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Should Ron Paul be on Mt Rushmore? Steve Forbes thinks so

Steve Forbes, the publishing executive and two-time candidate for the presidential nomination of the Republican Party, wrote on Forbes, "if there were a Mount Rushmore for formidable defenders of our freedoms, sculptors would already be chiseling in the likeness of retiring Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas)."

The libertarian-leaning 2012 Republican presidential candidate, who is retiring from Congress and planning a college tour in 2012, was praised by the Forbes columnist and editor-in-chief as someone who has made sound money "a respectable subject for debate."

"Paul understands the profound truth that a gold-based currency is critical for preserving liberty. Funny-money policies are a form of government coercion, allowing authorities to arbitrarily change the real value of transactions," Forbes wrote.

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Perhaps Ron Paul should get together with Steve Forbes to educate and cultivate him further.

He might be someone who might be able to be influenced.

Forbes magazine has published interesting articles in the past - like Portugal decriminalizing drugs and halving the number of hard drug addicts.

Forbes is hardly someone on board - but there might be possibilities to persuade him to move more in our direction.

It would be a useful outlet if Ron Paul, or Ron Paul supporters, could get articles published in Forbes.

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This Mount Rushmore

While the real Mount Rushmore is on a mountain in South Dakota, the "Mount Rushmore for formidable defenders of our freedoms" is located in a broom closet in a McDonalds just beyond the beltway.

Sorry, but the monument-makers don't care much for freedom defenders.

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They better blow off the the

They better blow off the the faces of Lincoln and Teddy before they put Ron Paul on there though.

Here Here

I agree screw teddy but I disagree with Lincoln, Lincoln was one of the only presidents to fight back against the bankers with the Greenbacks. He paid for it with his life, a true patriot in my books.


I came here to post the same blurb. Nice.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?