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South Dakota Newspaper: "American Drone Strikes Must Stop"

While many Americans may think drone strikes are a safe way to conduct war and improve the nation’s safety, one man will go to prison in Yankton today (Friday) because of his belief that they are remotely committing crimes against humanity.

“The people responsible for setting these attacks up have to realize that they are creating a situation where (our soldiers are going to face retaliation),” said Brian Terrell, 56. “American soldiers are going to be dying because of these drone attacks. When Gandhi was talking about the cycle of violence, I think he was talking about something just as provable as the laws of physics.

“We’re taking the Golden Rule and turning it inside out,” he continued. “We’ll do unto other people the worst thing we could imagine happening to us so that it won’t happen to us. You’re not going to stop your neighbor from wanting to hurt you by hurting your neighbor...”

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Great find

Thank you.

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excellent article to pass on to others

thank you

Good! This has to happen everywhere.

Insist that your local community become a "No-Drone Zone"!

Ann in Florida

Very good.

Yes, it is an easy way to kill - but wait until it hits home and see how Americans react. The arm-chair generals won't be so accepting of this convenient method of keeping us safe.

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Six months in a federal prison

for trying to talk to military officials. "What are you in for?"

Great Story...

Good to see articles like this. Thanks for posting!

Another term for preventive war is aggressive war- starting wars because someday somebody might do something to us. That is not part of the American tradition.
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