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Asking the Wrong Questions

My mother is someone I frequently describe as “June Cleaver”. She has led a truly charmed life, and as a result has a very happy and rosy outlook. This last year has been difficult for our relationship. We have had increasingly difficult discussions about politics, raising children, and life in general. I have made sincere efforts to get through to her, and she to me, but we disintegrate into heated discussions almost every time we see each other. This forced me to evaluate both my own perspective and hers. An epiphany struck me when I did so:

I have been asking the wrong questions.

A quote has been attributed to both Cecil Rhodes and Rudyard Kipling. It goes “To be born and Englishman is to win first prize in the lottery of life.” You could say this lottery-winner status shifted to the United States after World War II, and that the peak of the last century was the era from 1950 to just before President Kennedy was shot. It was certainly a great time to be an American. My mother graduated from high school in 1958. This should give you a clear picture of who she was, and who she is today is a direct result. With this in mind, I began to look for what defined her beliefs in a general way. I came up with a stunning divergence with my own perspective: she has faith in the institutions of society.

This is the core disagreement we have. Her faith is in direct opposition to my lack of it.

Education, health care, the financial system, government, corporations, entertainment, and religion– all of these things she holds in high esteem. She trusts them. She believes them. I do not, and here we have the problem. I see corruption at each and every level of society, permeating everything I have been told to believe in. This has caused me to examine long held viewpoints, and realize the error of my assumptions. My Mother has not done this, and probably will never do it – she is comfortable in her illusions.

You may ask what the relevance this personal aside has to my political opinions usually expressed in this space. It has taken me a long time to come up with a reasonable and logical explanation of the disaster of Mitt Romney. All year I was told to back Mr. Romney. He was the only one who could beat Obama. Never mind that he is XXXXX (insert problem with his history/ philosophy/ business background/ liberalism/ whatever here) XXXXX. It is the only way we can defeat Obama! I was asked to have faith in the institution of the GOP campaign, and to suspend my judgment for the victory. This may sound familiar if you recall names like McCain, Dole, etc. My Mother – and many others – are capable of doing this, and indeed have done so for most of their lives. I cannot do it anymore. As many of my friends will point out, “the lesser of two evils is evil”.

The numbers of people who I consider “awake” are small in proportion to the population. They are larger when you consider that almost all of these people are independents, third party or Republicans. More importantly, many of them are very, very active. They are centers of influence for everyone they know. They are relentless. They are educated beyond your belief. They do not accept the propaganda they have been fed all of their lives. This is the group the GOP must inspire if it is to be relevant in the future. These are the activists of the future. This is the diverse group of people with all of those “groups” the GOP says it wants to bring in to the party. There is a problem for the GOP, however – it does NOT inspire loyalty or support. Right now, it is inspiring opposition.

That most difficult of choices is now in front of the GOP – change or die. Those who hold power now – the consultants and staffers, the lawyers and lobbyists – will see their influence wane. To see the party succeed will see them lose power. They clung to power in every state this election year. Look at the list of states where Romney cheated, broke the rules, used violence and deception and fraud, and you will see why he lost – Maine, Massachusetts, Iowa, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Colorado, Arizona, Alaska, Washington, Nevada – I could go on and on here. Look at what his people, and the Establishment, did in Tampa at the Convention. What an epic failure all of these losers are, and everyone who backed them shares in the blame. Own it.

After the disaster that was Tampa, I spent a little time reflecting, and then found a local candidate whom I could support. A great man was running for Sheriff against a corrupt democrat who has a long history of doing a poor job in office. Here, I thought, is my chance to fight for the GOP, and against the democrats! Can you guess what happened? There are nine County-wide elected officials where I live, five of whom are GOP. All of those save one endorsed the democrat incumbent over the Republican nominee. Due in part to the efforts of many Republicans – including a former Governor and a former District Attorney – the incumbent won.

What lesson do you suppose this conveys? What reaction do you think the activist base has for actions such as this? It strikes me that instead of making changes and heeding cries for cleaning up the corruption, the wagons were circled by those benefiting from it. This corruption – in every institution of society, from the bottom to the top – will either be rooted out, or it will bring down our society.

You may have heard about the “fiscal cliff” that is coming with the New Year. That cliff is nothing – it is a blip on the radar compared to the real cliff, which is the total destruction of the dollar, coupled with the drastic actions that will be taken as a response to the chaos that event creates. We are already heading for the real cliff. Mitt Romney would have driven 30 mph at the cliff, and Barrack Obama is going 80 mph. Both of them offer no real solutions, just different escalations of the same problems. The question is not who will turn aside from the cliff, although that is certainly an important one. There is not a single question to ask. We need to:

Question everything.
Follow the money.
Trust God, yourself and your family.
Stand for Liberty.
Get ready.

Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help. (Psalm 146:3)

Stand fast therefore in the liberty with which Christ has made us free, and be not entangled in the yoke of bondage. (Galatians 5:1)

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Steve Dickson's picture

Thank you all for the comments!

I appreciate the input. Attempting to understand this particular generation gap is very personal, and it has been instructive for me in the analysis. My hope is that it helps others going forward to look at their family and older friends and see the world through their eyes. As we all know, waking people up from the dream they wish to continue is a tough proposition.

Is your mother religious?

Talk to her about the fact that self-delusion is a sin and "not knowing" does not exempt one from judgement of that sin before the pearly gates because the teacher (Jesus) was already sent and crucified in an attempt to wake people up.

Self-delusion is STILL LYING. There is no exemption from lying to yourself, knowingly or unknowingly. Jesus taught the truth. Ignoring it willfully or unwittingly is a sin if you believe in Him.

Then show her the video of the air force picking off Iraqi women and children like in a video game and ask her how knowingly killing women and children is pro-life. Clusterbombing schools and hospitals in Pakistan and Afghanistan? How does that fit in? In fact, is that not the very essence of what Pope John Paul II called the "culture of death"? Is it any less despicable than abortion? And then how those guys are not prosecuted for doing so?

When the NAZIs did such things how did her parents feel when they read about it in the paper?

Nazis can't do it but we can? Self-delusion. I.e. it is sinful to try to ignore these things.

June Cleaver

I am sorry, but you cut your mother too much slack. I too have had a 'Cleaver' life. I graduated from high school in 1963, so am in the same generation as your mom. My parents were as straight laced and conformist as any TV sitcom Dad was PTA president, Mom played the church organ, both were very active in the community. I graduated, and went to an Ivy League school.
None of this kept me from realizing that there was something very, very wrong with our institutions. From the Catholic church, and those weird priests who played favorites with some of the boys in our (catholic) troop, to the teachers who were more concerned with teaching the lessons of power and control than history and algebra.'
College was no better. Choose between the smelly stoned hippies or the drunk dumb 'hard hats' No thanks. Choose between blowhard Humphrey and Evil crooked Nixon...no thanks! Believe that a PT boat attacked a destroyer....no thanks!

What makes one person wake up and open their eyes while the majority motors on in happy ignorance? i have no idea. I am beginning to think that Doug Casey is right; it is a genetic mutation!
But your mother had choices to make and CHOSE to stick her head in the sand and believe.
But, to his everlasting credit shortly before he died at age 89, my Dad, a lifelong Republican, registered as a Libertarian.

Malo Periculosam Libertatem Quam Quietum Servitium
On y soit qui mal y pense


Your analysis applies to my mother who graduated from HS in 1940. She voted for Obama and proud of it....of course I love her and accept her for who she is.

Light dispels darkness!...not ranting, accusing, belittling, or ignoring.

It is the only weapon I have that the enemy has no answer for.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Martin Luther King Jr.

Follow the money.

Follow the money. It surprises me, 40 years after Watergate, that there are so many people who still don't get it. It's not about political ideology or theory. So, quit following the campaign talking points and witless talking heads. There's no difference between the two parties because the core agenda is always the same; power and money. If the other guy's idea is good for stealing stuff, then they're for it. Most of what's destroyed and continues to destroy the country is done by bipartisan agreement, with some fighting over who controls how much of what business (as usual) "concession." They use different spin. They lie sometimes to pretend to be different. But in the end, they'll be telling us we want "leadership" (to ignore what we want and drive the agenda) and less "partisan bickering" (so they can agree to things they were elected to oppose) so they can "get things done" (that they shouldn't be doing). The "compromises" might work out some final tuning re: who controls how much of what business (as usual) "concession." It's not government as conceived by the Constitution. It's just organized crime or the ordinary sort trying to pretend to be something else.

Correlation does not prove causality!

My Mom, Too

I was born in 1955, when my mom was 21.

When my doctor said I should have surgery, she told me to "get a second opinion," and have the surgery. She trusts authority. (My step-mother, on the other hand, who is 10 years younger, and worked for a hospital billing department, said, "surgeons recommend surgery." I sought out a naturepath and skipped the surgery. She grew up in a rough urban environment.)

That said, my mother also spent time on her grandparents' farm. Her sister married a farmer. These are very independent and self-sufficient people with reliance on family and community. There's no question that her goal as a Mom was to raise children who would become independent adults. She did not think she should dominate us, but tried to encourage us to take responsibility and explore life.

Interestingly, my dad, who has dyslexia, always knew that the authority figures (e.g., teachers), were ignorant, and often exercised their authority unfairly. He used to read our textbooks and correct the errors, and go into school to correct mistakes the teachers made.

