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How to Play Poker (and Gamble) in the U.S.

Warning! The government probably doesn't want you to know this, which means you should probably know it.

You are now re-freed to play poker online for money.

Playing poker online and other forms of gambling exploded in popularity as Internet usage did in the late 90s. But, unfortunately, since the U.S. government doesn't approve such behavior laws and actions were quickly introduced to squash the activity.

The Obama Administration successfully stamped out online poker and gambling on leading sites like Pokerstars which hosted wildly popular games like no limit Texas Hold 'em. They did this by preventing U.S. players moving any money by credit card or bank account to any gambling site, whether in the U.S. or not.

That has now been remedied. You can play poker (and do other gambling) now anonymously for money using Bitcoin. The leading Bitcoin poker site is growing in popularity, and as of this post has 93 players online at 11 tables.

How to start playing poker in less than one hour:

1. Create a free wallet at (or download and install wallet software from
2. Go to and in the 'Pay From' field select 'Cash deposit', and in the 'Pay to' field select 'Bitcoin Address'.
3. Fill in your bitcoin address you generate from (or your computer bitcoin wallet), enter the amount of USD you want to deposit, and the other information.
4. Click 'Send Funds' and follow the instructions
5. You should have your bitcoins in about 30 minutes!
6. Go to and create a free account in 30 seconds using no identifying information to start playing!

Please note there are other ways to buy bitcoins, including for less fees, such as using Read more here. Also note bitcoins are not inherently anonymous to use. Read more here.

Remember to play responsibly! You are completely responsible for your own actions - as it should be ;)

Lastly... F#@! the Federal Reserve System and F@#$ the Nanny State!

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PurePlay offers free play for real cash.

You can even win $10,000 or an entry to the WSOP without spending a dime.

Thanks for the tip! is really clever :)

So it looks like what they've done is structure the poker as a sweepstakes, in order to pay out the $100,000 per month in cash prizes.

However, to be a sweepstakes you have to comply with those laws which means there can't be any "consideration" required to enter the sweepstakes. I actually studied this topic before. So PurePlay complies by offering free entry by postcard to the same tournaments, which means you should be able to win without doing anything else too.

bump for info

bump for info