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Bank whistleblower in mental institution for 7 years case to be reviewed - maybe he told the truth.


"Mollath was tried in 2006 after his ex-wife accused him of causing her physical harm. He denied the charges, claiming she was trying to sully his name in the light of the evidence he allegedly had against her. He was admitted to the clinic, where he has remained against his will ever since."

Apparently she married for money.

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Confessions of a shrink

In another online conversation, someone just posted this yesterday:
"For a decade I was "the Man". I held people down and injected them with drugs that changed their brains and behaviours simply because they were critical of the government and caused problems for the cops or city council. I took away people's freedom, told them the way they were wasn't good enough for the rest of us, and was part of a system that held them in captivity for months, years, or even life.
Not saying all psychiatry is bad, but I could blow a very noisy whistle. And I'm not going back."

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