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Palestine is recognized as a state.

UN General Assembly votes 138 for, 9 against, 41 abstain. Palestine is recognized as a state!

Thanks to RonPaul2012Supoorter for this video:


Note how outnumbered the US lackeys were. I hope they are ashamed, I am ashamed of them.

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What is your PERSONAL, INDIVIDUAL interest in Palestine or with regards to Palestineans?

Hoping you can elaborate.

Black day for Israel

This vote should never have happened. Any leader with half a brain would have acted LONG prior to this event.

The Likudist ass-clown Netanyahu was too busy trying to buy the U.S. election and SHOULD have been taking care of his own backyard.

With this idiot in power, Israelis may as well leap into the Mediterranean and be done with it. They wasted so much capital and effort on promoting an Iran invasion; they gambled and lost.

Better Israeli leaders of the past would never have let it come to this. I hope this breaks the hold of the Likudists.

That being said, good on the Palestinians for achieving something in a peaceful manner. Nothing else has worked, perhaps this will. With the Israeli elections not far off, it may be good timing.

Netanyahu is done. Buy U.S. election: FAIL Promote war with Iran: FAIL Prevent unilateral Palestinian statehood: FAIL

Absolute incompetence. (Besides the obvious moral implications)

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Would someone kindly enlighten me on what a Likudist is?

That term is not defined in Wikipedia. (?)


Is basically a right wing Israeli following along the same lines as the Neo-Cons here in America.

Because there are so many parties in Israel, it is easier to define a neo-con by Likudist, in my opinion.

Someone forgot to tell Bibi Neo-Conservatism is dead, but he's still livin the dream.

Look up "Likud". "Likudist"

Look up "Likud". "Likudist" is a coined term.


Your level of sencerity and honesty in the post is awesome.

What was your main source in upbringing - Koran, PressTV or other youtube clips?

The koran?

What does my opinion that Netanyahu is by far the worst leader that Israel has ever had have to do with the koran or press tv?

Your argument doesn't even make sense.

I think Netanyahu and his Likud party of bungling idiots is endangering the future of Israel.

Don't agree? Then argue on point. Personal cheap shots (lame ones at that) are the refuge of the idiot. You can do better!

He tried stopping this many

He tried stopping this many time with the constant threat if they apply for this recognition it will cease peace talks.

Bibi never wants to talk peace anyway so his own actions destroyed his last carrot/stick proposition.

I agree 100%

If he were to even think about signing any peace deal he would be run out of the Knesset so fast the ink would not yet be dry.

So instead he continues to power monger with right wing and settler factions rather than doing the right thing and stepping down.

Avigdor Lieberman would be a much better leader, IMO. At least you know where he stands. Netanyahu is spineless and flutters whichever way the wind blows.

Pfft... f**k the UN

Seriously when did we start giving two sh*ts about what the UN does?

To me, this political theater

To me, this political theater is done PURELY to instigate a big war in the Middle East and use that war as the scapegoat for the coming/inevitable global economic collapse.

The people inside the U.N. don't care about the Palestinians or the Israelis (or anybody else for that matter)... All they care about is exploiting the coming economic breakdown and using that crisis to con the world and create a world government. Period.

Actually the PLO has been

Actually the PLO has been working very hard for the past 5 years, going from state to state securing recognition.

This vote was supposed to happen last year because they knew they had enough support to attain recognition but was shelved for a full bid for statehood. That bid had great support with only 2 countries in the Security Council rejecting. We already know which 2 countries that was.

To be fully accepted as a "state" it must be approved by the security council.
Every year, random countries throughout the world get the FULL "State" status, but every year the Palestinians are rejected and vetoed. Its sad this continues but at least today they had a small victory.

This non-member observer status only needs majority support from all of the countries.
There is ONE MAJOR significant change from this. Now Palestine can press charges for War Crimes and Human Rights violations on their own, before another country would have to do it on their behalf.

