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Congressional Research Service Report 19-NOV-12. Does Foreign Aid Work?

How SAD is it that we give away billions of dollars each year to foreign countries when our own country is 16 Trillion in debt and our economy is in the worst condition in 50 years? Reading the stated purpose and then comparing it to what we actually do to foreign countries is an absolute joke. Well, it would be a joke if it wasn't so serious.

From Report:
To know whether aid is successful, one must understand its purpose. The Foreign Assistance Act (FAA) of 1961 (P.L.87-195), as amended, is the authorizing legislation for most modern foreign aid programs. The FAA declared that:

"The principal objective of the foreign policy of the United States is the encouragement and sustained support of the people of developing countries in their efforts to acquire the knowledge and resources essential to development, and to build the economic, political, and social institutions that will improve the quality of their lives."

The original legislation lists five principal goals for foreign aid:

(1) the alleviation of the worst physical manifestations of poverty among the world’s poor majority;

(2) the promotion of conditions enabling developing countries to achieve self-sustaining economic growth and equitable distribution of benefits;

(3) the encouragement of development processes in which individual civil and economic rights are respected and enhanced;

(4) the integration of the developing countries into an open and equitable international economic system;

(5) the promotion of good governance through combating corruption and improving transparency and accountability.

In specific instances foreign aid programs and projects have been considered to be conspicuously unsuccessful, or even harmful to intended beneficiaries. Critics of foreign assistance cite decades of aid to corrupt governments in Africa, which enriched corrupt leaders and did little to improve the lives of the poor. In Latin America, U.S. aid to anti-communist rebels and regimes during the Cold War was associated with brutal violence and believed by many to have damaged U.S. credibility as a champion of democracy. Numerous examples exist of hospitals, schools, and other facilities that were built with donor funds and left to rot, unused in developing countries that did not have the resources or will to maintain them.

In some instances,critics assert that foreign aid may do more harm than good, by reducing government accountability, fueling corruption, damaging export competitiveness, creating dependence, and undermining incentives for adequate taxation.

And congress can't find anywhere to cut spending? It's clearly a case of congress being unable to stop themselves from STEALING!

Entire disgusting report in .pdf format:

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Sadly, there is nothing

Sadly, there is nothing reputable about the CRS. They are the ones who lied to Congress about the meaning of the phrase "natural born citizen" in our Constitution to keep Obama from being thrown out of office for being ineligible. They misquoted law, gave bad references in their report, and changed the fundamental meanings of rulings by leaving out key words and changing punctuation. They used dicta instead of actual rulings to make their case and redefined the meaning of the phrase from what the Founders intended. Basically, the CRS is there to reinforce and find legal means to excuse the unlawful actions of our Congress.

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