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Instead of arguing over 2016, why don't we organize for 2013?

I personally don't think there is a single answer to what we should do in 2016. I don't think we can tell until we get there what the political environment will be. Will Rand through the GOP be best? Will the LP or GP put up a strong candidate? Maybe an insurgent Democratic campaign will best serve the liberty movement. Maybe all four. Who knows?

All I know is that next year is 2013, NOT 2016. In 2013 there are very limited electoral campaigns to focus on, so instead of doing nothing, I have started working on a local "direct" campaign. I have taken on an issue that I can present directly to my County Board of Supervisors.

So, here is what we could be doing:

Pick an issue that is the responsibility of a local government body.

City Council, School Board, Water Board, Sheriff, etc.

Say, Flouride for instance. Maybe you get a lot of traction in your area when you talk about Flouride. Well, figure out exactly what you want to present. Is it a ban on Water Flouridation to your local Water Board? If so, then put together information on just that. Tell people to contact their water board directly. Go to all your local political parties and talk to them about getting flouride out of your water. Start working with the members of the Water Board to talk to them about it. Try to get one of them to champion your initiative.

In the process you will help organize local "like-minded" activists. You will sway the political culture, not just a political party. And you will up your local knowledge and access.

This can be done with many things, depending on your area. Try to find something non-partisan with popular support. A "soft-ball" reform that hasn't happen because no one has taken the responsibility to make it happen. If we can do this throughout the country, we will be ready for 2014 (state offices, congress, etc.).

So let's wait for 2016 to fight over who to support for President. Really we shouldn't fight. I'd like to see Rand in the GOP, a strong Progressive in the DNC, and a competive Green and Libertarian primary. All pushing anti-war messages. All questioning the War on Drugs and the private Federal Reserve system.

All bringing in new voters. Mobilizing new activists.

But first...2013.

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2013 is important

And 2014 is right around the corner. Unfortunately we seem to be too busy fighting to organize. I had posted an idea a few weeks ago about setting up moneybombs here for people in this forum that are considering running for local positions in 2014. Either way, I think your post is one of the most constructive I have read lately Jaktober.

I plan to back Davis over Graham


Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

There doesn't have to be one answer

that's the best thing about a decentralised movement.

It's not necessarily a bad thing we disagree at times this way we don't have all our eggs in one basket.

Getting fluoride out of the water...

may have to be a prerequisite to getting anything else done judging from the lack of response to the root solutions I've proposed around here. Most only seem to want to repeat what they have heard Ron Paul say and what Ron Paul has written.

Folks need to comprehend the fact that Ron Paul went about as far out on the edge as a mild mannered gentleman can go without getting executed.... he opened the door but very few seem to want to walk through it.

People can't comprehend abstract thought if they are chemically lobotomized.

Great to see the word "sheriff" in your post btw - very articulate also and happy to see someone thinking outside the box... we are soooooooo rare.

RON PAUL 2016!

As long as he keeps riding his bicycle in the Texas Heat and can challenge all comers whatever their age to do the same, he is the only human being in the Public Forum with the intellectual capacity and the integrity to immediately address any issue, domestic or foreign, and place it in the Framework of Liberty.

Become a PC

We have been doing thin in our Leg. Dist. Meeting, seeking out liberty minded, Tea Party and the like.
Just elected the most number of state committeeman plus if you add the Tea Party people we not have the leadership in awareness that we can win any vote that comes our way.

LDs are doing this everywhere. Next on the the county and state conventions. Start working on campaigns on a statewide venue for NULLIFICATION That is how a message gets sent.

Start sharing nullification info, DVDs, etc at every opportunity you can. Buy them, copy them and give them away. Stand on a street corner if you mus.

I agree...

YOU are the freedom movement and Ron Paul's legacy... NOT ANY politician!!!

Great Ideas - But Don't Forget Audit The Fed

Like all the ideas listed. But I believe Audit The Fed should be the top nationwide liberty priority. Over the next 4 years, as inflation increases due to the currency devaluation, more people will complain and be receptive to our info about the Fed. We have to continue to educate and explain why the Fed is everyone's worst enemy regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, political party or anything else that defines us. Audit The Fed and End The Fed should truly unite the American people since the US Dollar's destruction hurts all, especially the poor and middle-class.

