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Marijuana: TSA says flying between Colorado and Washington with herb will be okay...sort of

According to the Transportation Security Administration, if medical marijuana patients' paperwork checks out, they can board a flight with meds in tow as long as they are headed to a medical marijuana state that honors Colorado red cards. So...now that voters in Washington and Colorado have legalized small amounts of marijuana for adults over 21, does that mean you'll be able to fly between those states with your stash? Yes and no.

We posed our question to TSA spokesman David Castelveter earlier this week, and the response we received is somewhat ambiguous. Basically, Castelveter told us that looking for marijuana isn't a priority for TSA agents. In fact, he revealed that the TSA doesn't search specifically for drugs at all. But if marijuana is found during a screening, agents will refer the matter to local law enforcement -- who may care a lot more than the TSA does.

That's basically the same line we were given in 2010 by regional TSA spokeswoman Carrie Harmon. Back then, she confirmed that the TSA was allowing medical marijuana patients to go through security, and even added that passengers can transfer planes in non-medical marijuana states with herb in tow so long as their final destination is a medical marijuana state that accepts your card and you don't leave the secured gate area. States that allow medical marijuana reciprocity are Maine, Michigan, Montana, Rhode Island and Arizona.

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What about HI?

I was surprised recently when a friend said he took his stash w/ him on the plane w/ no problem going from Seattle to Hawaii.

Big bump

Thank you MMJ for all the good work educating folks bringing the info.

Posting on Twitter right away.

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