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McDonalds Workers Stage Walkout, Demand $15 an Hour in Pay

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McDonald will pay more WHEN they cannot get an adequate

supply of workers at the current wage. Not one second before. And thats the way it should be.

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+1. Obviously

+1. Obviously. That's the best one can wish to any enterprise.

Anything else is a game of rigging.

And no one who really understands money, a portable fraction of one's earned wealth, would want to be part of that.

Would they, Mr. ObaMARX ?

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Manufacturing Jobs Replaced with McJobs

The blue collar skilled men and women who built the country and formed the core of the middle class have been sold out over time. The only option for many is a McJob in the service industry.

Short term corporate gains and cronyism drove outsourcing at the expense of long term economic health for the nation. At the same time that wages have been frozen the dollar's purchasing power has been eroded. Dr. Paul calls it the inflation tax.

These people can't articulate it but they are being pinched by economic policy... McDonalds is taking advantage of it as any profit driven entity would. Their employees have the right to speech, a strike is free speech. The labor market will decide who prevails.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

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I digress, but they were/are considering outsourcing

I found this fascinating, but I was working with some folks who were looking into outsourcing a lot of the non-hands on jobs overseas. Essentially when you placed your order at the drive through or kiosk, the agent would be a low cost worker from India taking the order remotely. You could do this with the order kiosks in store too.

Then the local employees would prepare and deliver food. And do the cleaning and what not.

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what is correct and what is wrong with the following claim

Probably the biggest issue i have with the liberty movement is their disregard for labour unions. I first have to know for myself, why unions are good before i can convince anyone else.

Here goes.

If i buy coffee in the open market for x amount of dollars. Lets say, at best, very few middlemen entered the transaction and i got the coffee for a fair price. THAT'S THE GOING PRICE FOR COFFEE. That is how much the 'market' will sell the coffee to me. The 'Market' being the producers, transporters and distributors.

Unions say, hello, here is the price of labour, x amount of dollars. I know, i know, employers would like to set the price of labour. Heck, I would like to set the price of coffee, if I could.

We'll say, at best very few middlemen entered the transaction and the employer got the labour at a fair price. THAT'S THE GOING PRICE FOR LABOUR. That is how much the 'market' will sell the labour to the employer.

Why is it okay for employers, businesses, entrepreneurs, investment bankers, stockbrokers, producers, distributors, political parties, mass movements etc.., to organize but it is not okay for labour to organize?

a "meal" at mickey d's

is already too expensive.
my money will be better spent at any one of the 250,000 diners my area.

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It is McDonalds ..over 100 quadrillion served :P

They can afford it and if people want to collectively bargain for better working conditions in the private sector....so be it.

McDonalds is loaded they can afford it. They have been milking it for some time including being a huge coke cola sponsor.

Besides did not McDonalds get bailouts?


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Who cares if they can afford it?

Is it our place to tell a company how to spend their money simply because they can afford it?

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Not our place

They can fire everyone and move to China for all I care. Someone else would fill the void if any.

I was just making an observation that they are not hurting for money.


Yes, they did receive SECRET

Yes, they did receive SECRET BAILOUTS FROM THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM....and we didn't know about it until the fed had that ultra-light audit, thanks to our efforts.

McDonalds should be seen as the bad guy here, not these workers, who have not had the opportunity to take a class in political economy. No matter how much I think the minimum wage is one of the worst ways of addressing this problem, I am on the demonstrators side of this just to offset the evil of McDonalds fascism.

You wanna strike? Congrats, you're fired.

I love how that second guy is wearing expensive clothes and he's got his bling on, talking about how he can't raise his kids on $7.25 an hour. Hey pal, here's an idea: shop at Goodwill, stop having kids, and realize that it's not your employer's responsibility to provide for your kids. His job is to feed me hamburgers, your job is to make them. Be happy you have a job at all.

A guy in the video made a

A guy in the video made a comment of having the job + food stamps. I have heard this story for Walmart employees as well. This goes against the prejudice against ´food stamp´ people. I think this is just a dividing issue to keep Dems and Reps discussing while there are bigger forces at work underneath.

