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$200 million in cash for Liberty? Here's what I'd do

I'm going to win tonight's $550MM #Powerball in the name of #Liberty Justice & the Constitution Here's why & what I'm gonna' do with it

The winner will end up with what? $200 million or so in cash? That's just enough for my plan.

But first, Why should I win?

Because I'm not going to squander the jackpot on useless and petty things. I'm not going to lavish upon myself with fancy cars and grandiose luxury homes and such.

No sir, that has been done to excess before and it accomplishes nothing for the greater good of anyone.

I should win tonight's jackpot because I would squander every single penny of it on the most noble of causes; Fighting Tyranny, Oppression, Economic Enslavement and the most epic undermining of Natural Rights in history.

That's why I should win.

So how would I accomplish this with a mere $200 million in cash?

I would start with a large land purchase in a remote part of the country. Initially around 10,000-20,000 acres or so and I would recruit every single homeless Vet (who wants to) in the country to come join me there.

At first, it would just be a large tent city with everything we need to survive trucked in. Food, water, supplies, building materials, farming equipment etc.

Total cost so far? About $15 million and that includes finding and busing in all the homeless and struggling Vets who want to come.

I would hire a team of Libertarian/Survivalist experts to help manage the initial planning and logistics of such an endeavor.

People like Joel Skousen etc who have spent a lifetime researching and educating people on getting off the grid and escaping the urbanization of America, via self sustainability.

People like Thomas E Woods and Lew Rockwell to help establish a cohesive and viable societal structure. Help shape and clarify the Libertarian/Utopian vision. To help write the road map to freedom if you will.

People like Adam Kokesh to help spread the message via non-MSM outlets, document our progress for the world to witness and help recruit productive members and supporters of the concept.

People like Judge Napolitano to come in from time to time and help settle the inevitable disputes.

Authors and liberty minded professors to speak, teach philosophy and help guide the community's moral compass.

After a few weeks of setting up the initial camp and getting everyone comfortable, we'd begin the process of building our own self sustaining and free Republic society.

This would include branches of Basic Infrastructure, Agriculture, Internal/External Economy Management, Resource Planning and a Local Government/Legal Liaison Commission and Security.

I'm pretty sure out of thousands of Veterans, we'd have plenty of experienced Engineers, Plumbers, Builders,Electricians, Farmers etc. I'd bring in who ever we need to do things we can't.

Once adequate short term housing was established (1-2 year shelf-life) for all families and participants, the primary focus of energy would be on Agriculture Development. Deciding which crops and where, building of significant greenhouse infrastructure, Housing and Grazing structure for Livestock etc.

In case you're wondering, yes, this would be an entirely GMO-Free and completely Organic environment. Also, this post would end up being encyclopedic in length if I chose to include every minute detail such as irrigation, potable water/waste discharge etc, so I'm leaving them out by choice.

Once the longer-term food supply was established and planted/acquired etc, we would establish appropriate community relations as a potential market for our excess food production.

As an ongoing side project from the beginning, I would also be developing an Agro/Eco/Wilderness Tourism business on the property, although this would probably be closer to the fringe of the property, rather than near the center, for various reasons.

So now we have a population, adequate temporary housing, food planted and being raised and a vision of the future. A future that is completely Libertarian minded, self sustaining and Republic oriented towards politics and wealth building.

Total cost so far? About $50-60 million, 18-24 months into it.

It would then be the time to focus on building more long term housing structures. Log Cabins, Dorm style housing for the more transient types, etc.

A restaurant, market, gym, pool, park, group based home-school, bank etc

Perhaps, now would be the time to focus on establishing and creating an internal/local currency as well. (Again, an extensive topic in and of itself)

With more permanent housing being established, long term plumbing/waste management systems would need to happen, however I have some very creative ideas about this. (saving for another time)

At this point, I would begin to be less involved in everything communal and let the experiment start to walk on it's own.

I would expect the members to start getting involved in local politics, including creating it's own municipal council, and becoming active in County and State politics.

As income from tourism, agricultural trade with neighbors, communities, co-ops etc increases and stabilizes, I would begin to give up parcels of the land in exchange for previously exerted 'Sweat Equity', with the end goal being that I no longer own a square inch of the initial 10,000 or so acres and that a new Free, Liberty loving and Independent community exists, in a place that was once an empty field.

About 3-4 years into this, $100 million has been spent and, of course, our community would still likely be surrounded by tyranny, mob rule and corruption, but over time, the message of Justice and Freedom from Slavery (economic and otherwise) would hopefully be emulated and embraced as people see the potential of a Brave New World from within.

Think of it as fighting cancer cells from the inside out.

A potential cure to political cancer, all for the price of around $100 million in cash. About the same as Obama or Romney on the campaign trail for one single month.

Oh, and the other $100 million still left? You'd probably find a lot of gold and silver buried all over that 10,000 acres. Yep.

The one caveat I left out is simply this. Every single member would be required to learn the constitution, study true American history and publicly sign a contract to adhere to all things this great country originally fought for in the War for Independence.

So wish me luck tonight.

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