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9/11 Conspiracy Solved: Names, Connections Details Exposed

What an actual investigation into the events of 9-11 would look like. This is one of the most compelling videos I have seen, even addressing an issue that I have brought up repeatedly: Destroying evidence from a crime scene is a crime, and we all watched that crime scene get dismantled before the investigation.


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Ron Paul stated it on the floor of Congress .

You calling him a liar?
It's historical fact.
Ron Paul - Israel Created Hamas 01-09-09

Arabs flew into WTC 1 and 2? Prove it.

"5. Why to talk about unbalanced budget, inflation, popular progressive sentiment when Arabs (oops, I meant Jews) flew into the WTC?"

Because none of that matters at this point anymore since Ron Paul was not elected and the only shot we had to stop the collapse was forever gone.

Ron Paul Plan To Restore America

^^^Didn't happen. You are screwed,I am screwed, we are all screwed and just waiting for the hammer to drop to so we can beat the NWO in the streets because that is were this is going soon.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

Sometimes I do not

understand what to do - either cry or laugh at low mental ability here.

Let's take Hamas. I do not argue that Israel helped to create Hamas. But anti-Semites further implications are ungrounded. THINK: if RP was instrumental in creation of Tea Party, today, RP does not control or is responsible for it.

Same way our folks blame companies that are main donors for Romney and Obama without understanding that it is empoyees who support. If most RP donors are from military, it does not mean Pentagon controls RP.

even your language is arrogant--

why the amazing loyalty to the state of Israel?

Your words remind me of the words of some of my 'fellow' American friends who will defend America, however rotten, to the very last--

"we're good; we're good; we're good; we're free; someone else did all the bad stuff"--

There are quite a few people on DP who acknowledge that Israel does not equal Judaism or Jews--

There are people on here that acknowledge that even some Muslims have done some very bad things, but one of the things that I find is almost always lacking in those posts that are so strongly pro-Israel is a contempt for Jews who do not agree with where Israel is going--

those Jews (in and out of Israel) who protest, who object, who point out Israel's failings (as a state)--

this is suspicious to me--

It's all right on DP to talk about the Iranians who find their government tyrannical and oppressive; many DPers know such Iranians, but for those who are as powerfully pro-Israel as Liberty_First, it's not all right for *you* to acknowledge that there are those within the state of Israel who are Jewish, ostensibly, or at least are not Muslim or Christian, who feel oppressed and terribly concerned--

when those of *us* on DP who don't see Jews equals Israel point this out--

*you* argue back that Israel is better than __________, etc.--

and find some way to defend Israel--

*you* will, then, defend Israel from many Jews who find that something is not right there, just as many Americans find something is not right in America--

these feelings of discontent fuel liberty movements--

so . . . what is Liberty_First doing on DP, after all?

If all *you* are doing on here is apologizing for Israel (in the sense of being an apologist, not that you find any fault with the state)--

it's hard to believe that liberty really comes 'first' with you--

it's quite easy to see that Israel comes first--

if you are American, then you are probably just another dual citizen.

The way *you* throw around the term "anti-Semites" is . . . remarkable. As though you think anyone is buying that anymore.

I'd like to put you into a room with Rabbi Weiss or Noam Chomsky and see how long you'd last, but I suspect you are a pro-Zionist Jew of some type who would call those men self-haters--

and as such you could never be reasoned with--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--


like you cannot stand on the topic. No more fake arguments for me to bust?

I am not responsible for either USA Jews nor Israeli Jews. Jews do not act on a group instinct, otherwise, they would not have 13 political parties. I speak for myself. You bubbling is a diversion.

frankly I don't care--

your attitude or your demeaning way of writing about others is what I chose to care about when I wrote that post/response.

I don't care about Israel's government; I am not that fixated on Israel--

I don't care about the governments of any nation, but America, and caring about the American government is a full-time job for me--

I do support what Dr. Paul says--

I don't believe that Zionists are responsible for all the evil in the world at all; they are a sub-group of a group of tyrants of all stripes who want control over others--

merely one sub-group. It just happens that right now the middle east around Israel/Gaza is super-charged, and so many of *us* are asking questions.

I don't know where Liberty_First gets the idea that many on DP 'blame' Israel for the occupation of Afghanistan, etc.

I do believe that the CIA and Mossad have probably worked together, as has British Intelligence.

There is not just one evil group in the world; there are many, and I do believe that sometimes they work in symbiotic relationships--

the fact is that I, for one, have gotten tired of the media bias towards Israel for the past 30 or more years--

I have too many friends (mostly Christian) who are very hateful towards Muslims--

my response to that is to try to find out what is really happening, and what I have found out is that Muslims are a scapegoat group to further the agenda of the tyrants/globalist/banksters, some of whom just happen to be loyal to the Israeli government--

but not all of them; there are many who have no ties to Israel at all--

What I have observed, personally, from both my family (which is part Jewish) and friends and others--

is that Jews are highly intelligent, very ambitious people. I have never met a Jew with a low IQ. I have never met a Jew who did not want to 'corner' whatever 'market' he/she was dealing with, whether business or academic or medicine, etc.

