I think that was the point of why it was done. That attack solidified the 'special relationship' that America shares with Israel and brought us into permanent war against Israel's enemies.

Okay...here me out...

I just thought about this after watching the video. What if the Mossad agents were let go precisely because they had the film proving the official story is a lie, and they're blackmailing the real culprits named in the video into all this blind support for Isreali political objectives? I'm just throwing this out for discussion, so don't hate! I'm not trolling!

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


One of the Mossad Kurzberg brothers positively IDd in WTC1

on day before.

"9/11 the Mossad Connection Details, Names, "Dancing Israeli" Positively ID'd in Towers on Day Before"

The invasion of Afghanistan for the opium crop is not credible. It''s only $5 billion a year, what we spend in Afghanistan in military operations in 10 days. Neither does the stealing of gold and destruction of financial investigations, although that might have gotten a lot of people on board as a sweetener.

Only the destruction of Iraq, a $5 trillion war, and the paving of the way for Israeli regional ambitions makes sense, according to Dr. Alan Sabrosky.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

I think Sabrosky is off...

...only in that he still attributes these ambitions to a government within a border rather than to a cabal of borderless interests looking to create a faux instability that can be stabilized under the thumb of true power...not that of the Star of David per se.

I think all is suspect that does not recognize and attribute our current state of the world to a nefarious borderless power at the top of the control paradigm...that which controls with energy, finance and military means.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

You did

offend those who wanted to blame Jews for Afghanistan as well. And you only give Jews a credit for Iraq war. Kinda weak.

Now, lets focus on Iraq war. Why Israel did not finish Iraq during the first war in 90's? Not enough control? But if Jews control CIA and US government, they can control UN and NATO. They would not need any excuse to start a war with Iraq. (Russian anti-Semites believe that Jews control Putin, btw.)

Why to make US (which Jews already control) weak? But then again, why would Jews allow $6B to Pakistan, trillions to EU and force upon themselves Bush's "Road Map"? Oh, boy.

Extremely small (linear)


Tell us more

How Mossad & Israeli interests relate to
1) transferring of weapons from Libya to Hamas;
2) re-electing Obama;
3) nation building of muslims countries;
4) New World Order;
5) Bush's "No child left behind" or Obama's healthcare.

We do not want to miss anything. Just tell us.


Given the top ten political positions in Israel...please point to which "Semites" exist amongst them. As to the Palestinians in their counter-part positions...please find one who is not a "Semite"....that is of course as if Semitish blood is somehow the deciding factor between good and evil...right and wrong...

It seems of all that I see posted here within this thread, and in most other cases where an anti-Israeli stance is taken...Semitic blood and religion are hardly if ever even mentioned...except by the most prolific of the "defender" posts. Curious.

AS to this conversation, you are the only one making such supposition that blood and religion are a factor in peoples discernment capacities...again curious...or nefarious. That this is so blatant, it seems you have been tasked beyond your talents and need a new assignment. Your steerage is ineffective.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Nothing to be Curious

Anti-Semites, like socialist progressives, love to engage in terminology manipulation to divert discussion from problems to linguistics like you do.

- Historically "Semite" and "anti-Semite" have DIFFERENT meaning unrelated to "anti" prefix.
- Arabs themselves, do not call Jews "Zionist" unless intended to be translated or overheard.
- After 1967 defeat, USSR KGB had suggested Arabs to use group demands of self determination and adapt separate ethnicity. Even though "P" sound is not in Arabic alphabet, Arabs had little options for manipulations.


"Zionists"...especially those employed to troll the internets, love to engage in terminology manipulation to divert discussion from problems to racism, or blind prejudice, like you do.

- Historically, words have definitions that hold up over time and prefix's and suffix's do little to change the meaning of the root words themselves...like the word "Semite" which is defined in Webster's as

Definition of SEMITE

a : a member of any of a number of peoples of ancient southwestern Asia including the Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs
b : a descendant of these peoples
: a member of a modern people speaking a Semitic language to a people.

"Anti-Semite", as used by the apologist defenders of the Israeli pogrom in Palestine, to somehow detract from oppositional credibility, assumes a phlebotomous usurpation of all Semitic-bloodlines into the Israeli pool and then presupposes an internal or systemic revulsion in the detractor towards the bloodline...rather than a revulsion and opposition to the acts of a government out of control...with seemed international backing from powerful corners.

You can try and paint me as an Anti-Semite all you'd like...but it won't make it so...nor will the attempt bring you any fans in the process. You try too hard with no return.

