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Peter Schiff NEEDS to be Elected to The Senate in 2016.

He would be challenging Richard Blumenthal in 2016. I will be 26 at the time.(wow). I know local republicans personally. I think that after the end of Obama's Presidency. PETER SCHIFF IS A LOCK. It's going to be a Tea Party blowout. Democrats will not win after Obama. Especially if they throw up Rand Paul. I'm already building grass roots campaign. Please let me know where I can buy 2k-3k bumper stickers.

I know that this can be done. He got 23% between 3 candidates. In 2010

PEOPLE LOVE REAL CONSERVATIVES. Lina MacMahon ran on NOT CUTING military spending and saving Medicare & Social security.

If Peter gets to debate Blumenthal. He' going to rip him to shreds. It's going to go viral. Peter has the bully pulpit of his show. He has access to Fox news, Msnbc, CNBC. If he runs he's going to get regular appearances on Hannity, levin, Alex Jones and everybody else.

Let's do this. its only 24 months away. Find time to call his show and DRAFT HIM.

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Senator Peter Schiff 2016


Don't fall for the "Jewish Conspiricy" It's a farce.


The lie about the "Jewish conspiracy" was manufactured.

Senator Peter Schiff 2016

Local republics love him. I don't think you understand.

Schiff's worth $50-70 Million and he has SOLID Grass Roots. Then there's Chris Shays who can't even beat Linda in the primary.

PETER SCHIFF IS ON NATIONAL TV EVERY OTHER DAY. Don't underestimate the political clout that gives you.

I'm from CT. I know the local politics. He could win.

If Rand Paul runs on the Republican ticket, Peter Schiff will destroy Blumenthal.

Senator Peter Schiff 2016

The guy has a radio show

With hours of controversial comments that an opponent could run an ad out of context and beat him.

To put it in Peter's words, there is no way he can get the idiot vote.

Tu ne cede malis.

Candidates for Liberty Webpage:

2016 Liberty Candidate Thread:

Then convert an idiot voter!

If there are too many idiot voters. Go out and educate them!

Senator Peter Schiff 2016

From the state who gave us Lieberman

You're absolutely correct about the idiot vote.

The election for state officials in CT was just as bad.

They don't run CONSERVATIVES.

They run RINOS who try to "out democrat" The democrats. They have no principals and the always lose. Linda Macmahon would have won if she ran on cutting spending and lower taxes.

We need to DRAFT Peter Schiff.

Senator Peter Schiff 2016

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Peter's foreign policy is suspect,...way too pro-Israel.

Peter Schiff on July 13, 2010:

"I've got to win a Republican primary, I can't appear as if I don't want any national defense. I don't think a nuclear Iran is something we should allow. The terrorists are not rational. They're willing to die for a cause. If we know for sure, for sure, if they are developing a nuclear weapon..."

"If I was going to take a position that a nuclear Iran was okay with me, I couldn't get elected.

On economics, Peter Schiff is 100% correct, but he needs to rethink his foreign policy.
Peter Schiff says he might support attacking Iran
Submitted by rjforpaul on Tue, 12/15/2009 - 15:09

comments below are good

But don't justify or do credit to how incredible peter did. Grassroots support was very similar to rand paul in KY. In fact only reason he didn't get it together was mcmahon's fortune. And she won't run again.

Heck - I would have flown out to CT to canvass for Schiff and I know several others who will do the same.

Schiff is the real deal and I hope he runs again.

Peter Schiff Needs To Moderate His Opinion

I know I know I know.
But no one in America can get elected to the senate on a platform of 'let it burn' no matter how passionately they articulate the necessity of this policy.

Instead Peter needs to point out what is being done wrong. Focus attention on the damage their policies are doing. Talk about what will happen if they have their way.

And then, say, "I just want to NOT do what they want." Rather than say, "We need a crash now."

Do you get what I mean?

I know...But do we know?.....I think he dose!

Moderate his opinion? from what? the truth? I know all of us, who are trying to save what little we have left....know the truth.Burn? it's all GONNA burn baby,even if SCHIFF would run for Office,there is not enough time for even him,even "if" elected, to stop what is already set in motion.He knows This.Even the good DR. PAUL said that's what it will take,the total CRASH of our FIAT dollar,no matter what helicopter BEN thinks he can do.TMAN2000 i hope you have been putting away for that Rainy Day,the black clouds are on the horizon,I personally feel there will not be anymore elections before that day the shtf,...wish the best for you.


Just his messaging

He can prophesy doom all he wants, and I do believe him.

But there's not gonna be a roll back until the tower comes crumbling down.

In other words, Schiff can't run as a minarchist. Instead he should pick a few issues to be radical on (fed policy, bailouts) then be a politico for the rest.

If your right

Mr. Schiff will be worth a few hundred million dollars. I hear he owns a couple and silver gold coins.

Senator Peter Schiff 2016


The man has spent his life,warning of all the crapp that's happening now.I mean " who the hell are anyone"or WHO do they think they are to think, "HEY LET'S DRAFT SCHIFF". The man has done enough,to try and educate the mass's,and if you truly listen you would understand where you should be right now,i mean come on DR.PAUL?. If not anything have stores of food, AMMO,a safe place to run.To hell with the GOLD BRA.YOU SHOULD have been there bought the tee shirt and used that investment to protect yourself to the best of your abilities already!PEOPLE i truly believe there will not be anymore elections.So as far as i am concerned i guess the rest is mute.



I don't mean to be a downer, but I remember Mr. Schiff's 2010 senate run. I liked what he stood for and saw this video and got all fired up (http://youtu.be/VJcMrOpeFWE). I forwarded this clip on to those in my network and I donated a bunch of money to his campaign. Then I noticed that there was a noticeable drop-off from the Schiff campaign around this time...for about 6 months or so. I remember asking myself why haven't I heard much about him in a while? Why isn't his campaign fighting hard? Remember the emails and posts about how if he doesn't win he'll return the money that was donated? Peter is a vocal and articulate ally and I don't know all the in's/out's of what transpired during his campaign - I am only giving my own recollections of my observations from that time.

"Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth." - George Washington

The biggest problem is a

The biggest problem is a simple one - MONEY.

A down economy makes grass roots movements more difficult.

The establishment whores get their Goldman Sachs money.

I can't afford (personally) to give good money to multiple candidates.

I could do his phone banking though.

That, if done earlier, could really make a huge difference.

I know Schiff is wealthy but his net worth is around 70 million.

He'd have too spend 10, 25, 30 million to compete.

My point in all of this is that we need billionaire bank rollers.

Somebody find us a billionaire, quick!

I agree with you though and love me some Schiff.