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I am looking to run for office in 2014 what should I do?

This election round I was a delegate went to the conventions And meetings. Now I would like to get a little deeper into it and maybe run in local office of some kind. Where should I start?
How do I campaign?
Where do I get money to campaign?
I live in a democrat town how can I over come that?
When should I start?

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Balance your checkbook and if you have..

..an extra 20 million dollars. Start by getting a $500 haircut.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

This is what I am doing

I also live in a Democratic Party controlled District, however, The elected Sheriff and DA are not only Republicans, but Oath Keepers.

Joining the GOP afforded me a committee seat because Republicans are ashamed to be Republicans. Ron Paul, Rand, and many of us remain in the GOP. We may have lost the nomination due to fraud, but this only makes us more destrmined to end the fraud by occupying the GOP and making it a party to be proud of again.

So first, you join the GOP. And many posters below have given you spot on advice about showing up to everything. This is not inexpensive, as partys, funraisers, participation in conventions, everything you've done as grassroots you can do with and in the GOP, and one way or another, you have to afford to go.. begin campaigning immediately, showing enthusiasm, willingness to sign loyalty oaths, chair sub committees, run for offices in the GOP, which offers classes, seminars, events for training one how to fundraise, campaign, lobby, (this can be for free, part of a convention or an event I've seen $350.00 charged.

Be generous with donations to organization you want support.. tea party, religious right, Chamber, local organizations, fire, police, education..

Show up to board meetings, city council meetings, party committee meetings and observe the rolls, learn who is who, learn who is doing what city, county, state, and make some feild trips to state capital, county clerk, city hall, visit facilities and find the person you want to replace. Somewhere in there is the "dream" possition.. I discovered that the elected job I would like the most is Board of Supervisiors, and I believe I can best the newly elected candidate. Thing is, I would have never known that it is a political position I would have considered until I began showing up and observing who is who and what is going on. You will make friends and find alloes and maybe this is the best part.

Especially being a Republican, because being a RepubliCAN at this time in our political history is taking on a mantal of shame one did not earn. It's heroic attempt.. because the majority of people are seduced and under the influence of MSM, they react to the word "Republican", some violently.. and you have to be able to speak up, "I'm a Republican." Which is shocking, even to Republicans. How can you deface yourself by revealing you belong to the party of shame? Because someone has to clean it up, and you need help.. are you willing to help?

I intend to have a GOP entry in the local parades.. I want to have a Restore America float, pass out monopoly money with end the fed message, have a anti-drone drill for peace, and have a NO UN yes, Constituion theme.. think that might wake some folks up? Folks talk about that.. and if it get's in the paper.. we're on our way to changing the hearts and monds of people about government's role, and what our part is.

GOOD LUCK and have fun with it!

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It's going to be a long haul. Have a source of independent

income to live on, while you pursue your political ideals.

So good to hear that you are willing to enter the "mud wrestling" ring ;-)

most local offices are non-partisan

so you shouldn't be too much concerned about party affiliation. You just need to appeal to the people in your community. Occasionally, you will see parties endorse a certain candidate but the party affiliation may not be on the ballot.

School Board

Meet parents/people, attend meetings, have a direct say in the educational system and on the record. Build coalitions, practice speaking in front of others, learn HOW to communicate with those who may not agree or understand at first. Get your name known and respected, then run for higher office. The network that you build while on school board may possibly help you in other political endeavours. Stay honest, stay firm, and promote Liberty.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Got a little taste of politics and want some more, eh?

It depends on what kind of power you wish to wield over your neighbors. Tell them whatever they want to hear, beg them to give you money, then go "compromise" with the snakes until you are one of them.
Or, run for Sheriff on the promise you will arrest traitors, just don't expect to survive the election.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Jettison all your principles

Jettison all your principles and start hanging out with rich people.

Oh, wait, that's what other politicians do. I would say study and smile.

Reach out

2014 is going to be the biggest year for liberty yet.

Money will buy you a fine dog, but only love can make it wag its tail. -Friedman

go door to door now and get

go door to door now and get emails. you will have to have thousands of emails and your whole district's emails and ask them if they would vote for you if you ran Republican. internet is not enough.

Here else is what you have to

Here else is what you have to do. You have to go to every Party meeting you can, meet everyone, volunteer for stuff, go to ALL their events and let everyone know you are serious. When election time comes go to as many events for voters that you possibly can, and speak at as many as want you to. Get lots of signs and people on your side. Tell everyone you are running. Canvas, hand out cards.....your name needs to be in everyone's mind.

Find out what districts you live in

and what elected positions there are for the various districts.

You might be able to find the info here:

You can find your Clerk here:

They will have a lot of information for you and can tell you how to file as a candidate, which positions will be up for election when, and other administrative info.

Hey thanks for the help.

Hey thanks for the help. After I file as a candidate what do I do?

Once you are officially a candidate

then you campaign.

You can create a website and set up social media pages.

You should also ask the clerk about the rules and procedures for accepting campaign contributions and expenditures.

If you are running as a Republican, I would highly recommend you to attend your local Republican meetings that are probably held every month. If you need to win a primary, you will have to win over the Republican voters who vote in every election and they are usually the ones to attend these meetings.

If you live close to Grand Rapids, you should see try to set up a meeting with Justin Amash and see if you can get any advice from him.

run as a democrat

and run on personal liberty.

Step by step

1. a pack of rabid dogs
2. new running shoes
3. the rest should come naturally

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.