In this case the government is subsidizing - let´s say - McDonalds by providing food stamps to their employees. If there was a free market this would eventually break since its unsustainable.


Spot on.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

Good luck with that.


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This common misunderstanding..

I see people on here attributing this to 'free market'. To them, I say no. This strike has nothing to do with free market. To eliminate government regulation, a free market replaces such control with consumer responsibility.

A much better story would be 'Thousands boycott McDonalds, Demand #15/hour pay for employees.' Unskilled labor (ie. burger flipping) is easily replaced, but consumers can't be forced to buy the product [unless it's healthcare ^_^]

I worked at Micky Dees

from the time I was 15-17 and I made $4.25 and loved it!

I guess you worked there some

I guess you worked there some time during the 1990s. Back then, gas was only $0.90 to $1.25 a gallon. So you got a gallon of gasoline for roughly 15 minutes of work. In relation to gas prices today, $15 an hour is actually about a dollar an hour short to the standards of the time between 1994-1999, since a gallon of gas is now about $4.

Remember that national hiring day McDonalds had in April 2011?

The received over 1,000,000 applications in 1 day. 20 applications for every position they were seeking to fill. The easy to replace unskilled laborer doesn't have much leverage when negotiating a wage. If you want a better wage then acquire a marketable skill.

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+1. In other words :

+1. In other words :

The market's Supply-Demand laws.

It took me 17 years straight of quasi non stop work**, in a row, to acquire my current compensation level. And I STILL don't take it for granted.

The market DECIDES.

Did I have rich parents ? No (lower middle class)

Did I graduate from college ? Not even.

Did I read TONS of books as a self-taught ? A hell of a yes. (since my mid-teenage, roughly)

Did I spend HUNDREDS of nights coding TO EARN MY SKILLS without anyone asking, instead of watching TV or sleeping ? A hell of a yes.

Did I compete with candidates or my peers at future or current employers ? A hell of a yes. STILL DO.

Do I have research and business ideas of my own for the future when I'm freed from employers ? SURE DO.

Hard work. Question. Dare. Try and fail. Try and succeed. Prove yourself. Then ... LOOP AND REPEAT.

This worked on this end. And I'm not even in rocket science.

Now I sustain 7 people who reward me back by being a great family when I get back from work.

Even under ObaMARX : I'm living my American dream.

And I'm REALLY no genius.


** longest time unemployed so far, since 1995 : 2 and half months. After quitting my 8th employer and before joining the 9th. Never got any unemployment check on either CONTINENTS (Europe, America).

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

You rock dude.

You sound a lot like me. ... I love the work ethic on this site. Funny thing about RP supporters, huh? ;)

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Well, thank you for the compliment. :)

Well, thank you for the compliment. :)

I was just bragging ... about how much sweat and heart I DID have to spend to stay afloat and well. ;p

More seriously. I'm not surprised either that you can relate.

We, the people on this website, all of us not just behind a great, simple and honest man, but behind GREAT FOUNDATIONS first and foremost : We are THE FREE. And we will remain so.


The rest of our lives story is only the devil's details of one's own fortunes or misfortunes TO STAY FREE.

So, I'm sure very glad you feel great too. ;)

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

I once worked for Mcy

I once worked for Mcy D's...as a manager in training fresh out of college with my degree. I was offered a salary that paid about $33,000 a year...plus healthcare coverage.

I basically did some simple math and found out that being a salaried worker was not worth it because the hours were ridiculous...55 hours a week worked out to be about $11.50 an hour at best.

So I moved on, and opened my own business. I built a better burger.

Get a better job, or build a better burger.

If I paid my employees $15 an hour, I wouldn't be in business because working 60 hours a week for $35K a year isn't worth it to me.

But I do think that McDonald's can afford to pay their employees more. $10 an hour is reasonable to me.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.


I don't blame them.

ie. to keep their peace for the the questionable food served there.

Good for them.


I'm guessing..

..the union rep is the Hamburglar.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

Of course.

McDonald's is going to have to pay now.


