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Ancient Aliens: Debunked (Video)

And I was just about to buy the DVD box set for Christmas. Oh well. Glad I didn't waste my money on a bunch of bologna...that I ate like candy on youtube. Pure high fructose (GM) corn syrup on steroids...not good for me, but I ate it quicker than a Big Mac in a drive thru after a late night.

I have to admit it, I thought that what I was told by the History Channel was real. There's a sucker born every minute, and I was one of them.

Ancient alien artworks, the Annuaki, crystal skulls, blah blah blah...all debunked in one video. It's easy to get fooled when one doesn't check the facts, and uses their heart instead of their brain to come to some kind of conclusion. I must admit it, I was duped.

I WAS WRONG! Too bad that politics can't be judged from a scientific point of view. All the American people get from Uncle Sugar Bucks is Political Science FICTION 101.


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I never took the show seriously.

Whenever I did watch it, it was purely for entertainment.

Seriously, the premise appears to be "I don't know, therefore ALIENS."

When there's something I can't explain, I consider other, more boring but more likely causes. For instance, I'm a Christian, but generally, ghost stories don't make me yell "DEMON!" When I hear about ghosts, I usually point out that it's probably a hallucination, an overactive imagination (the Slender Man creepypasta in particular is designed to play on this), or a frighteningly realistic dream.

There is some freaky crap out there that I can't explain, though, and I'm always open. I don't buy into the show at all, but I think it'd be awesome if aliens existed (assuming they don't have a violent dislike of humans).

The debunk guys also have an agenda

And it has to do with Christ and his teachings. Unfortunately Aliens doesn't fit into their narrative. I just have to say that everyone has to make up their own mind and decide what to believe but do it with eyes wide open! Don't get fooled by one group just because they are "debunking" another group with what seems like logical answers. These are the same guys that think that sleep paralysis is related to demons. Doesn't sound to different to me if not even weirder than ancient aliens.

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    Christ and the bible are the

    Christ and the bible are the biggest hoaxes known to man. Lets see them debunk those.

    What is funny about all this

    What is funny about all this is that neither side has proof of anything, is all based on interpretation. Just because one side or the other says it most be so, means nothing without more information. Most of it has been destroyed by the pass of time. To deny either side is ignorant. We may never find out exactly what happened, but the day we decide to stop asking questions because we think we already have the answer based on theory, we stop developing as human beings. Continue exploring, finding answers and asking more questions, that is the way to knowledge, and by default, freedom.

    Ron Paul for Freedom!!!

    Knowledge is the currency of the Universe.-
    Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

    Read my comment

    Ancient/Modern Aliens!

    I explain how it works in human physical nature.

    They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

    Love your reply

    I was writing mine and when I submitted I read yours. Your's is pretty much what I wanted to say.

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    Thanks. Haven't posted in a

    Thanks. Haven't posted in a while because people forget the ideals of the man this website is based on. He has never said "believe in me", he has said look and you will see what I am trying to tell you. We should always question and research.

    Knowledge is the currency of the Universe.-
    Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

    Love this subject

    It's hard to get any "footing" in this subject because, imo, we just don't know yet.

    Imagine if a civilization was 100, 1000, or even a million years older than our civilization. Don't you think they thought of things we can't even fathom yet? It's not science fiction simply because a "human can't think of it."

    Just my 2 Bernanke's.

    Lima-1, out.

    If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

    The problem is this.

    There is REAL anomaly out there such as anthropological findings around cultures surrounding the tin trade at the onset of the Bronze age such as trade routes all the way to North America from Egypt for example!

    These things do not fit into modern scientific theories that you learned at school.

    This nonsense such as "ancient aliens" uses the alien agenda to bury REAL anomalous data that certain entrenched interests do not want investigated as it would blow away much of what's today considered the lexicon of ancient history.

    But what about Martians? Are

    But what about Martians? Are they separate from aliens?

