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Germany will not back Palestinian U.N. bid: government spokesman

Germany will not back Palestinian U.N. bid: government spokesman

Reuters – 1 hr 25 mins ago

Reuters) - Germany will not back a Palestinian bid for a diplomatic upgrade at the United Nations, the government spokesman said on Wednesday.

The United Nations is due to hold a vote on Thursday on an upgrade of Palestinian status at the 193-member body to an observer state from an observer entity.


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The Palestinians

I'm tired of the injustice being put upon them...

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The embrace of Israel by our corrupted politicians

has been a stain on the American people for too long. Then they started sending American soldiers to launch its wars (i.e., Iraq, and now they want to do it again in Iran). This "passionate attachment" is sickening on so many levels, strategically detrimental to America, and un-Christian. Congratulations to the Palestinian people today for at least upgrading their international status.

Final vote on the status of Palestine resolution: Yes 138, 9 No, 41 abstentions. (The 9 "no" votes were cast by: Israel, the United States, Canada, the Czech Republic, Panama, and several Pacific island nations: Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru and Palau.)