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Ron Paul supporters in Boise making the news.

In 2008, the Ron Paul faction of the GOP was full of hope and vitality. Here is how we are playing out in "Conservative" Idaho now.

By being dragged into petty politics, we are losing the punch that TRUTH offers. This ordinance was total BS and OUGHT to have been torn apart on Constitutional grounds. Instead, it was pitted as Christian versus OWS, with them dutifully "twinkling" and us dutifully acting like the morality police becoming the perfect foil for whoever benefits from "divide and conquer." The really sad part to me is that guy holding the sign knows his Constitution backward and forward... wish that sign quoted it and I wish he would have stood to speak about the Constitution.

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twinkling fingers = ASL clapping.

GOP activist and former candidate for Boise Council Lucas Baumbach said that Martin Luther King Jr. supported equality and that this ordinance was giving special rights to one interest group. His voice quivering, he then attacked the scourge of pornography and sin

It a[[ears that it was hard for Lucas Baubach to face a huge opposition, and he fell back on his moral values/ foundation arguments rather than explain what he meant.. "this ordinance is giving special rights to one interest group". He tried and I give him credit as it's far more than those who refese to be "contaminated" by participating.

It is hard.. it takes practice and good on Lucas for doing it.