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Lindsey Graham will face a libertarian in GOP Primary!

Good news from South Carolina ... We're going to challenge Lindsey Graham in the GOP primary for the 2014 election!

Many of you remember the conflicts that Dr. Paul had with Senator Graham over the years. (Plenty of nice footage on YouTube here http://bit.ly/RpqABs ).

Well, thanks to an obscure law that's on the books in SC, Lindsey Graham will be facing a primary challenge from Keith Blandford, a Navy veteran and business owner who has twice run for Congress on the Libertarian party ticket.

The Blandford campaign (for which I'm volunteering) is taking advantage of "Electoral Fusion" - a largely unknown procedure only possible in eight states - which allows two or more parties to nominate the same candidate. In this case, Blandford will be seeking the nomination of both the Republican and Libertarian parties simultaneously.

The stakes are high: if Blandford fails to obtain the nomination of either party, the state's "sore-loser" statute will bar him from appearing on the ballot at all. However, if he is is successful, he will appear on the ballot twice, making a strong statement of his dedication to the libertarian philosophy popularized by his inspiration and reason for seeking elected office, Dr. Ron Paul.

Our strategy is simple: the governmental over-reach supported by Republicans like Lindsey Graham has alienated a lot of small-government conservatives. By taking divisive social issues (over which the Federal Government has no Constitutional authority) off the table, and zeroing in on the size and scope of government itself, we hope to attract a broad range of disillusioned voters, from Ron Paul fans clamoring for monetary reform, to Tea Party members upset about the ballooning National Debt, to "Ron Paul Democrats" concerned about electronic surveillance, indefinite detention, and other civil liberties issues.

We're going up against a very powerful, very wealthy political machine, which is why we're getting started so early. If you'd like to keep up with our efforts as we move forward, please bookmark our campaign website - http://blandford2014.com - and check us out on Facebook: http://facebook.com/blandford2014

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set up the money bomb for

set up the money bomb for Blandford. I hate Graham with a passion. I will save to max out my donation. The sooner we do it the better. By the time this election rolls around the economy will be on life support and this idiot and every other will be primed to be beat..

What's wrong with Tom Davis?

What's wrong with Tom Davis? Donate to him, don't waste your money on this guy.

Lindsey Graham is a disgusting manvagina.

Lindsey Graham is a disgusting manvagina.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

"Shut up! You don't get a lawyer!"

Lindsey Graham has to go.

Without a doubt.

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It will be entertaining enough

Watching Graham blow a fuse on the campaign trail. Dude hates libertarians! Make sure the grassroots shows up and pesters him with obtuse questions about fractional reserve banking and the role of violence within society.

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Also, make sure to ask him

Also, make sure to ask him why he is such an overcompensating unpleasant cuss.

Just DON'T DO what Wisconsin did. We ran TWO Liberty

Candidates in the Republican Primary Eric Hovde and Mark Neumann, against well known NeoCon and former Governor Thompson.

Hovde and Neumann split the Republican vote, with something like 31% and 28% of the total respectively, giving Thompson a victory with some 32% of the vote.

Settle on ONE Liberty candidate.

Cautionary Tale

At this point, the only candidate who has declared a challenge to Lindsey Graham is Keith Blandford. The best possible scenario would be if Senator Davis does not join this particular race, but instead makes the natural progression from state Senate to the governor's office. Nikki Haley has been a huge disappointment, and Davis would be a very strong primary challenger to her.

We must

defeat lindsay graham at ALL COSTS!!!


I want to see this man defeated so bad, that I think we need to have a money bomb for Keith Blandford, like we had for Ron Paul. It would be sweet Karma for all his attacks and arrogant comments about how the Ron Paul movement would never take over the GOP. PLEASE lets beat Graham!

Yes, we do need to defeat

Yes, we do need to defeat Graham. That's why we need to support Tom Davis, who is a formidable challenger (and a perfectly solid liberty candidate), not this guy who would be lucky to crack 10% of the vote.

sounds good

when is the first money bomb?

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Mr. Lindsey Graham is an OUTSTANDING ...

Mr. Lindsey Graham is an OUTSTANDING ...

ESTABLISHMENT politician who will do, sell, rig, give away, tear down, ... you name it... WHATEVER is necessary of his country's texts and his own "oath" for HIS CAREER advancement.

To his libertarian opponent, I wholeheartedly wish the best courage... and a HELL OF A LOT of resilience when in front of DISGUSTING THINGS.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius


You had me fooled for a second, then I read the rest of your comment. :)

Wow. Some Nasty Stuff

I just got a text from my guys telling me about this article. The first impression I get from the comments is Wow, that is some Nasty stuff.

Ron Paul changed my entire view of what it meant to be an American. I remember first reading him when I was in the Navy; I was completely amazed. I found it life changing and inspiring. I made a decision then to continue to support and defend the Constitution after I left the Navy, so I ran for office. I had no political experience so I used Ron Paul (and the Daily Paul) as a frame work and learned through mistakes. I have literally been campaigning against hopeless odds since 2009. Sacrificing personal time and money, trying my best to spread the idea of Personal Responsibility and Liberty. I have been crushed against the Neocon wall here in SC, but I have kept my nose down and kept fighting. And yet, after the 2012 Paul Presidential Campaign, I am the newbie?!

