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Republican Protest at the RNC Annual Winter Meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina


We intend to call attention to the deplorable actions taken by the RNC against grassroots conservatives at the 2012 National Republican Convention. This protest will be focused on party rule changes and systematic disenfranchisement of delegates that were overseen and railroaded through by party leadership in a premeditated undemocratic fashion. Due to these events, we find Reince Priebus unfit for party leadership. His actions are unbecoming of Republican tradition, damaging to the principles of conservatism, antithetical to American values, and morally reprehensible.

These actions effect every Republican of every political stripe, old school conservatives, the tea party, libertarians, social conservatives, etc. For more information on our grievances see the following links:






From CNN: "Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, announced Tuesday the party will holds its annual winter meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina. At the RNC meeting in January, the group will vote on the chairmanship position. Priebus has told members he intends to run for another term, and sources say he will likely win re-election despite the party's losses this cycle."

The RNC Winter Meeting will run from Wednesday, January 23rd to the Saturday, January 26th at the Westin Hotel in uptown Charlotte, NC. Date of the protest is TBA contingent upon when the election of the chairman will take place.

Business attire will be asked of all participants.

We are also collecting donations for a hostpitality suite at the Westin hotel in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina for all grassroots conservatives protesting the RNC rule changes and the re-election of Reince Priebus at the Annual RNC Winter Meeting. All funds will go directly to pay for the cost of the hospitality suite, food and drinks, supplies, event permits, and promotional materials. Any unused funds will be donated to the Wounded Warriors Project in support of our troops. To donate please go here:


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Priebus needs to go

He has got to go!

Form rappport and get the

Form rappport and get the business cards for executive directors, party attorneys, and administrative assistants for future strategic contacting. These are the ones you call and ask questions too at later dates.

Good job on this.

Lets get the word out

Every grassroots organization needs to be aware of this event. We need to make Priebus pay for what he did.

I will be there!

This sounds like a great opportunity to make Priebus pay for what he did. This should be on the front page of Daily Paul!

I'll be there. And there will

I'll be there.

And there will be lots of others -- including Tea Party and grassroots GOP.

It would be great if we could get Michael Steele to take part. :-)

Prof. William Greene

Good idea

He was very critical of Priebus and the way he conducted the RNC.




Make each and every one of those 4 days count!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

All this will do is make them believe they are correct

The RNC claims Ron Paul is a protest vote. So you give them a protest to show them they are correct?

Why not get a Ron Paul Republican in the line up and rally for them to be the chiar instead?

This event is for all conservatives

There's a lot more people mad about this than just Ron Paul supporters.. this is a great opportunity for us to come together and build winning coalitions.

It's a great time when you have something to offer

If all you're doing is coming together to protest.. you're throwing away a perfect opportunity.

Son't take something away that you have no replacement for.

If you have no one to suggest to replace the chair, then you are failing at offering an alternative that is better. It's like saying, you don't like what you have, but you have nothing if you don't have what you have. Is nothing what you want? Maybe. So if that's the case, those who want someone are not going to agree with you or your protest, and what you have to say will not teach them why your leaderless way is better, but messages to they will associate with "protest" not growth, change, development, transition, rEVOLution.. we have to have PEOPLE for them to face.

Give them a candidate. I suggest GJ.

Grassroots support

All grassroots groups hate these new rules. We need to reach out to all of them to make a coalition to stop the establishment.

Ever notice Ron Paul's events are RALLY?

We RALLY, because we are not protesting.. we are rallying FOR.. not protesting against. We rally FOR new RNC leadership rather than protest old RNC leadership.


"We intend to call attention to the deplorable actions taken by the RNC against grassroots conservatives at the 2012 National Republican Convention."

Let it be known.


"Why not get a Ron Paul Republican in the line up and rally for them to be the chiar instead?"

But I do like this idea too :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Let it be known is nice

Make it stop is better.

support romney for chair!

support romney for chair!

Ron Paul 2016

Why not GJ?

Why not a Republican who has compassion for more voices and choices?

Oh, snap! Good one, Granger!


“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox


I really do enjoy and have a soft spot for Granger :-) I chuckled at that to.

But, deep down, is she really serious about that [gj]. I mean, she voted for romney for crying out loud! Yikes!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


You just don't "get" The Granger, yet. She's got years of experience under her belt and plays the game better than we ever could. I saw through the game at a very young age, thanks to my parents who exposed me to what goes on behind the front pages of the newspapers and took me to expensive political functions where I saw more than the average person ever sees.

The Granger learned it the hard way, by working her butt off for Nader and discovering the game was always rigged. She has a great sense of political savvy and is applying the lessons she learned to further our cause.

I got to know The Granger, after taking a comment she wrote the wrong way (which is easy to do). Having communicated with her privately, I have since learned what an incredible, compassionate and kind person she truly is. Yes, she can appear "hard" at times but, in reality, she is just compensating for her soft, gentle heart. She had to learn to toughen up and stick to her beliefs. I admire and respect her, as I do you, too. Both of you often seem to be at odds with one another but, in reality, you are both the same caring type of people, doing what you believe is best to help our cause. I applaud both of you.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox


You speak many words of wisdom :-) Likewise, I respect and applaud you.

Granger and I have mutual agreement to keep each other on our toes. It's a good thing my shoe size is bigger than hers :-))

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul