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Lindsey Graham will face a libertarian in GOP Primary!

Good news from South Carolina ... We're going to challenge Lindsey Graham in the GOP primary for the 2014 election!

Many of you remember the conflicts that Dr. Paul had with Senator Graham over the years. (Plenty of nice footage on YouTube here http://bit.ly/RpqABs ).

Well, thanks to an obscure law that's on the books in SC, Lindsey Graham will be facing a primary challenge from Keith Blandford, a Navy veteran and business owner who has twice run for Congress on the Libertarian party ticket.

The Blandford campaign (for which I'm volunteering) is taking advantage of "Electoral Fusion" - a largely unknown procedure only possible in eight states - which allows two or more parties to nominate the same candidate. In this case, Blandford will be seeking the nomination of both the Republican and Libertarian parties simultaneously.

The stakes are high: if Blandford fails to obtain the nomination of either party, the state's "sore-loser" statute will bar him from appearing on the ballot at all. However, if he is is successful, he will appear on the ballot twice, making a strong statement of his dedication to the libertarian philosophy popularized by his inspiration and reason for seeking elected office, Dr. Ron Paul.

Our strategy is simple: the governmental over-reach supported by Republicans like Lindsey Graham has alienated a lot of small-government conservatives. By taking divisive social issues (over which the Federal Government has no Constitutional authority) off the table, and zeroing in on the size and scope of government itself, we hope to attract a broad range of disillusioned voters, from Ron Paul fans clamoring for monetary reform, to Tea Party members upset about the ballooning National Debt, to "Ron Paul Democrats" concerned about electronic surveillance, indefinite detention, and other civil liberties issues.

We're going up against a very powerful, very wealthy political machine, which is why we're getting started so early. If you'd like to keep up with our efforts as we move forward, please bookmark our campaign website - http://blandford2014.com - and check us out on Facebook: http://facebook.com/blandford2014

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I'm more than happy to give him a shot

but I want to know who he is and what he thinks and why. Not looking for sound bites and political vagueness.

Just saying. No offense.

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Lest we forget


“State Sen. Tom Davis announces his endorsement of Ron Paul tonight- "We need radical surgery not an aspirin."”

First tweet:

@senatortomdavis My choice for #2012. @RonPaul http://pic.twitter.com/b5oMF0KK

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We're Honored

I hope I'm speaking for most of us here on the DP: we're honored to be part of your publicity campaign. (As I write this, there are 163 users online--I don't think that counts the lurkers.)

We're grateful that Michael Nystrom continues to provide this forum for discussion and that it is proving valuable to freedom candidates everywhere.

I'm especially pleased at this from the website: "Economics: Blandford is a strong proponent of Austrian economics, and opposes the efforts of the Federal Reserve to manage the US economy for the benefit of itself and its own industry. Blandford supports the idea of competing currencies, and opposes the ability of the Federal government to accumulate debt which the American taxpayers must service."

I hope he is a member of the LP and has spoken to the local LP to make sure he can get their endorsement (if they like him). Depending on the various bylaws, some LP organizations may not be able to endorse non-members.

That said, we libertarians don't like politics, so we're not so focused on party and "winning" (as if it's a sport), as we are on principle. Good luck!

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Thank you!

Thank you for the kind words. Having run two previous campaigns on the Libertarian party ticket, we do have a close relationship with the South Carolina Libertarian Party.

As you said though, we libertarians don't like politics ... Parties don't matter, ideas matter! Whether you're a libertarian with a "small 'l'" in the Republican party or a Libertarian with a "big 'L'" in the Libertarian party, the important thing is that we all work together to support the ideals we have in common.

yeah right

He's running as a Republican and a Libertarian and if by not mentioning the fact he is a Republican is proof of principle.. well then.. Houston, we have a problem.

What about Tom Davis???

He is supposed to be the liberty candidate to run against Lindsay Graham in 2014...

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i posted this elsewhere to

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

It's TOM DAVIS for U.S. Senate in South Carolina

Don't even try it mr. or mrs. 50 minute member

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that isn't real?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence