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Senate Votes To Tighten Sanctions On Iran - Rand Paul Votes Yes 11/30/12


Not one single no vote.

U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes 112th Congress - 2nd Session
Amendment Number: S.Amdt. 3232 to S. 3254 (National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013)
Statement of Purpose: To enhance sanctions imposed with respect to Iran.


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Rand Paul is garbage. Ron raised a POS. He has gone to Israel to suck Netanyahu's Dick!

There you have it:

Rand Paul is a globalist.
By voting for sanctions that makes him a neocon.
RAnd Paul is now responsible for the death of over 50,000 children.
He should be brought to justice just like his peers.

This is where Rand and I disagree

While I understand why people think sanctions are a good idea, it's simply too risky of a maneuver. You just can't predict how the people of the country will react. Either they get really pissed at their own government, causing it to split into some sort of revolution or civil war. Or, (ideally) the country's government does what's necessary to get the sanctions removed (which doesn't look like that's going to happen here). Or, it totally backfires, and they unite behind their government against those imposing the sanctions.

Hopefully in this area, Rand can be convinced by his dad more, and he'll stop supporting sanctions.

The Liberty Crier Dec 3rd

"Rand Paul believes that the United States has the right to determine whether or not Iran, a sovereign nation, should be allowed to have nuclear weapons.

"The idea that the United States is obligated to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon is central to the aggressive neo-conservative foreign policy regarding Iran and it perpetuates the ongoing conflict between the nations of Israel and Iran.

"To understand the aggressive nature of this foreign policy stance simply apply “the golden rule”.

"What would we do if China started dictating what weapons systems we could use to defend our nation? What if China pushed for ever increasing economic sanctions against us and what if those sanctions inflicted pain on our population?"

"deeply flawed thinking"

“A lot of individuals vote for sanctions that are basically anti-war and they don’t like the military option and they think this is an alternative. I think that is deeply flawed thinking because sanctions lead to hostilities. If you’re committing to the sanctions you’re really committing to the next step”
- Ron Paul

that's why Rand had the

that's why Rand had the sanctions changed so they cannot be used for war. Ron never bothered to change the sanctions, Rand did.

Thomas Jefferson 1796, 1800, 1804; James Madison 1808, 1812; Ron Paul 1988, 2008, 2012; Rand Paul 2016.

Is rand going to help

The children from starving to death?
All sanctions do is keep the Dictators in more control by starving their people to death.
It's more then an act of war it is democide.
It's part of agenda 21 and depopulation.
Rand is a total tool of the globalists.
Rand is pretty much saying look we don't have to go to war to depopulate the world we just need to impose sanction against those who wish to go against the frac. Reserve banking cartel.
They save money on not having to fight a war.
They get maximum depopulation rates of all the children that will die due to starvation and lack of medical care.
They get maximum blowback without spending a dime to bread jihadist.
They help the dictators funnel all the cash in from food for oil.
They help accelerate the collapse of the would economy by imposing more sanctions on Iran.
It's like saying hey let's take the ability for law abiding citizens to by handguns and assault rifles because they will hurt each other but all it does it hurt the ones abiding by the law.
Now in Iran the criminals will still make money while the people die, starve , and decay.
Then when that country collapses America will rape the people out of all it's resources.
Fuck Rand he is a cocksucker.

I'm going to try my best to

I'm going to try my best to continue to support issues rather than people.

"You must be frank with the world; frankness is the child of honesty and courage...Never do anything wrong to make a friend or keep one...Above all do not appear to others what you are not" - Robert E. Lee, CSA

41 upvotes eh?

So thousands, even millions of Iranians will die because of these sanctions and this site cheers it on because he's "PLAYING DA GAME". This place is lost. I refuse to sail on your sinking ship. When the neocons drop Rand like a used towel, no one will be there to catch him. Because he will deserve it.

These are upvotes because it is IMPORTANT

I upvoted without a second thought. This is just further evidence to what we already knew - Rand Paul is not Ron Paul. I am very, very disappointed with this vote, and am sad to see we do not have any non-interventionist Senators in the USA. Very sad. Vote them ALL out!

people aren't necessarily voting

because they agree with sanctions but because they want more people to see that Rand voted for sanctions. Or maybe they are saying thanks for sharing. People up voting something like 911 was an inside job aren't saying they think it's good that 911 was an inside job.