I think the biggest task, here, is to ask questions about what the goals are, and whether force should be used. My Mom tends to think that we have agreed to have someone in charge and want it as much as she does, but she would never want force applied to her children.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Well Steve

My Dad graduated in 43 and my Mom 49, and they saw themselves as "winners of the wars of the world", and entitled, and they expected that even when they disagreed with their peers, they all KNEW, they were the winners and entitled, so there was a helping each other out that the boomer generation divided. Boomer generation got Nam and Nam lost and we have not trusted each other, not helped each other but divided into the have and the have nots.

As for the GOP.. seems to me, it is my party now, and I seek opportunity to chair the parades and events and do what I was doing as grassroots as a Republican.. my floats will be focusing on sound money, peace and freedom.. I would also like to have a drone drill.. I think when those of us in the GOP begin the transformation, from war to peace, from spending to producing, from tyranny to freedom.. people will wake up and see a new dawn rising in the GOP.

It is up to us to connect our generation as pir parents generation, by becoming the institutions rather than destroying them with no thought of the vacuum.

Granger----it is thinking like that

that got us into trouble the last time. Sleeping with the enemy........never works.

Tell it to Ron Paul

Ron Paul works within the GOP, and since I've joined the GOP I have a stronger relationship with the campaign.. if you're not in C4L.. which Ron Paul is the honorary chair, and has stated that is where he's spending his time.. then you're not with the Ron Paul program and doing your own thing.. Good luck,, I'm sticking with Ron Paul and Rand.. because after 33 years doing it my way from the outside that didn't work. It's your turn.

You just convinced me to join

I've been sitting on the fence, but I follow your posts and comments, you just talked me into pulling the trigger (by joining and donating)

I agree.

However I am taking the position of not sleeping with the enemy, but rather engaging them directly and head on. We must take over and grow the party from within.

It may take time. We may have to work slowly. Bulldozers are slow too, but they get the job done.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

It's a MATTER of TRUST---in the MEDIA

....it is the MEDIA that people "trust" and all the propanganda it spews forth. If the "Media" were to begin putting the truth out 24 hours/day, soon all our relatives would be waking up to the "truth".

The Media = Lies = Propaganda

But, America continues slurping the sugar drinks and stuffing the poisoned foods, literally.

I think Steve is correct about it being institutions

My Dad, his brothers, many vets that fougfht WWII were into institutions, like American Legion, Vets of Foreign wars, Grange, Masons.. fraternal orders, which Unions replaced.. who the hekll knows what a grange is today? But back then, most anyone knew what the Grange was.. they knew who Sin of Liberty and Odd Fellows were.. they had marvelous floats and did wonderful things for the communities,, but the Nam war and boomers, under the influence of MSM/ English invasion with The Beatles, and "Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll", our parents generations clung onto what they knew and it served them.. until those organizations died,, and then all we have is bogus government saying it can do better what these past organizations did based on commercial global corporate cooperation.

I've never been into TV enouygh to buy one, or listen to the radio.. all the Peter Shift, Jidge, Beck.. and even Alex Jones is MSM to me.. it's everywhere and the message is programming. We have several themes now and it's all about destruction of the institutions to bring us, NWO, apacolypse, end of times

Such Seems

to be the thinking of most people of her generation. I HATE listening to my 90 year old grandpa talk about how everything is the fault of the democrats. I try to tell him that both parties are one and the same but he just can't get it. Too brainwashed by Fox I guess. Everyone of that generation LOVES Billy boy O'Reilly. PUKE! (Expect Ron Paul naturally) He's almost that age.


don't worry so much....

I don't think there was some glorious time before this. Spare a few brave moments by a few, things have always been sick and corrupt. It's just looking bad now because the luster of old lies are rubbing off. But, that's a good thing. The fact that you realize that everything is not alright is a testament to the prospects of future liberty. I think every generation faces a struggle with tyranny to some degree, and the burden has always been bared by the few that see it for what it is. They are the ones that inspire. It's been done before. It will be done again, but only by the few.

In the words of G.C.

'The political system is a big club..and your not in it'.

As long as the party 'faithful' delude themselves that they are, nothing is going to change.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

Cyril's picture

Indeed, I'm afraid so.

"As long as the party 'faithful' delude themselves that they are, nothing is going to change."

Indeed, I'm afraid so.

And speaking of which ...


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Very well expressed!

Concise, engaging, thought provoking...
Thanks for sharing!

Sounds right to me

Your experience echoes that of others. These apparatchiks are more interested in keeping jobs and power than anything else. What is that I heard in Nevada, that when they lost the old guard GOP just started a shadow organization. The solution will be in accuracy and integrity For example, I don't really understand Austrian economics; however, I do appreciate not buying a home during the boom based on their analysis.