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Fox News Guest: ‘We DO Want To Destroy The Imaginations Of Our Children’ (Video)

(Stephen C. Webster) In a bizarre interview aired Friday morning, “Fox & Friends” apparently got punked by an author who declared that society absolutely has every reason to “destroy the imaginations of our children.”

It’s not quite clear why Anthony Esolen, author of the book “Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child,” responded the way he did, but it’s possible that he had an axe to grind with Fox News.

He added that fairy tales are also not advisable because “they are based on what every culture really knows about human beings.

“It’s archetypal, it’s natural human knowledge,” Esolen said. “And we don’t want that because that really taps in the imagination. So, instead we’ve to replace it with stories about who ever happens to be politically favored at the moment. This trains the child away from participation in politics.”


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Did you see their faces? The straight to "get him out of here, He isn't saying what's on the script!"

Priceless. :)

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90 sec fox interviews

This interview is over!

egapele's picture

Wow, their reactions to what he said are fascinating.

They almost looked like they were going to physically jump out of their chairs!