    Southern Agrarian

    Aliens are as real as

    earth shaking news from NASA. :-) LMAO

    Aliens are disproved by science yet science keeps looking for ways to prove them. Just like evolution.

    Hahahahahahahaha!!!! Tell me

    Hahahahahahahaha!!!! Tell me how life in other galaxies has been proven not to exist. We don't know what's out there. And evolution? I love you silly crazy people, lmao. You rely on science yet you bash it at the same time. I love how some people use science only when it's convenient for them and their own personal agenda.


    "I love how some people use science only when it's convenient for them and their own personal agenda" you mean like the evolutionists. Science is Science meaning HARD science .. but everyone interprets the facts differently.

    There are approx. 100 or so ways to derive the age of the earth and most of these ways come to the conclusion the earth is young.

    Like K-Ar dating perhaps?

    Like K-Ar dating perhaps? Hardly young. What other accurate forms of dating are you talking about? Nothing scientific. I'm glad you found humor in it though.


    Just because it can't be proven to not exist does it mean it does exist. We just haven't found evidence as such yet. I personally bet there are some other things out there we should consider "intelligent life" but odds of us coming into contact with them any time soon seems like slim odds.

    When he says disproven, he means the claimed evidence has been disproven.

    Eric Hoffer

    I agree with you.

    I agree with you.

    Ancient/Modern Aliens!!!


    Sorry, I have 'seen' aliens myself and I have spent the last 15 years figuring out what I 'saw' and it's not what you think.. well, actually it is.

    All of ancient knowledge derives from their perceived enhanced divine education. Well, there is a very plausible reason for this and I am happy to tell you that it is not publicly accepted knowledge nor is it published in any text book.

    Skull Elongation has long been a mystical practice of ancient civilizations. Many have been led to believe that this was a sure sign of higher existence having a direct interaction with human kind. This is not so. Skull Elongation provides the benefit of several things which will be naturally understood once I tell you. The Brain, and all of its substances, form from tissue. In the womb, the brain is forming tissue materials which will eventually develop into glands, etc.

    When the skull is elongated at birth, the cranium allows for larger tissue expansion which provides for larger gland growth. The Pineal Gland is the major culprit of this issue as it is solely responsible for the ability of intuition and dreaming.

    Having a larger pineal gland provides for larger doses of dream liquid, otherwise known commonly by the hallucinogenic DMT. A more active brain provides for more active knowledge and perception - which results in the ability of ancient technology.

    They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

    Watched the entire thing.

    Very interesting. I probably have a completely different perspective because I never even saw the History Channel's episode on ancient astronauts.

    I should point out that South Park did an episode about the History Channel last year. It was quite hilarious.

    Here's a 30 second trailer to give you some context on its' hilarity: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXJi3FBCpDc

    bigmikedude's picture

    Well they have some good points, and I didn't have time

    to watch the whole thing, but on a thorough scan of the video via the play line images, I didn't see any images of Puma Punku. Was there anything about it in there and at what time frame in the video?

    Debunk Puma Punku and I'll be satisfied. (Which I don't believe can be done.)

    If they can explain that and make me believe people 5000 to 10,000 years ago cut and drilled those stones in those interlocking configurations, to that accuracy and elaborate state, using other stones if it is 10,000 years old, or bronze hammers if the site is only 5,000 years old, and could do each of them fast enough in any real reasonable time frame that made it worth attempting to cut all of them, then I'll feel thoroughly "debunked'.

    Puma Punku:
    Images - http://www.google.com.au/search?q=puma+punku&hl=en&gbv=2&prm...

    Puma Punku

    is the first topic that he debunks. He convinced me totally that Von Daniken, Childress, Tsoulakis, et al. are full of it! Really Dude he easily debunks PP. Just watch the first 20 minutes.

    "Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!"- Homer Simpson

    Yea right! Puma Punku was not debunked.

    This debunker claims that they used ropes to pull the large megalithic rocks! And they rolled them on wooden rollers made out of tree trunks!

