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Jimmy Carter SLAMS Netanyahu, Obama DRONE policy, civil liberty violations

Now I do know Jimmy Carter had to be an insider of NWO...otherwise he wouldn't have gotten to where he did.

Having said that, considering the curse of Bush family-Clinton-Obama after his time, I would rather have this 88 year old man go on talking more like this:


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Source this please

"Case in point, after Reagan took office, Carter worked hard behind the scenes to make sure the Americans who had been held hostage by Iran were prohibited from suing Iran for damages."

I think it's nonsense, but let's see.

I should have said "after Reagan was ELECTED, Carter worked

behind the scenes to make sure the Americans who had been held hostage by Iran were prohibited from suing Iran for damages."

"The Algiers Accords was the deal between Iran and the Carter administration that freed the hostages, and included a clause preventing the hostages from suing the Iranian regime."

With Carter's allegiance to Muslim states so strong, it's no wonder that they have been bankrolling him for decades.The man is bought and paid for.


Concession to get them out? To avert total war? Just say Carter sent in a SEAL team... well we know what happens when that happens.

In a fairly recent interview

In a fairly recent interview with either Time and Newsweek, Jimmy said that in reality, the American president is not nearly as powerful as people think. He actually said the Fed chairman is much more powerful! And of course, he said Israel is headed for apartheid. I think his fear of being called an anti Semite keeps him from saying it is an apartheid state now! How else can one describe an illegal occupier that creates Jewish ONLY colonies on occupied land?

Failed President imo

He is to be thanked for his military service and charity work but that is about it.

Foreign Policy is something he should not be focusing upon imo.


No fool

Like an old fool. The man was a lousy president. Fema and the dept of education are just a few of his creations.

dave anderson


Couple years ago mostly everyone did not have a favorable impression of Carter


Any weapon is good

as long as we can hurt the Jew the thumbs down indicate.

The Worst President Since Honesty Became Political Suicide

Carter first got the bum deal from Republicans during the Reagan era after everyone said it was Reagan to thank for getting the hostages out of Iran the day Reagan was inaugurated. In fact, it was Carter, working till the very last moment that got them out alive. He has even said he could have very easily have authorized the destruction of large areas of Iran (presumably with nuclear weapons) in retaliation to the embassy attacks, but he knew it wouldn't bring anyone back alive any way. So he is not a nutcase like many politicians. Most would likely have to be talked out of this option or agreeably into it for a considerable period of time without being able to come to a consensus on what to do. (Those are lawyers for you)

Next, the malaise speech, which everyone knows about, whereas Carter basically just told everyone the truth they didn't want to hear, got him into hot water with the media and their parent corporations. Basically, Carter told everyone that human greed was taking over the United States. And, well, guess what? It was.

Next, Carter knew that energy independence was the only way to get out of the Middle East. He had classified knowledge of the US strategy for the Middle East and why, even until this day, we have boots on the ground there. He understands why we are bribing the hell out of everyone there and propping up Israel. So, what did he do? He advocated alternative energy about 30 years before anyone started taking it seriously. People all over the country laughed and scoffed when they learned about Carter's "crazy ideas" to power houses and cars with solar panels. Now, if you are building a new house, and have the money, putting a few solar panels on the building are considered a good investment. Every day, auto magazines talk about the car of the future being made out of a giant battery material with storage capacity under the wheel wells. Now crazy Carter doesn't seem so crazy. In fact, he was a nuclear-friggin physicist.

Carter's Loss to Ronald Reagan

Carter was a great public speaker and a great orator, but not as great as Ronald Reagan, who had done it professionally, as an actor, for decades prior to the Carter/Reagan debates. Reagan mopped the floor with Carter with one-liners and jibes here and there, and even by joking about himself. This made the incumbent President Carter seem serious, stern, and by this point inept to control the economy or foreign affairs. Neither were true. Carter was simply the president, while Reagan had minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months to prep for these debates as a professional actor. This is not to say that Reagan was a bad president either, but who was more charismatic on television, who had the more soft spoken voice, who was the big charmer? Well, Reagan. And to be honest with you, Carter's appeal to intellectualism doesn't hold water to American voters like Reagan's appeal to nationalism or Kennedy's appeal to emotion. It just doesn't jive.