Very competent people; I know; I have Jewish relatives, though I am not Jewish--

always thinking ahead of everyone else--and less relationship-centered than people upon whom many Americans look 'down' (brown people, such as Africans and Arabs, etc.)--

Yes, families are important to Jews, whether practicing or not, but more as a social network--

Most of the Muslims I have known (always very kind, mostly humble, hospitable people) are more relationship-centered and less ambitious; they are not less intelligent, but they are more centered on their spiritual environment than on competition--

they are an easy group to scapegoat--

I believe that those who are the most evil in the world are using everybody--

yes, they (the most evil of all) use the 'brains' of the Jews who are Zionist--while denying the brains of those Jews who are not for the 'agenda'--

They use the religious fervor of the Muslims (against the wishes of most Arabs/Muslims)

and exploit Africa, South America and Southeast Asia abominably--

These people don't care about religion; they don't care about faith; they don't care about other human beings--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I never said anything about

I never said anything about the Jewish people. I'm referring to their crooked Govt. To blame all Jews for the actions of their Govt is akin to blaming all Americans for the actions of our Govt. Its a false premise.

Blessings )o(

When intellectual pygmies

try to educate us about world affairs and how world operates, youtube clips wont cut for us.

Israel has 13 political parties including 2 Arab parties. Executive branch is ALWAYS a multi-party coalition. Congress can end the executive branch at any time with just 51% vote and start a new election. Executive branch can do the same too.

As you can see, in direct opposite to US two-party monopoly, UK monarchy, puppet kings or mullahs rule, Israeli people have a voice.

Why are the Palestinians who

Why are the Palestinians who were forced out of their homes in 1948 and have spent the last 60 years in refugee camps in the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon, and Syria not allowed to return?

If they returned then Isreal would no longer be a majority Jewish state. See how this democracy only works for the Isreali's as long as they control the majority? The moment they do not have a majority they kill enough people, force them out of the country, and ship in European Jews who have no blood-ties to the region... to create a majority. What type of democracy is that?

Well now that you put it like

Well now that you put it like that, i guess the Isreali people are to blame for their terrible, ethnic cleansing government.

I actually do like how they have a multi-party system. That is great, what is not great is how the people of Isreal support war crimes, destruction of human rights, and racist policies. Isreal is a great country if you love killing everyone that is not Jewish and creating an extremist state controlled by fundamentalists and murderers.

I do not know

how that is in India or Pakistan.

But using civilains as human shield is a war crime. Since Gazans had elected Hamas, they bear responsibility for the rockets. If Gazans' welfare check is not enough, let them complain to Egypt that controls its border.

thanks for not answering my

thanks for not answering my post and trying to change the subject.

Was there a

question mark? You overestimate yourself.

Your bull is rediculous. Because you probably do not realize that Israel's population is 25%+ of "Israeli Arabs" (those are not Palestinians of Gaza and West Bank.)

They are called Palestinians,

You shouldn't assume what I do or do not know. Everybody knows there is a Palestinian population still in their original homes.
Are you saying nobody was forced out in 1948? It would be well over 50% if the rest were allowed to return to their homes

THEIR homes, presently occupied by thieves and murderers.

Your adjectives

show where you stand. But RP movement has nothing to do neither with group demands of Kurds or Tibetians or Chechens.

Now, if your argument had some validity, then West Bank Arabs and Gaza Arabs would had called themselves Palestinians and wanted independence before 1967 when they belonged to Jordan and Egypt. Why had not they?

Liberty_First exposes 'himself' with 'his' arrogant . . .


now it's 'intellectual pygmies'--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--


but try to expose Israeli political system

JFK assassination, 911, is there ANYTHING George H. W. Bush...

has not done? He has to be the most evil man of our time.

But Bush family

has a partnership with Saudi Arabia king.

If we exclude Zionists from New World Order, our muslim and anti-Semite friends will be upset.


a must watch!

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

All it takes is an

open mind and heart - hard stuff to accept but facts don't lie.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

facts don't lie.

caliber is often a factor.

For example, facts are digested by your senses and common sense. If you never studied physics, you may believe that colors are natural properties of objects rather than fequencies of light. If you did not study Zionist Albert Einstein, you may believe that those frequencies only depend on atomic structure that effect reflection and absorbtion and quality of your eye.

Likewise, if you did not study how post-Soviet monopolies came into existance in early-mid 90's and how CIA was about to support restoration of the communist party in late 90's, then your education will be the same as before - from youtube clips.

Now THAT is some impressive investigation.

Best I've seen. Thank you!

Very well done.

This little bombshell is loaded with information that everyone needs to see. Share with friends and family.


is really good



These things would get a lot

These things would get a lot more views and attention if they were, or were at least accompanied by text with the important points / proofs / etc laid out.

Videos are old hat, and noone but a "true believer" who likes seeing reinforcement of their views really cares to watch yet another "conspiracy video".

If people want to spread info/ideas to those who do NOT currently believe, then they need to start making up short and sweet articles with bullet points that sum up the facts and have strong, credible documentation of the sources. Something that John Q Public can glance at and see the important points in a couple seconds, instead of stopping everything to watch something.

Most of the important points in any of these videos could be fit on one or two pages of text, which would get a lot more interest. Asking people to spend half a minute to look at a list of facts and references would get a lot more play than asking them to spend 45 minutes watching something.

Check this out...


That would be cool...get on it!

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


Well, what's stopping you?

What's stopping you from creating those short sweet articles with bullet points that you say are needed? Rather than just criticize, take some initiative!



What would the Founders do?


The last line alone merits this.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15