Something to focus on for Congress (2014/2016, etc.)

I look at it as a focus by year type thing.

odd years focus local issues
even years focus state issues
presidential focus national issues

I am working on establishing a Public Bank for my County. This would be more of a "Nationalize the Fed" movement from the Ground up. Nationalizing the Fed would basically be a permanent Audit of the Fed. It'd end the interest, have the Treasury/Congress make direct U.S. notes, and along with this I constantly promote the competing currency proposals of Ron Paul to free Gold and Silver to be used as Tender and let both Credit and Sound Money be used to secure and stimulate the economy.

Jack Wagner


folks in my county are trying to organize small groups so that we can be in a more organized position for the next election (2014). Also I think we should see how we can work with Students for Liberty (or any similar organization). They seem to be growing, and I would love to see how we can donate/help them educate college-age kids, not just here but other countries. And I hope Ron Paul continues to speak to colleges. The seeds are planted, we just need to tend to them.

Thanks Jaktober

Yes fighting for Liberty is a constant daily, weekly, monthly, yearly battle, it never ends... One battle I'm looking forward to even though he has not yet announced TOM DAVIS for U.S. Senate 2014!

Are you from SC?

I was out there Nov-Dec 2011 helping campaign for Ron Paul. Contact Evan Mulch. Great Liberty Republican. The problem with running against incumbents like gram (more power to Davis) is that it causes you to fight your Party. If you ran Liberty candidates for non-incumbent offices (or against Dems, in liberal areas Libertarian ideals can do well), you will help build the Party, then when the big seats are open you run.

In SC though, the GOP is pretty dominate, so reform might be the thing left to do.

Jack Wagner

I agree

Re organization is coming right around the corner!

bump and share!

great post!

Ron Paul ... forever.

With any luck

There won't be a system in 2016 to fight over. And those who love that system will be gone with it.

See, you have to TOSS the ring of power into the fires or Mordor, not fight to wear it.

There's far more to do in 2013

If you haven't already gotten in touch with other Liberty minded activists in your state then you need to do that NOW. TODAY.

Many states are already working hard to organize for county and district conventions that start early in the Spring of 2013. People need to be ready for those conventions so they can go and get lined up for their state conventions. Many states are electing new state party leadership next year, so it's critical that Liberty activists go to those conventions and elect people who are at least fair and follow the rules. If the states have leadership that aren't willing to cheat for the establishment then we have a better chance of doing well in the 2014 mid-term elections.

If we do well in the 2014 mid-term elections then we have more people in state and federal offices who can endorse our candidates.

.... and you're putting the cart before the horse. Before you go around talking about fluoridation you should run for county commissioner. Get yourself in a position of authority and THEN you can talk about it and have a real impact.

I like it! Mind you "Try to find something with popular support.

I'm actually a registered Green, so talking about Flouride helps me within my Party. I'm not working on flouride right now, but I did help a Water Board member run for County Supervisor for a couple weeks, so I'm sure I could get him to listen to a clear argument against putting flouride in our water (we don't have it now; there is an unfunded state mandate that our district/County has simply ignored for a while). And flouride isn't so much crazy talk out here. If it were, I wouldn't bother with it in my area/party. If you follow me.

If you are running for offices that is great. A great way to help get elected is to work with other Republicans on a local issue that hasn't gotten the activist attention it requires to pass. Figure out something you can bring up at a meeting and get nods and "yeahs" from people, that has an actual realistic path to passing in your area (as in, you know what body is in charge, what you have to present, how much support you need to organize, etc.)

Yes, there are also appointed government positions you can always run for, Boards and Commissions with your City and County. Those are great places to build a campaign to run for Water Board, and City Council and get into the management and legaslative positions within government.

