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Ron Paul Commemorative Sculpture

I have commissioned a classically trained artist to create a bronze sculpture of one of my personal heroes, Dr. Ron Paul. For 30+ years Ron Paul and his fight for Liberty has been an inspiration to myself and many others. I think that it’s time that we honor Dr. Paul by creating a symbol of him in recognition of his contribution to the cause of Liberty that will serve as a reminder to future generations!

The artist whom I have commissioned, Suzanne Johnson, has over 25 years of experience. Her museum quality bronzes capture the personality of each subject with exquisite detail and are collected worldwide. She has generously spent many hours of her time on this project because she understands how important and influential Dr. Paul is. If you would like to view some of her previous works feel free to visit either her Facebook page or her website.

As you can see from the photos, she has already begun working on a life sized bust of Dr. Paul in clay, which once completed will be molded and cast into bronze. It is important that you see the quality of her work and realize that you will not just be funding a piece of art, but a significant moment in history.


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