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Washington Proposes $1 Trillion Bailout for Delinquent Student Loans

They're setting up the next robbery!

America’s now-nationalized student loan industry just reached a value of $1 trillion, according to Citigroup, growing at a 20 percent-per-year pace. Since President Obama nationalized the industry (a tacked-on provision of the Obamacare bill), tuition has gone up 25 percent and the three-year default rate is at a record 13.4 percent.

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Just join the brownshirt army

and all your debts will be forgiven. Slave!

By bailout they mean

give the banks our money and make the students slaves to the govt

I'd support legal definitions

I'd support legal definitions of government bailouts and strict laws or prohibitions against their use. Seems the only way to fight stupid is to make stupid illegal!

Just what we need. More theft

from the producers in this country to bail out the ignorant and/or wealthy.