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Why Gold Is The Perfect Element For Money

For those who think gold has historically always been money merely because it is shiny.
Our ancestors were not stupid. Gold is, and always will be, a medium of exchange because it is gold.

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Gold is great but

But gold alone is not a reliable source of currency; though gold is worldly renowned, not many people can actually afford it. Paper based money is still acceptable only if its under the control of the governments treasury, not like today's fiat money controlled by private banks. If the world shifts towards a gold standard then there must be competing currencies for the poor-middle class people to use such as silver, nickel, and copper. Money be it gold or paper; must remain in control of the people and or government and not a private group of people

A Gram Of Gold Is $55.1241 in U.S. Dollars.

Gold Buy Rates


What would a tenth of a gram cost in U.S. dollars?

Answer: {About} $ 5.52 cents. Can most people afford that?

If competing types of money are allowed, as Ron Paul suggests, Goldmoney link above, is/has already patented an electronic system for using minute amounts of Gold/Silver/Platinum/Palladium, as money.


Good Article, Thank You !

I would add:
If you live in the right area, you can fish or dig money {GOLD} right out of a local stream or the banks of the stream.



yes, good find

Gold is the perfect element, but really we could use any of the others if we are willing to accept those tradeoffs. Pennies are made from copper right?

and I would add a fifth requirement to money that the most recent commenter left on that page.

here I am talking to some bitcoin proponents

I am not anti-bitcoin BTW
I am anti "bitcoin is the greatest thing since sliced bread"


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