When Rand endorsed Rmoney the

When Rand endorsed Rmoney the same time his dad's delegates were still fighting, it was posted here and that post got one of the most downvotes I've ever seen a thread on the daily paul get. Downvotes mean disapproval.

In this case, since the DP is flooded with "playin' da game" Rand supporters, a post like this gets upvoted. Why? Cuz he's just playin da game. People's deaths and intervening in foreign affairs be damned.

Don't let a few

misguided people influence the reality of things, This is Gary all over again.. They're flooding Dp in the same manner and more than happy to do away with pesky things like principle for a win at any cost.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

This Couldn't Be More Differant Then Gary...

...there are three types of users on the Daily Paul.

1. Liberal libertarians (who supported Gary)
2. True conservative Republicans (who support Rand Paul)
3. And the diehards who will only vote for Ron Paul

"for a win at any cost"? Anyone with a right mind knew that Gary was gonna lose. They just wanted someone to vote for that possibly would make there vote count. I was very much against Gary before the election and yet I am all behind Rand Paul(heck, I even am campaigning for him) because he is the son of Ron Paul and actually would want to win whereas Ron Paul only wanted to wake people up.

We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016



"This Couldn't Be More Differant Then Gary..."

*file 13'd

1. No such thing as a Liberal Libertarian.. There are classical Liberals and they would not support Gary.. the ones who supported Gary were faux.. end of story.

2. True Conservative Republicans would only support someone like Ron Paul.. again.. the ones who would support Rand are neocons repubes.

3. And the diehards would support someone LIKE Dr.Paul.. not a weak assed imitation such as Gary and potentially Rand.

"for a win at any cost? Anyone with a right mind knew that Gary was gonna lose. They just wanted someone to vote for that possibly would make there vote count."

And that's exactly why their vote didn't count. It showed the establishment that they could put a fake ass "libertarian" up for a second time and they'd get suckers.

Your "style" of voting has been done to death.. all it's going to do is possibly postpone people moving to a lead-based voting system and that's about it.. cause when these asstards get into office, they'll turn on Liberty and it will be on.

So keep fucking around.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Pat Buchanan is the measure

Pat Buchanan is the measure of a true Conservative Republican. I can guaruntee you he is against sanctions on Iran even though he did bite his lip and endorse Romney.

Ventura 2012

I agree that this is Gary

I agree that this is Gary Johnson all over again. The Rand supporters who were attacking the Johnson people did so because Johnson was on THEIR turf, not because he was an unprincipled, pandering and uneducated politician. Principles be damned for both groups. This is a turf war.

The Rand people are just like

The Johnson people. Both of you groups are in fucking denial. People who I thought I was aligned with have been attempting to convince me that my opinion of that endorsement is incorrect and to just stand by and accept that he's "PLAYING DA GAME". Even though he is not my friend nor a part of my family nor do I know him or speak to him. fuck you for telling me that wrong is right and expecting me to lap that shit up. ron paul related forums are getting to be pathetic. are there any sane people left?

This is the way I see it

Rand is a senator and is privy too all the top secret debriefings.
He is one of them.

The reason Ron Paul was never a senator is because clearly he is one of us.
They rigged Ron Paul's senate rub just like everything else.
Ron Paul never wanted to be president and never wanted to be in politics.
He is a normal person who shares the heartache that we all feel about this country.
On the other had Rand he wants to be president he wants to be a politician.
That means that his only motive is to be in the White House.
He will lie, cheat, steal or whatever the price may be.
He has been compromised by greed and power.
It's all cute he can quote things his daddy taught him but that means shit.
"Look at me my daddy blabla bla .... Unconstitutional blablabla"
It's all bullshit.
That cock sucker an his masters had a reporter arrested and later kidnapped because they had the nerve to ask him about the builderburg group.
Beware he is evil.

I agree (meant to be a comment for ProudAmericanFirst)

I agree with what your saying Ron has accomplished waking people up like no other, and on other points you mentioned. My comment was made to stress the fact that this consent in fighting needs to stop and I feel its mostly over rand.


Yes, too much focus is on Rand. It is important to write him, email him, and let him know what we think of his positions, just as we should for all of our elected officials.

More time needs to be spent preparing the basics, ground work, and talking to others to bring them in. We must also vet others who could be potentials.