This says a lot about your motivations and origin...and probably your paymaster. Most here see no delineation of the problem based on blood, religion, nor the color of your team jersey. We know the problem runs much deeper. You can now remove the White and Blue from your back as the enemy lurks in the upper echelons of many governments and the manipulations of The Agenda are tasked from within all of them. It just so happens that on this occasion, some came from within your borders.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?


You did a great job looking up the definition of "Semite."
Why did not you look up the word "anti-Semite" in the same dictionary as well? It is there :) trolls or no trolls.

Here's your sign...

Definition of ANTI-SEMITISM

: hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group

Now it is up to you to PROVE that any detractor to the Israeli pogrom in the occupied territories or those who point to Israeli agent involvement or suspicion in the events of 9/11 are in any way "Religious", "Ethnic" or "Racial" in their motivations or whether or not there is segue to these factors having anything to do with their powers of discernment.

Is a white American studying the history of his country and arriving at a conclusion of "abject evil" in the treatment of the Lakota Sioux somehow motivated or influenced towards the negative via "Religious", "Ethnic" or "Racial" concerns? The answer is, "of course not...such supposition is silly". Albeit such would not be individually impossible...especially for those like yourself who might dig deep by calling them inanity like "self-haters" ...as seems to be directed at those Jews opposed to the goings on in Israel. Right?

But it is easy to see that anyone, aligned to the positive and with little need for much pragmatism would come to the conclusion that a demonization of a people for a political/financial agenda was afoot...and a people powerless to oppose the forces against it were annihilated. Hmmm. Sounds all too familiar.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Obviousely I cannot argue all topics

But I had proved my point that you was mistaken about Semite vs anti-Semite. When I looked up Webster online:

"anti-Semite - someone who hates and would persecute Jews
Synonyms: Jew-baiter"

All anti-Semites who were arguing on this same issue should eat sh{i}t by now.

You lose.

Loser. Now take your ball, place it under your jersey, stick your fingers in your ears and leave the park screaming nah, nah, nah, nah, nah...all the way home. I hope you get fired...you suck at this.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

The fun part

is that you know yourself that your argument is pathetic. It is Freudian defense mechanism that you use to calm down.

That was so damn weak

That fact that you are not embarrassed says much.

It's a damn shame when you do not have enough self awareness to even recognize when you've had your ass kicked.


keep it up you're gaining much influence for your cause...;-)

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Liberty-First, thank you for all the bumps on this excellent vid

Thank you, also, for being so transparent with your motives. I just read everything you posted, it is just a handful of comments. There is a common theme, always defending Zionism in a "strawman" type argument that ignores the point of the post.
To reiterate what you have already been told, it is not about anyone's race or religion, it is about corrupt governments, and Israel has the most corrupt government on the planet driven by a Zionist agenda. No worries, friend. We will have "liberty first" right here and then we will help liberate the Jews suffering under corrupt Zionist governance. We shall know the truth, and it shall make us free.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

So is

Israeli government corrupt due to Zionism or something else? Do you confuse Israeli government (executive branch is a coalition of many political parties there) with GOP's RNC or Abbas who cancelled elections since 2005? But you cannot fool me with your collectivist urge to liberate "others." You reek as a rotten fish.

1. Hamas was created by

1. Hamas was created by Israel just like we created Al-Qaeda. We still control Al-Qaeda so I suspect that Hamas is still controlled by Israel as well.

2. Who was it that sent boots on the ground to Israel to back them up while fighting the Palestinians? Oh yeah, Obama.

3. Nation building Muslim countries gives us puppets in the Middle East easily controlled, and creates a convenient boogeyman for Israel.

4. Duh, Who owns the banking industry? How many of our Congress people have dual citizenship with Israel? They (along with many others) have their fingerprints all over the building of the NWO.

5. What the hell does no child left behind and Obamacare have to do with 9/11?

Blessings )o(

Paraphrazing anti-Semitic mind

1. Jews control Hamas and Al-Qaeda. Jews, who control Hamas, bomb their own civilians with Hamas rockets to pretend they are victims. Jews, who control Hamas, order them to use Palestinians as a human shield, so Israel can kill more civilians. Since Jews control UN, they do not care about civilian causulties.

2. Obama is the best friend of Israel. Why else progressive Jews and ALL American muslims had voted for Obama?

3. Israel is afraid of democracy that elects Sharia Law.

4. Jewish bankers had decided to exchange gold and their 100% private bank ownership for 5% paper cash reserve and FDIC.

5. Why to talk about unbalanced budget, inflation, popular progressive sentiment when Arabs (oops, I meant Jews) flew into the WTC?