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The colorful history of Neil & Linden Blue the makers of reaper & predator drones

Reaper and Predator drones are manufactured by General Atomics ASI.

GA-ASI was bought for $60m and is now co-owned by Neil and Linden Blue.

The brothers have a colorful past in Central & South America.


"The Blues’ inevitable ascent within the aviation industry dovetailed with a developing hatred for communism. Eventually the brothers set up shop in Nicaragua, running a cocoa and banana plantation with the family of former President Anastasio Somoza, the notorious dictator who was overthrown by the Sandinista Liberation Front, the socialist party that prompted the Reagan administration to illegally funnel weapons to the Contras.

So it was an urge to help their friends fend off freedom fighters in Central America that had the Blues first warming up to drones. “You could launch them from behind the line of sight,” said Neal, figuring that light aircraft could be used to destroy Sandinistan oil pipelines. “You would have total deniability.” "

Linden Blue was intercepted flying over Cuba shortly before the Bay of Pigs


How much do General Atomics make on each $36m Predator or Reaper drone?
China is manufacturing more or less the same thing for $1m.

Were the Blue brothers recruited by the CIA in Nicaragua to combat the Sandinasta's?
There is no doubt they would have been useful assets - American pilots are not 2 a penny in Nicaragua and they had their prototype drones.

How did the Blue brothers raise the money to buy General Atomics?
The Blue brothers were not independently wealthy.
Did the CIA put up the $60m?

A picture of Linden Blue (on the right).
You might recognize the person on the left.

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