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Keep AntiWar.com Alive.

AntiWar.com appears to be trouble again. Consider shelling out a couple of bucks to keep this great site up and running. If you don't already visit this site daily, it's recommended by the good Doctor himself.

"For the first time in almost two decades, we are so far below our break-even point that we are at the edge of insolvency. The irony is that we have a bigger audience than ever before – and the need for Antiwar.com has never been greater."

"Your donation to Antiwar.com is tax-deductible, which means you have a choice: you can give your hard-earned dollars to the warmongers, or you can give it to the peacemakers. Please make your contribution today."


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It's the Obama - Effect

Anti-war was popular when Republicans were in the White House.

Ironic, isn't it?

I suggest they allow donors to put their party affiliations next to their donations, and see if they can get a competition going.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

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Yes. Even a small amount will help. . . as a token of

gratitude for the excellent journalistic work they are providing us. Liberty movement will thrive only if we keep ourselves informed and sharpen our skills to think critically. Antiwar.com offers such balanced news & articles that MSM can't & won't cover.

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"If every one of our daily readers donates just $5,

we'll far exceed our goal this quarter." says the antiwar.com.

*** BTW $5 per user/reader at DailyPaul would help alleviate Michael N's headache, too! ***

We owe it to ourselves to FUND and secure the longevity of what we value highly and cherish.