Jack Wagner


It's a long time till 2014 and an even longer time till 2016. We're going to loose some more freedoms under Obama, our taxes are going to rise, more regulations will stifle business and cost some of us some money, maybe even our jobs. The Democratic War Machine will continue to make us more enemies around the world and our civil liberties will become more eroded. But, one thing that won't happen under Obama despite what fear-mongers claim us we won't lose our rights to speak, write, vote, and (hopefully) contribute however much of our money we choose to whatever educational or political action committee we choose.


"The truth is that neither British nor American imperialism was or is idealistic. It has always been driven by economic or strategic interests." - Charlie Reese

That is were non-political action comes.

To hedge against economic downturn, not only can you invest in metals, but also invest in tools and knowledge (and habit). Learn to grow food by starting to grow food now. Get some fruit trees, they should only be about $20 for a foot tall that may already be barring some fruit. My orange tree is a year old and has a few fruits, my roommates lemon tree is 3 years old and fruiting like crazy! Kale grows great in our back yard. As does onions and garlic. We got strawberries growing (but not thriving). And chocolate mint like crazy! Carrots should be a plenty this season as well.

Learn to tinker and scrap too. I got those skills this year working at a family farm. Extracting Steel, and Stainless steel, and copper/brass/bronze, from junked machines, is an important skill. Think of it as reverse mining.

And keep voting. Get more people to vote. When focusing the conversation on local elections you can get many non-voters to register. They always don't vote because they only look at the Presidential Election, and maybe, Congress.

Keep truckin'. Keep building.

Jack Wagner

Good post!

In 2016 I think Rand is our best option, but the author has a valid point it's 2012 not 2016. We need to get orginized and hopefully we will have a strong showing in 2014. I intend on running for precinct committee man and for me that will be an easy position because the spot is currently vacant.

Running unopposed is always the best option.

Art of War. Attack where weak. Be conservative with your energy, time and resources. Well played.

Jack Wagner

Personally I have had it with

Personally I have had it with politics. I am part of the remnant and have been trying to educate people and get them involved for decades. The problem is once people are educated they realize how hopeless and rigged the system is and they become apathetic believing there is no solution.
I think now we now have a solution in a true revolution.

I have a lot of faith in the people of this country and if they are given the truth and their voices are heard we can restore our republic. In the history of mankind communication has never been so good. That is why America is waking up. before the internet we would have to duplicate vcr tapes and use snail mail. That is why Ron Paul is so popular now, not because of his message, which has remained the same, but because of the ability to spread it quickly and without restraint.

I ran for congress this year as an exercise knowing it would not work but making a point to the liberty minded people of my district that politics is a rigged game and we must start a new as told to us by our founders in the declaration.

I will begin a campaign as a congressional coordinator in my district forming some kind of secure local internet based voting system for the citizens of my district. We are not being represented by our congressmen , it is time to represent ourselves. We need to make Washington obsolete. it is time and I believe it can be done

It is truly the hour of the time as W. Cooper taught me

my you tube channel videos may explain more of my thinking.


Anything that involves ACTION..

and you can count me in. Too much talking and not enough walking. The wife and I went to the precinct/county caucuses this year and had a blast.

I just wish we could get A LOT of people on the same issue at the same time. Example: 10,000+ people in Olympia, WA, blocking the Capitol until all Flouride is gone from our water.

Something like that...

Lima-1, out.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

I agree, but say "Go beyond politics."

My own AP system is in total disarray at the moment - but we are putting the next one together as a "model" and will be giving tours. I already have spoken to the local high school, they are interested in putting a system in. I have neighbors who say they have friends asking to meet us to learn about AP.
Politics is a distraction while they poison our food supply, I honestly feel teaching AP is more important. Maybe that is just me, but it seems like pretty much anyone who looks into it comes away feeling the same way.
That said, I have been considering starting a "Constitution Lovers Club" or something. See my tagline. If every one of us knew our Constitution like Carl knows his, things would be very, very different.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

What is AP?

I'm always for non-political action. Growing food. Learning to tinker and scrap. Hunt and fish. Stay healthy and in good shape. Try to get deeds to land. Cultivate that land. Work with your comumnity. Shop at small-local businesses. Yes, I agree!

Jack Wagner