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LaughingBear makes HappyGeorge SMILE :)

I just read LaughinBear's post that he/she found the 210000th block on the Bitcoin network.


For those who do not quite understand the importance of this, I will give my own two cents on this!

First of all, I have noticed quite a bit of "resistance" here towards the idea of a digital currency not backed by Gold. So for the past many months I have been feeling that unfortunately though 90% of the LIBERTY IDEAS are shared among people in the DAILYPAUL and BITCOIN community many here have simply not come around to learning about Bitcoin to really understand it's REVOLUTIONARY POTENTIAL.

So, hearing that it was actually someone who is active on DP found the block that marks a kind of a new beginning in the Bitcoin world, well it is simply AMAZING!

This event is important to many because it shows that Bitcoin has matured and has been kept alive long enough with enough support to see future growth. The halving of the rewards that "miners" get suggest that the inflation of the economy is ready for a SLOWDOWN!

The economic message behind this halving of Bitcoin inflation is the EXACT OPPOSITE to helicopter Ben's idea that the only way to "strengthen" an economy is by flooding it with new dollars...


To read more on this, go here:

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Thanks for the down vote

I noticed I put a wrong number on my block count... I just edit/changed it to 210000

Thanks for letting me know!(all you feverish DOWN VOTERS! :)

I am slowly understanding why you do what you do...


Just plain 'Happy'about the direction the world is taking! Especially if we live to reach LEV [Longevity Escape Velocity]

Thanks for the shout out! I

Thanks for the shout out! I got very lucky. I hope that people on here at give bitcoin a chance