I have been a loyal follower of the Daily Paul and it has helped me so much. I consider the people on the forum my allies and even my friends. I am amazed and all the negative stuff and don't even understand why its necessary. Why are we so quick to turn ugly; do we like being treated that way ourselves? I am not trying to rain on Davis' parade and don't even care who he is. The more people in the primary that are speaking liberty the better. I have been a consitent supporter of liberty for years and if you don't know me thats because I am third party.
I felt compelled to write something because I was surprised at all the "I am more liberty than you" nonsense. I know what I stand for and I know Ron Paul approves because I asked him personally. That is enough for me. I appreciate everything I learn from the Daily Paul and hope we can all be a little nicer to people who have made sacrifices for our common cause.

Keith Blandford


I appreciate your passion for

I appreciate your passion for liberty and your willingness to work for the cause. However, I am not sure why you would run against as solid a liberty candidate as Tom Davis and siphon votes from him. Run on the Libertarian ticket by all means, but why hurt the chances of a great candidate in the Republican primary?

You are making all kinds of

You are making all kinds of assumptions as you proclaim that I have no chance whatsoever. You don't know me or my State. You have no idea what kind of influence I have in SC politics and if I have any strings to pull. You are also assuming Davis is better because he been studying the Austrain school for a few months. I have spoken at the same events with Davis and I can assure that I can hold my own. I amazed at all the arm chair quarterbacking and how you are so confident that you know exactly how everything is going to turn out. Graham is the MOST powerful GOP operative in SC and going against him is a huge risk for Davis, who is a career politician. I am not and I am successful without needed a government job. How do you know that Davis is even going to do it. Yet you are all over the place posting that I don't have a chance and go Davis go. Do you think we haven't thought about what we are doing here? Do you think that we don't talk with other Liberty people in our State for a plan? The reality is that the liberty faction has little to no influence in SC, so you declaring against us is irrelevant. But it is a bit disturbing to see the same Romney tactics within the self proclaimed Ron Paul community. Finally, I will bring the Libertarians, Davis will not. All he has left is the 100 or so liberty people in the State. The Tea Party here voted for Gingrich, so forget them. We have an exploratory meeting on the 12th and we will discuss your concerns. If the "take over" GOPers and the Libertarians cannot get on the same page, then we can assume we will always lose to Big Government types. I am sick of the superior attitudes and lack of support, I can tell you, but it won't stop me. It amazing to me the moment that we openly declare to take on one of the most powerful NeoCons in the Government, people like you come out and discourage us. What would you have me do? Wait till Davis' team finishes putting out feelers and decides not to run? I am not GOP and don't give a damn what they do; if it looks like we really will put Graham back in office; then obviously we will reasses. Until then, don't support us, but stay out of the way.


Thank you for running

And keep us updated on here periodically (if you have the chance).

SC has electronic voting no paper trial

We need to tackle that as part of this campaign or he'll steal it. We have learned. NEVER AGAIN.


"First Order of Business: An Honest Vote. If We Had One Ron Paul Would Be President Now"

Release the Sandy Hook video.

He's done

Let's make it happen DP. Vote this tyrant out once and for all.

Tom Davis

3rd parties go no where and im just stating the facts.. And we don't even have a record of who he is and what he stands for.. Tom Davis 2014 or a run for president 2016!

Track record

We welcome the opportunity to earn your respect and approval. Regarding "who he is and what he stands for," we invite you to see what Keith Blandford said when he ran for Congress as a Libertarian in 2010. Then - as now - his platform is based on that of Ron Paul.

Numerous videos from that campaign are posted here: http://www.youtube.com/user/blandfordforCongress?feature=watch

We need to stop putting names on ballots.

The only thing that should be on ballots is the position that needs to be filled and a line next to it.

That will require voters to educate themselves.

(As an aside - if you research VERY deeply you will eventually come to the conclusion that it is actually TREASON - to REGISTER to vote for a representative of a foreign power currently occupying this country).


The 4 things that turned the country to the dark side:

1. The pre-printed ballot. Up until the 1880's, a voter had to be able to write the name of the candidate in order to vote for them. If you didn't know the name of a judge, for example, you couldn't vote for them. Only voters that were up on the issues and candidates of the day voted. Nowadays, ignorant irish voters vote for Judge Sullivan, ignorant black voters vote for Washington and women vote for Helen somebody. The media exhorts everybody to get out and vote even if they haven't a clue about the candidates.

2. The abolition of literacy tests for voting in the late 1800's and early 1900's, which, to some extent, had reduced the effect of the pre-printed ballot.

3. Uneducated black men voting. Up until the 15th Amendment in 1870 black slaves were commonly kept from literacy for reasons such as they could forge their own travel papers.

4. Uneducated women voting. 1920. Women were not commonly up on their politics due their traditional roles of the day and illiteracy rates were twice that of the men.

Don't get me wrong. Literacy and familiarity with current events is no longer an issue and I'd merely like to trade the pre-printed ballot in on a system where the voter has to either type, write or speak the name of the candidate being voted for.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

Its over for Lindsay

Kick that political troll to the curb. He doesn't represent South Carolina.

If Tom Davis ran

against Graham - I will pledge to donate to his campaign

If we put up a decent liberty candidate

I will pledge to donate to his or her campaign - I dont really know anything about Keith - but I am willing to look. The idea of seeing Lindsey Graham lose is something I would relish - as I see him as part of the John McCain establishment wing of the republican party and his views on foreign policy and civil liberties are repugnant to me.

We should find someone to rally behind to run against Grahman and send a clear message to the establishment that the days of the neocons and their NWO friends are numbered

So are you going to check him out

before you pledge money to help him out?

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