I voted your other thread up. It was very well stated :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Chill out, Rands just playing the game

Look at Dr. Paul he voted against every single bill like this and look what it got him. Yes he got loyal supporters through out the world but the big wigs and media tore him apart making him look like nothing in the eyes of the ignorant. Let Rand do his thing, hes making alliances with big wigs while pulling through with the libertarians. Yes this vote does raise questions but for all the people here on DP who love to point out flaws and bitch all day its time to grow up. Its time to stop these silly notations and come together and work on the movement. This morning I read how people in Minnesota were hitting the campuses; this is the sort of thing you people, as well as I need to be doing. We don't need to bitch and look to comment on any negatives that arises. The Paul's overall strategy will take time to develop and unfold.


So if somebody handed you

A gun to kill your best friend to prove to them you were loyal you will do it?
You fucking moron
Rand just pulled the trigger on hundreds of thousands of innocent children that are starving to death in Iran Right Now because of a bunch of Marxist , neocon, croney thugs and all you have to say is
Relax he is just playing the game?
Fool you need to wake up and look around.
Why don't you tell all the people who are suffering an praying to their faith.
That the guy who helped starve their children that he will save them when he becomes president.


"Look at Dr. Paul he voted against every single bill like this and look what it got him."

It got him at minimum 4 times, even more, the support since 2007. It got him the r3VOLution, which continues to GROW.

It got him us understanding that sticking to principles is far better than compromising down to the ptb.

Lowering our standards, even temporarily, for political gain will diminish what we stand for. We can not afford to take 2 steps back ever again.

Our time has come. Ron Paul is in the media. He is heading C4L. He will be speaking at college campuses, and I will ASSURE you that his words will be the same.

Ron Paul, those of us who hold our work dear to our hearts, there is no 'strategy', other than to continue teaching and practicing and DOING what is right.

Alterior motives, for however well intended, will certainly invite corruption, or at the very least split us up again [remember gj, remember Tampa].

Lastly, if Rand fits your bill and how you envision our Republic and what it stands for, vote for him. If he does not, then don't. I will NEVER align with the establishment, for that is what I oppose. It must be taken over. Period.

Ron Paul: "The parties are going to linger because they’re locked in by law." Seems to me that supposed NDAA 'amendment' is a perfect example of this, when all they had to do was stricken that language [section 1021, etc] in accordance to the Constitution.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

4 years away...

and Justin Amash is so far being well received. I handed out flyers at Campaign for Liberty (held at gun show) yesterday. There were thousands of people. Gun sales and cheese burgers appear to be up too :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Justin Amash has voted against Ron Paul as well

He voted for, if I remember correctly, a welfare bill for Israel that Ron Paul voted against.

I am a huge fan of Justin Amash, but if the DP is going to go after Rand aggressively for issues on which he deviates from his father, we might as well do it for Justin, too.

We are going after rand

Because he is supporting agenda 21 and his actions have helped promote globalization.
You are just too stupid or you just don't understand history.
Sanctions on Iran is part of the global agenda.

In an interview Rand said the government is involved in gajillions of lies.
Rand acknowledged he was privy to top secret information .
Has he told us the truth yet? "NO"
Has Ron Paul told us the truth ? "YES"
What did Ron say?
He said we have been conquered by globalist foreign bankers.
He said our government is full of authoritarian psychopaths.
He said their plan is to destroy us by design.
Has Rand said that? "No"
When Rand is questioned about the builderburgs what does he do?
He has you arrested then released then followed then kidnapped and then threatened.
When Ron is questioned about the builderburgs he answers you agrees with you then says
"I've been talking about them for 30 years "


Bring it on.

Sheep don't bother to vet. We do.

Before I cast my official vote, I want to know everything.


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

This penchant for a bloodline

This penchant for a bloodline dynasty gives me the creeps. What's with this obsession with Rand? He's just another politician. If you yearn for a Ron Paul successor in Congress, you won't find it in Rand.

Forget Rand 2016,...

Lawson/Dennis 2016

Fight for Ron's ideas, not his son.

They have the same exact

They have the same exact ideas, only slightly different strategies. Since Rand has more power, it is prudent to leverage that power.

Thomas Jefferson 1796, 1800, 1804; James Madison 1808, 1812; Ron Paul 1988, 2008, 2012; Rand Paul 2016.