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Al Qaeda Populating U.S. With Peaceful 'Decoy Muslims' (The Onion)

When in doubt, shoot 'em. Listen for what language they cry out in pain in.

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peaceful decoy pandas are the real threat.

they're plotting something I can just tell.

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

This should have been played on the floor last night

while they debated the ndaa. In fact Flimsy Graham's statements would have fit right in with the ignorance just perfectly!


Thats about it, funny stuff. Unfortunately there a some that would not see the satire.

Gawl Darn Them

freakin' Ay-rabs thinkin' they can fool us red-blooded God-fearin' 'murcans by being all PEACEFUL 'n' such. WE'LL learn 'em about PEACEFUL, By Gawd!!!!