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Dedicated To Help The Community...

Dear friends,

I have great idea how to solve all your problems, here's the plan:

I need 1000 people to give me ONLY $100 a month, so WE will have a budget of $100.000 monthly. I will manage very openly this monthly amount, all this money will go towards making your life better!

Here's how the plan worked:


I hired my sister and two of her best friends to receive your calls and take note of your problems. They will get paid $4000 a month each. ($88.000 left)

I will need to rent two offices, one for them and one for me, I found a great deal for just $2000 a month. ($86.000 left)

Land line phone, FAX, Computers, utilities, 4 cell phones, cleaning the offices, paper, ink and many other things will cost another $6000. ($80.000 left)

To be on top of the things I need a car, I must move fast, do you mind if I get a USED Cadillac Escalade? I found one with only 5000 miles on it, a bargain, only $50.000, YOU SAVE $15.000 because I won't buy a new one! ($30.000 left)

I wish I could be like that precious Bunny Energizer who never stops, unfortunately I'm made by flesh and bones like the rest of you, hope nobody gets upset If I take $10.000 for myself, $5000 my salary and the rest to pay for gas, meals, hotels and the other expense involved in working to solve your problems ($20.000 left).

Great news, my wife just opened a consulting firm, for just $10.000 a month you will get now a professional firm to handle your problems. ($10.000 left)

Working hard to save you money I managed to still have $10.000 left !!!! Well, all of you will get back $10, well, actually $8 after the handling fees.
Dear friends, we are in great shape, we accomplished a lot, remember, we now have a firm working for us, we have offices and a car, January will be a great month since we won't buy a car like we had to do this month !!!!



I have the pleasure to announce you that I take very serious my promise to solve your problems, right now I'm fully aware of every problem you have and I'm working to find solutions.
Everything is going as planned, not having to buy a car I saved a lot of money, so with part of this huge savings I hired a firm TO SOLVE your problems. This firm belongs to my brother, he will find the right contractors to solve your problems, this way I'm making sure you will get the best services possible. This cost $20.000 a month so we are left with $40.000, YES...I managed to quadruple the last month savings!
Get ready for a $38 check, so you can solve some of your problems!


MARCH 2012

GREAT NEWS MY FRIENDS! My best friend, a hard working and trustful person, father of 4, has agree to look aver our enterprise and find way to save money. For $10.000 monthly he will make sure no buck will be wasted. I'm telling you, he doesn't give a rat ass about our friendship, he said I need to sell the Escalade and buy something more efficient, so this way WE will save a lot when buying gas.
Thankfully I found again a clever way to save you money, I will sell the Escalade to my son for $30.000, I will use another $30.000 from our budget and buy two Hybrid cars!!!! The gas mileage is so great we can afford to also buy a car for our employees, so they will be able to run around town to take care of business. Rest assured, they will use the car strictly for business.
With this unexpected purchase and hiring my best friend firm, you will get again only $8 back this month. But everything is going to be great from now, get ready to have all your problems solved!!!!


APRIL 2012

Hiring my best friend firm was a great decision, he found a new way to save money! Instead paying rent $1000 a month, we can actually buy a building for $500.000! Yes, we will pay $9000 a month more for the space, but 10 years from now we will be rent and payments free!!!!! Remember, insurance, property taxes, maintenance, EVERYTHING is included in this monthly increase!

This is not the only good news this month, you will get $18 back, yes, that's more then double increase over the last month!!!! Things are looking great, after only 4 months we own a building, two economic cars. Me, my employees and two firms are looking forward to save your problems! What ? We deserve a bonus for our great work? I dunno, we shall see....


MAY 2012 (soon to come...)

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