    Ha, ha, ha... that's ridiculous! I didn't believe that explanation in grade school and I surely don't accept that as a legitimate debunking of Ancient Aliens.

    Puma Punku was not debunked.

    I'm not going to argue

    I'm not going to argue whether or not Puma Punku has been debunked. I'm just curious to know why you think that the methods that you've described are so "ridiculous".

    Good Question

    Those monolithic rocks are immensely huge! Being a scrawny human being, I will never be able to fathom the amount of wgt and the force needed to move that kind of weight.

    How can one transport such huge monolithic stones on wooden tree trunk rollers? It's simply not possible. Sure, the rollers will make it easier than dragging; but there is STILL soooo much friction to overcome.

    20 Horses pulling ropes won't be able to drag that giant stone sculpture. Forget horses, 20 BMWs (that's real horsepower!) won't be able to drag those stones over wooden rollers. Not possible. How the heck were these cavemen able to do it?

    If you want to debunk Ancient Aliens, it's very easy. Replicate what the ancients did using the tools described by the debunkers. Replicate Puma Punku by getting a massive team of people to carve out those magnificent structures at the same quarry using copper chisels and roll them over wooden tree trunk rollers. Then and only then will I accept that Ancient Aliens is a hoax.

    No one in modern time can replicate their methods with such precision because it's simply not possible. The same is true regarding the Egyptian Pyramids, Macchu Piccu, the Mayan pyramids, and other megalithic structures around the world.

    You're right, it had to be UFOs.


    UFOs or no UFOs

    Aliens existing or not existing is not central to my argument.

    I can't accept the idea that copper tools for carving, and people or animals were dragging 130 metric ton megalithic stone structures from quarries all the way to these corresponding sites.

    How is that possible? And if so, why won't anyone duplicate it using these methods?

    There is no evidence presented that debunks the Alien theory. My beef is not so much regarding aliens. But moreover, the refusal to acknowledge advanced technology that clearly existed.

    Puma Punku completely debunked.

    Puma Punku debunked.

    Full version.

    November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
    "We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

    Puma Punku is covered, and

    Puma Punku is covered, and easily debunked...that was my big one too. Watch the full video, it's worth the time.

    Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

    Looks like you went from McDonalds to White Castle ....you duped

    Although good points are made Phillip Coppens also debunks the debunker and shows how he the debunked video just assumes fact..,

    “Ancient Aliens Debunked” is a YouTube released, 190 minutes long documentary by Chris White. In the documentary, he tackles 16 topics that in his opinion form the backbone of the Ancient Alien Hypothesis, which White claims he conclusively refutes, which in his opinion conclusively proves that the evidence presented in the series Ancient Aliens is factually incorrect and worse, he claims, sets out to deceive.
    He concludes: “The main thing I want to stress is that I’m not trying to suggest that, while Ancient Aliens got a few claims wrong, there’s room for truth in their main theory. That, in light of this information, is not a tenable position. You have just witnessed the unmistakable symptoms of the entire theory being wrong.”

    This is a heavy claim to make! In short, he argues that in his opinion the series has failed to show we were visited by ancient aliens and implies we should therefore forget all about it! So it is now up to television series to prove or disprove scientific theories? Wow! It’s a heavy burden to place on any television series! Far more importantly, it would leave the likes of Carl Sagan flabbergasted, as he felt there was good evidence to look into a number of ancient contact scenarios, especially the story of Oannes – which for some reason, White does not include in this documentary. Why?

    White continues: “I would ask you also to take a long, hard look at the authors, speakers and charismatic personalities that led you to believe some of the things that I hope you can now see are wrong. I hope that this helps you realize they are not as smart as they have led you to believe, and to consider what other untruths they may have taught you.”


    For Freedom!
    The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

    Joη's picture

    and Chris White has responded:


    I just read that, I never expected the ancient aliens guy to get beaten down that hard.

    Eric Hoffer