McDonald's will automate more costing hundreds of thousands of people their jobs.
I have never understood why they didn't do it already.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

2 Issues At Play, 3 Actually

1) That company (and many other companies) may run operations so tight that they cannot adjust reasonably to give higher wages to their employees, or store it up for a rainy day incase finances take a bad turn. Not saying McD does this, per se, but it is possible. A company's goal has usually been to maximize returns to the shareholders.

2) Employees are not adequately recognized as wanting to get ahead in life or just make a living wage. In my view, you could get away with giving high school students a low wage since they're likely part-time workers with no children. But if someone is working full-time, they're spending it mostly with that company and need to be paid a livable wage that reflects their time commitment.

3) Federal and state minimum wage requirements have stolen the employee's negotiating power from the workers. In an effort to make sure they get the money they need, the government has unintentionally provided a lazy template for companies to follow, a wage floor. So employers know what to expect and keep wages around that area, and therefore don't have to negotiate with each employee what is truly acceptable to them. Over time, employees have become conditioned not to expect much of a negotiation; it's just a formality when they see the expected wage on the job application. In bad economies, they also are seen as expendable, and often settle for whatever they can get. (Better a bird in hand, right?)

So for the striking workers, I say get it if you can, but be prepared to move on somewhere else because you will likely be replaced. But the major victory will be in asserting your right to be compensated for your time. But an even wiser mass-uprising would have each individual knowing their own worth and their own individual needs, and negotiating according to those needs and strengths for every job.

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Good for the workers, free market at its best.

We have inflation, pay must go up. The workers have every right to protest and McDonalds should pay them or go out of business. Free Markets at work. If Mcdonald's should go out of business, 30,000 new small businesses would evolve at much higher pay for the owners and workers. Take that NWO.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

You've got some common misconceptions, a lot of people have.
1. Free markets work best when there are no unemployment laws or minimum wage laws or any of the million other laws interfering with McDonald's management of the business.

2. The free market works when employees are free to leave if they can't get management to see it their way.

3. Private property is violated when laws allow union thugs on a property to get pledge cards signed without the uncoerced permission of the property owner. Violation of private property rights isn't free markets.

3. In a laissez-faire free market, wages go up when unemployment is low, not when crooked politicians pass legislation allowing thugs to force concessions damaging the business. Conversely, wages go down when unemployment is high, to follow the economic rules of supply and demand.

4. If the workers don't like an employer, they can get together, raise capital and start a new business. That's the free market.

Maybe you don't know this, Apple. If McDonald's goes under, 50 million kids don't get a high fat, high protein meal when Mom only has 3 bucks and doesn't feel like cooking. I remember newspaper articles back in the 60's about Japanese kids being a foot taller than Mom and Dad because Junior started eating Big Macs. Big and strong doesn't come from sushi and rice washed down with pomegranate juice.

You should know that if Ronald McDonald takes a dirt nap, it could take years for the fast food restaurant industry and the invisible hand to fully replace the loss. 1 million, seven hundred thousand individuals, mostly low skilled workers, will be out of work. Your advocacy of this is a great example of the "Broken Window Theory", which has been widely panned.

You know McDonald's hires and trains the most handicapped and retired workers of any company in the world. (My Dad worked there when he was 82, to be productive and sociable) What about them?

And what about Ronald McDonald Charities? They put up 257 million dollars per year in lodging for the families of cancer kids so they can be with their children at a time of terrible crisis. I know you can't possibly have a problem with that.
They gave 500 g's for kids in the recent hurricane and every time I turn around they are giving and helping people in need.

Additionally, there are currently 43 Ronald McDonald's Mobile Care clinics in 6 countries offering affordable health care for children in their own neighborhoods. The program serves more than 100,000 children a year, and saves families in the U.S. $10 million in medical and dental costs each year. How about the 44 million dollars in scholarships.

-and grrrrr, keep away from my french fries;)

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

5. If the workers don't like an employer,

they can get together, and do exactly what they are doing- ask for more money.

There is nothing wrong with asking for more money. They may or may not get it.