In many cases, Carter was the first technocratic president. By far, he is the most open-ended and active of all the former presidents hands down. Interestingly,

1. Look at pictures when all the ex-presidents get together. Carter usually stands away from them in the shots.

2. Notice in a recent video that Carter walked right past Bill Clinton when Clinton outstretched his hand to give Carter a handshake and proceeded directly into the next room.

3. The Bush administration was furious when Carter went to the Middle East to try to broker peace agreements on behalf of the United States without State Department approval.

4. Even this year, Carter claimed that a lot of racism was coming out in the presidential election. Bill Clinton initially looked like he didn't want to deal with the question, but went on to say that while it's probably true, the Democrats can't campaign on an anti-racist platform by accusing the Republican Party of being racist. So the political climate was not a good time to address racism, even if it is real and not perceived.

5. Carter declassified, during Israel's incursion into Lebanon, during the Bush administration, that Israel had a stockpile of 200 nuclear warheads by the time he was president. He did not elaborate on how these weapons were created or received, but he seemed to infer that by the time he was president that the United States may have violated the non-nuclear proliferation treaty. Carter was instantly criticized that he was starting an arms race in the region. The reality is that the invasion of Iraq already created the arms race, and American defense contracting companies are subsidizing it.

A confluence of events made Carter lose the election, but as for his reputation, he really doesn't give a cr*p what people think about HIM - as he has said he is not running the world. You must watch Man from Plains to understand more about Carter. It is a great documentary and hard to find. Now, Carter may not have been the best or the greatest, but he usually tells it how it is, and with a big smile on his face. Now that is why he is feared by the Democrats and despised by Republicans. The Republican dream that all social programs are a failure is just that - a dream. They do, in fact, work, when the treasury isn't constantly raided. The Democrat dream that they can continue a benign world empire that will have no human rights repercussions and still claim to represent the Middle Class is also bizarre, and Carter challenges it flat on its face.

Carter worries, internally, about his speeches being edited and taken out of context. During his book tour for Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, many journalists identified him as anti-semetic, controversial, and outside of the mainstream. He knew this and pressed on, with little to gain by doing so. He wanted to give a speech at a university but was denied at the time. He was taken aback by this and very disappointed, to the point that he conveyed this disappointment to his wife.

To really understand how much Carter cares about this country, and world peace, you really need to watch Man from Plains. He has spent every moment since he lost his re-election bid to try to have a hand in bringing a permanent peace in the region. You will learn how the Camp David accords ultimately became successful...

Carter was a diplomat. Statesmen who are that good usually become them, irregardless of what office they hold. And, historically, politicians are sent overseas to represent the United States when they represent too much of a political risk to the inside establishment from both parties. This says a lot about Carter meddling in U.S. foreign policy, because, ultimately, he has a good idea of what it has been and where it is going -- the classified version.

Go watch and learn and you will quickly find the stories you've heard about Carter being a lousy know-it-all who tanked the economy are just sour grapes from members of both parties who didn't have the balls to tell people the truth or admit they don't have much control over economic trends either:


Except as Carter has pointed

Except as Carter has pointed out, Israel NEVER fulfilled its committments to the Palestinians in the Camp David Accords. The media NEVER addresses this fact, but Carter knows that the Israeli regime is filled with liars!

I agree, most never really researched Carter

I have always liked Carter. Sure, he did some things I would remove. One of the problems we have as a country is we rarely reevaluate things and dismantle. Anyway, Carter was all about peace and planning for the future. People are so short sighted. It is all about money right now.

As per the economy then I do remember the high interest rates and inflation. However, when you look at the numbers there was job growth during his term and unemployment went down. Plus he didn't put us into a bunch of debt like those that followed him. When you look at debt per GDP it actually went down during his term. What he did he did for the long term which is how he thinks.

An honest man is Carter, not perfect, nobody is.

I almost forgot to mention the above interview. Well worth listening to! He tells it like it is.

