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Mossad Minute: Anonymous Hacks DEBKA.com Over Direct Ties to Mossad, Israel

Bob Tuskin presents the Mossad Minute. The Mossad Minute is a daily one minute breaking news alert specifically covering and exposing the Mossad.

By Alex Thomas
November 28, 2012

According to numerous posts claiming to originate from Anonymous, the Israeli based news agency Debkafile has been hacked by the hactivist group.

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Debkafile makes National

Debkafile makes National Enquirer look credible and respectable.

I think this news about the hacking is just a desperate way fore Debka to get some attention and maybe increase their credibility.
As usual, something controversial about Iran, Syria or Bin Laden will surface. Bust rest assure, whatever will be, will support the US Government story, some how those Anonymous guys never get their hands on something incriminating, like "Fast and Furious" stuff...thos brilliant hackers get only useless gossip, hidden propaganda from the State.