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TYT: Liberal progressive democrats furious about 7-Year Old Treated with Medical Marijuana

7-year old Mykayla Comstock is using medical marijuana given to her from her mother to combat the pain of chemotherapy she is undergoing to combat her leukemia. Is 7 too young to be using pot, and will she face related adverse health effects? Does marijuana actually have curative abilities?

Progressives prohibitionist show true authoritarian colors and get massive down votes.


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Opiates would be far better.


Send this to your liberal friends

Those liberal friends who happen to be a walking conflict. Ask them the following questions especially if they like weed.
1. Do you not see that these people are every bit as ignorant as the romney style republicrats who we both dislike so much?
2. If they (the angered liberal democrats) are so smart, what do you think could be stopping them from simply reading one of the many peer reviewed studies that show the tremendous healing potentialities and benefits of cannabis' anti-inflamitory capabilities?
3. These (statist control freeks) are the people you support?
4. They call themselves democrats yet would gladly put you in prison for the simple fact that you have weed. How can you still sit there and pretend that there is a difference between the two parties when there are so many examples of similar behavior?

I'm sure you'll figure out a few more. I have lots of confidence in the people who are involved here at the daily paul.

What those liberals want is control over your kids...

Not prohibition and they are using "scary" marijuana to do so.

They're for medical marijuana and decriminalisation but they want that state to get between children and parents and regulate almost everything.

They said. 'Studies need to be done first..'

...as if that poor child has the freaking time! What a bunch of liberal dumbasses. Even if it did have an effect on a child's brain, I'd rather have a slow kid than no kid at all.

"Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!"- Homer Simpson

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What they don't discuss...

What they fail to mention in the video is what are alternatives to the oil...can we say big pharma? What a joke!