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Vote David Seaman for Congress Florida's 23rd District 2014

Floridians, or anyone who is passionate about personal freedom and Constitutional rights, you should should look up David Seaman. He's running for congress in Florida's 23rd district in 2014 against Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and is definitely the right man for the job.

Seaman is running on free internet and Constitutional rights platform and is staunchly opposed to laws like NDAA which infringe upon our rights and inhumane acts like predator done strikes in foreign countries which kill innocent civilians. He's intelligent, dedicated, and is completely free of bullshit; something which is very rare in politics these days.

If you live in Florida, or just want to help by checking out David Seaman's campaign and spreading the word, please visit his campaign website, Facebook page, or follow him on Twitter.

Every vote counts, and it only takes a moment to make a Facebook post or tweet. We'd truly appreciate anything you can do to help.

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Powerful David Seaman.

Powerful David Seaman.