Look up the Youtube video of the 20th anniversary of East German

It will bubble right up to the top. IT's amusing to clearly see Yassir Arafat sitting immediately next to Erich Honeker, the secretary general of the East German communist party, at the parade in East Berlin celebrating the twentieth anniversary of East Germany.


He took the help he could

He took the help he could get. Just like fdr did in ww 2.

So now we look to FDR as a model?

Really? Do you even know what you are saying sometimes?

"My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge." - Hosea 4:6.

You mean

Now Abbas can be brought before Hague if he behaves as Hamas? Good.
Using civilians as a human shield is a war crime.

I agree. IMO it centers

I agree. IMO it centers around Iran. In Dec 2002 the US claimed Iran was trying to make nuclear weapons... that was a year after Bush declared Iran to be part of the axis of evil.

Here's a question: How much time do you give your stated enemy to actually make nuclear weapons after you claim to know they are trying?

Everyone I have asked that to said 4 to 6 years, not 10.

It's been 10 years because they are waiting for something. My guess is that they are waiting until the point of no return for the economy, when they know the big crash is imminent. At that point the war will begin, Iran will be attacked... then the economy will crash & the politicians will then blame this next crash on Iran... and anger against Iran for the crash will be used to fuel the fire for war. Politicians in other countries will probably do the same, some of them even directing the anger against US.


Hmmmm. Israel refuses to

Hmmmm. Israel refuses to recognize Palestine's right to exist. Is anyone surprised? Why doesn't the media EVER ask Israel's leaders this question?

Have you

ever read political chapters adopted by Fatah and Hamas on the issue?
If not, why to display ignorance. If you have, why lie?

because the Zionists...

own the media

Screw the UN....

Screw the UN....

The Point is..

Humanity is beating Zio nism at it's own game. That's a cause for hope. It was wonderful to see all the cheering that went up from the assembly after the results were read, and very revealing to see the lizard like look of disdain on the face of the Israeli delegate. Unfortunately Canada was one of the nine.

So all of a sudden everyone

So all of a sudden everyone here loves the UN?

f the UN!

But the reality of the situation is that the voice of the UN carries a lot of weight. This is considered a major loss for the nationalists, but I fear that they will do everything in their power to usurp this development. And even more people will die.


as well????????...

Originally Israel was given the land by the UN and now the UN is taking it away?

Israel has a right to defend itself, this is making things very complicated imo.


That is not what happened in

That is not what happened in 1948. Don't confuse history with your own fantasy.

that's not what happened

The Russian zionists in conjunction with Zionist Baron Rothschild in England forced the British to deem "their" colony in Palestine as the "jewish homeland" in the very early 1900's (see Balfour Declaration). England spent millions of dollars moving the Russian jews to Palestine, where they created settlements like Tel Hai to begin the expansion of the jewish state to the sea, as called for by the Zionist manifesto. Eventually, the Palestinians got pissed to the point where they raided Tel Hai and thus sparked the first armed incident in the Israeli-Arab conflict. Militant Zionists groups like Betar (considered terrorists at the time) arose to power and spawned several political parties over the years (including Likud) which are still in power today.

All this happened WAY before the UN even existed. All this madness over religion. It's obvious who started this, though. I just wish that we weren't involved in it in any way.

No sir, Israel was granted

No sir, Israel was granted about half of Palestine, then it took about half of the rest by the end of the 48 war. Then Israel occupied the remaining portion in 67. The UN has ruled repeatedly that Israel's occupation is illegal. In fact, Israel's membership in the UN is conditional on its granting the Palestinians the right of return!

Palestine has a right to defend itself. An illegal occupier and Jewish only colonizer should not be surprised when the oppressed want to kill their oppressors.

The Most Improtant Fact

"In fact, Israel's membership in the UN is conditional on its granting the Palestinians the right of return!"

100% True and Valid to this day.

I have never heard this - Thanks

If this is true as you say I can understand your comments.

In this case, Israel should opt out/secede or whatever you want to call it from the UN imo.

I think America would follow suit along with the UK and Canada and Australia, etc.