Good job Abby

She gets better as she gains experience

2 Chron 7:13-14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.


Carter had major flaws as president but deep down is a good man. He had horrible advisors while in office.

He is extremely intelligent (nuclear physicist), well spoken and does care for people, as noted by his humanitarian work. I may disagree with some of his approaches, but can't dispute his well meaning intentions.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


Habitat for Humanity has to be in the plus column for him. I don't believe they take government money, and I'll bet they have red tape to deal with. Some libertarians are born, and government makes the rest.

He actually did less harm to the country than most, and expecting politicians to know economics is just silly.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/


Carter is definitely no Austrian economist. He is a Keynesian like all others. To my recollection, he didn't talk about gold standard, Federal Reserve much. He was a victim of his own Keynesian hyper-inflation during his time, 'due to/along with' the disaster CIA brought on in Iran.

I'm willing to put him in a category like Dennis Kucinich with this talk, i.e. someone we can form coalition with.

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

He appointed Volcker who

He appointed Volcker who actually did help the economy recover.

To be, or not to be? Whether tis nobler to be an Iconoclast....

Paul Volcker, Fed Chairman raised interest rate suddenly & dramatically. Prime Interest rate eclipsed 21.5% June, 1982. Indeed, it certainly slowed inflation too. Who gives such privilege to one man?

His actions slammed on the breaks. To give him credit is ironic. During his terms a Fed Chairman, he granted more credit that any person alive. He granted it out-of-thin-air. He set the Fed banks for windfall high interest rate profits.

Please read about it. Here is a short essay: http://www.fsmitha.com/h2/ch37-reagan2.htm The rate of economic growth returning in 1983 may well have been reported as negative (President Reagan overhauled the CPI to lower the reported rate of inflation).

So, it high interest rates are a good solution to a flagging economy, perhaps Mr Volcker would have another run at 21.5% Prime Rate.

Please follow up with the book, "End the Fed" by Ron Paul.

Don't get me wrong. Volcker's actions were extremely contenious. Alot of good & bad came from it... To wit: depending on if you were a banker or not. There is plenty written on both sides of these arguments. Interest rates: high vs low. I side w/ Ron Paul. End the Fed.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

I wonder how much of the

I wonder how much of the anti-Carter sentiment that propagates is actually propagated by government as propaganda against this man because he doesn't keep his mouth shut. I heard that the democratic party fears Carter because of his big mouth and he spoke out against Obama and democratic party politics before the election. Sounds familiar from the republican side of things as well. The more I learn about Carter the more I personally like the man.

Propagated by Israeli media/banking cartels

There we see the masters in the art of propaganda. Israel even have an intelligence agency that boast that fact ... Mossad: Waging War By Deception. The US just takes their instructions from and bows down low to Netan-yahoo and then cheerleaders the Zionist cause to the UN councils and American people.

Jimmy Carter wasn't nearly as

Jimmy Carter wasn't nearly as bad of a president as the neocons try and make him out to be. I'm not saying he's one of my favorites (my favorites are probably Jefferson, Tyler, Cleveland, Harding, Coolidge, forgetting a couple), but he wasn't the worst guy in the world as he's often made out to be.


Correct. And we really don't know how much control he had over CIA during the messing around in Iran, Tehran embassy stuff. I realize H W Bush resigned as CIA director on the day Carter took office. But surely the Bush poison had set in place all policies in CIA, which to this day haven't waned.

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

October Surprise

It is no coincidence that the hostages were held until the last day of Carter's presidency. HW's hand was behind it... and it became clear when Iran-Contra surfaced.

Atlanta, April 25, 1991: Former president Jimmy Carter today called for an investigation into charges that members of Ronald Reagan's 1980 campaign team struck a deal with Iranian leaders to keep American hostages captive until after the November election.

Speaking to reporters, Carter called the suggestion that Reagan staff members conspired to keep hostages in Iran `almost nauseating.'

`But the evidence, I think, is so large that I think it has aroused a genuine question,' Carter said. `I think there ought to be more thorough investigation of the allegations.'

* A number of former hostages pushed for a Congressional Hearing in the early 90's but never got one.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo