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Senate defeats governors sneaky attempt to ban assault weapons

Senate defeats governors sneaky attempt to ban assault weapons

Illinois Senate Defeats Governor’s Sneaky Attempt to Ban Assault Weapons

Kurt Nimmo
November 29, 2012

In Obama’s home state, Illinois, governor Pat Quinn attempted to circumvent the legislature and impose an assault weapons ban on Wednesday. State Sen. Dave Luechtefeld, a Republican from Okawville, led an override that defeated the governor.

Illinois Democrat governor Pat Quinn:

“Today is a good day for the Second Amendment in Illinois. We have scored a victory against short-sighted Chicago anti-gun policies,” Luechtefeld said, the Illinois Review reported on Wednesday. “The Governor overstepped his reach when he decided to rewrite this Senate bill and impose an assault weapons ban without the measure first being heard by the legislature.”

Read more: http://www.infowars.com/illinois-senate-defeats-governors-sn...

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why is a Semi-auto rifle a "assault weapon"

is this a Assault stapler...

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