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This one goes out to the conspiracy theorists: my favorite illuminati Youtube documentary, Uroko

I'm not sure on how to throw up a video in my posts so here's the link. Watch and enjoy

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How are these things connected?

WHY are these things connected? Does it answer that?

Kind of

The narrator tries to tie stuff in with his explanations, I myself have never bothered to try to look most of this stuff. I just try to make connections with every other theory video I've seen. These videos are great in all but its totally biased to the one opinion of the guy who actually created the video. So even if his movie is full of truths or lies the main argument against the global banking scam is all that matters.

Watched approximately the

Watched approximately the first half. Impressed so far. Nice video.

This video is uber-excellent.

No theories here. Just straight conspiracies.

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

End the Fed!

Ending the Federal Reserve, and the rest of this Global fractional reserve debt based centralised banking scheme/scam is PRIORITY NUMBER 1.

Like you said in another post, stab the beast at its heart and the rest will die!

We must END THE FED!

and all other Central/Reserve banks in the world.

The manipulation of a nations money supply is THE greatest power over people you could ever have, With this in place, Liberty can not exist!


you know it

follow the money and follow it straight to its core, find it and its hidden reality's of corruption and war, and rip its entire heart out and watch the blood spill to the floor, for killing the monopoly at hits hearts core, evil will soon become nothing more.

Now that some lyrical genius shieet right there haha

But in all seriousness yes we do need to end the money monopoly at its core.