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Ron Paul vanquished, spell broken

“Rondalf, The White” -- a mix of Rep. Ron Paul and “Lord of the Rings”wizard Gandalf as rendered by Aaron Gilje

The Paulite revolution may have flickered away with its overlord, Ron Paul, giving his farewell speech to congress on Nov. 14.

With his frail head cast to flipping pages, the great white wizard addressed the Congress in defeat.

He thanked his subjects, commemorating them for their heroic dedication to glorious causes such as the eradication of the national debt and the failed drug policy; all the while weaving the word “liberty” into his speech a whopping 44 times.


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Don't click on it.

All you need to know is what he wrote in the excerpt above. Let them know people aren't interested in this kind of journalism.

SteveMT's picture

This author needed over 2 weeks to write this piece of trash.

What took him so long is the question? I guess that he needed that long to decipher what Ron Paul said.