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Rys2Sense takes Alex Jones to the Woodshed


Lets discuss the FACTS brought forth here. AJ (and Ry) are MIXED BAGS OF NUTS - like all of us. We all have blind posts and we all bear torches of sweet light. We ALL grow when we hold the torches high enough to shine light into the dark places. Trying to decide who is "good" or who is "evil" is a distracting waste of time. We must seek what is TRUE and ferret out what is FALSE. It would be very easy to degrade into pro-AJ versus con-AJ here, and know that I will downvote ALL such comments. There are valid TOPICS brought forth that deserve the intelligent discussion that liberty lovers are capable of. Shake hands, go to your corners, and when the bell rings, come out loving.

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When it comes to

AJ, ABSOLUTELY! I made a post a while back about him being cointel, and holy cow! I was called names, it was ridiculous. It really is like he has a cult following, I mean people said that about RP, but this is different to me, because AJ does not inspire like RP, he incites anger and fear.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

Fact: Israel owns the West Bank.

I disagree with Ron Paul's statement that we should stop aid to Israel because they're using that aid to colonize the West Bank. I understand RP is opposed foreign aid in principle and so am I. But, our little bit of foreign aid isn't what's causing Usrael to colonize the West Bank. Furthermore, if Israel wants to colonize land they won through war, that's their own cotton pickin' business. That would kind if be like the U.S. setting up colonies in Puerto Rico for American citizens only from the continent in order to dilute the Puerto Rican population there. Maybe that would be wrong, but, we own Puerto Rico.